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A Monumental Achievement

The soldier in the Military Working Dog Teams monument required 17 molds.

[caption id="attachment_7869" align="alignleft" width="143" caption="The soldier in the Military Working Dog Teams monument required 17 molds."][/caption] The nation’s first-ever National Monument to Military Working Dog Teams is progressing along nicely, thanks to donations by Petco customers, Petco, the Petco Foundation and Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods. TheĀ  monument represents the first time [...]

“Who Let the Dogs Out?” Find out on Saturday Mornings!

Watch Tillman every Saturday morning on Animal Planet![caption id="attachment_6761" align="alignright" width="407" caption="Watch Tillman every Saturday morning on Animal Planet!"][/caption]   My new favorite TV show this season is "Who Let the Dogs Out" (Saturday mornings on Animal Planet). I suppose I am a bit partial because I'm lucky enough to be part of the production team with Natural Balance Pet Foods and Petco. The show is great family entertainment and lots of fun for people who love animals. "Who Let the Dogs Out" centers around Tillman, the World's Fastest Skateboarding Dog, as certified by the Guinness World Records. Tillman and his canine friends travel across the country in search of the most talented dog in America, to join the Natural Balance Canine Sports Team. Along the way, they meet some amazing dogs who not only have incredible talent, but a range of service dogs and working military dogs who are true American heroes. [caption id="attachment_6752" align="alignleft" width="381" caption="Ricochet is a special "surf"-ice dog who loves to help!"][/caption] This Saturday's episode features the inspirational story of Ricochet, a surf dog who helps special needs kids. Tillman and his canine pals were at the beach practicing their surfing skills when they saw Ricochet and wanted to tell her story. Ricochet befriends Patrick, a 17-year-old teen who lost use of his limbs when he was just 14-months-old when struck by a car. Despite years of therapy, Patrick still could not surf on his own, but Ricochet is able to ride the surf board with Patrick and keep him safe. It is a story of bravery and reinforces the human-animal bond in a truly unique manner. I mentioned that Tillman had met Ricochet at the beach while surfing. Tillman was there that day teaching his canine pal Norman the Scooter Dog how to surf to prepare for the 2012 Rose Parade. They were all getting ready to surf on the Natural Balance Pet Foods Rose Parade Float, which was the World's Longest and Heaviest in Rose Parade history. Luckily all the practice paid off, because in this episode you get to see lots of awesome dogs surfing on the float. Tillman, Rose, Luigi, Stanley and even Normal hang ten and had a blast that day, making Rose Parade history to the delight of millions of fans. [caption id="attachment_6751" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Kat Smith, Petco's Director of Social Media, tweets live from the Natural Balance Rose Parade float!"][/caption] I was at the Rose Parade that day, and remember Kat Smith from Petco riding on the Natural Balance float, too. She was tweeting live, giving the behind-the-scenes scoop to what the surfing dogs were up to on the float. She even got to meet NASCAR driver Greg Biffle, who was riding on the float with Hollywood legend Dick Van Patten and his son, Jimmy Van Patten. [caption id="attachment_6749" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Episode Four of Who Let the Dogs Out finds Tillman hanging ten--again!"][/caption]         Set your DVR to record "Who Let the Dogs Out" on Animal Planet this Saturday. It airs at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, 9 a.m. Central. For West Coast viewers, check local listings so you don't miss it. Learn more about "Who Let the Dogs Out" here. Check out the cool Watch and Win Sweepstakes. And get some great Natural Balance coupons. I'll be watching this Saturday with my two dogs, Sheldon and Duncan...they love to see dogs surfing. I think they even dream about it at night.