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Crazy About Giving Helps Shelters Receive over $5,000 in Donations– and There’s Still More to Give!

Enter today for your chance to win a $500 Petco gift card and a $500 Petco gift card for a shelter!

[caption id="attachment_7724" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Enter today for your chance to win a $500 Petco gift card and a $500 Petco gift card for a shelter!"][/caption] The Crazy About Giving sweepstakes is in its sixth week and has already received more than 100,000 entrants! To date, the holiday sweepstakes presented by Petco and Hill’s Science [...]

Chicago Fans: Fosters Needed!

All of these dogs need fosters and forever homes.

[caption id="attachment_7594" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="All of these dogs need fosters and forever homes."][/caption] Dear Chicago-area fans: Oklahoma shelters are currently overwhelmed by large and medium breed adult dogs. In an effort to save many of these dogs, one of our charitable partners, TAILS Humane Society in DeKalb, IL, is planning to rescue 200+ medium [...]

Stores Prepare for Fires and Storm

Magic is one of many dogs and cats available for adoption through the Humane Society

Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone dealing with the current fire situation in both Colorado and Montana.  Our associates have taken all the necessary steps to make sure that the animals in our care are safely transported to neighboring stores, outside of the evacuation area.  Petco will continue to monitor the situation, and [...]

Enter the Petco Foundation Calendar Photo Contest

Show us your photogenic pet!

The Petco Foundation’s Annual Photo Contest has begun, and in addition to entering a photo of your pet for a chance to appear in next year’s Foundation calendar, you also can raise money for your favorite shelter or animal welfare partner! [caption id="attachment_6942" align="alignleft" width="285" caption="Show us your photogenic pet!"][/caption] This year’s theme is [...]

The Red Leash

My nephews and some of their friends came to stay at my house recently.  It never fails, but they love to walk my dogs and of course, the dogs just love it too.“Where do you keep the leashes?” they asked.  I pointed them to the rack beside the back door.  Just as they were reaching for the red one I stopped them and said, “That was Natasha’s only, use one of the others.”  They exchanged glances (after all Natasha, the Sheltie, had been gone for some time), chose another leash, then left in a noisy rush.
Of course I always called the red leash Natasha’s but it was really for me.
We used it when she took me for my walks.  She tugged in the direction she wanted to go and we usually went that way.  And it let people know that we were together.  When, as often happened, someone would stop and say, “What a beautiful dog,” I was so proud to be on the other end of that leash.
She didn’t need it when we went to the field behind our house though, and she made those Frisbee catches, or when she was running down the ball like a hustling shortstop.  Or when she was bounding through the tall grass or running full speed down the path, and then back again to make sure I was still there.  And of course, it wouldn’t have been dignified to be dragging a leash while chasing the seagulls at the beach.
And she doesn’t need it now.  She has probably gotten a gang together, like her “brothers and sisters” at home, and the games have already begun.  No leashes, no collars, just the freedom to be the best dog ever, which is what she was, what she always will be.
Natasha doesn’t need the leash, but I still do.
[caption id="attachment_6843" align="alignleft" width="238" caption="Paul Jolly, Executive Director Petco Foundation"][/caption] That’s why it’s still hanging by the back door.  Every so often I take it outside, now on my mobility scooter, and patrol the yard the way we used to.  The squirrels and the rabbits aren’t as afraid of me as they were of her.  But they know, and Natasha knows, and I know, that the leash still connects me to her.
In my heart she will be my best pal forever.It has been my philosophy that no home is complete without a companion animal, nor is any heart.  Be sure and give them a special hug when you get home today.
Spring A Pet celebrates the Adoption Option.  Adoption partners are the recipients of donations from this fundraiser.  It honors the connection we have to all companion animals both past and present.
Your support, your donations, your enthusiasm make this fundraiser a success.  Thank you.
Paul Jolly is Executive Director of the Petco Foundation

Help Us Raise $25k Animals with Tree of Hope

Rick Rockhill is Senior Vice President at Natural Balance Foods, Inc.[caption id="attachment_6606" align="alignright" width="281" caption="Rick Rockhill is Senior Vice President at Natural Balance Foods, Inc. "][/caption]We love the holidays. The hustle and bustle, exchanging gifts, the festive lights, the opportunity to "treat" our pets--everyone here at Natural Balance embraces the season. We also celebrate the excitement of the New Year with our Rose Parade float, working hard each year to outdo ourselves in the hopes of entertaining kids--and kids at heart--around the world. But in the midst of all of this holiday activity, we're keenly aware that for some pets, there may not be a treat. Or a blanket. Or, worse still, enough food. Animals deserve all of our love, respect and support every day, but especially at this time of year, we need your help. Rescues and shelters across the country work hard every day to find homes for hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs, cats and small animals. Their need for an added $10 for food or $25 for training or $100 for medical care can help buy a homeless pet the extra time they need to find their forever home. This need is amplified during the holiday season, a time when fewer people may be visiting shelters or adoption events. Back when Dick Van Patten co-founded Natural Balance Pet Foods in 1989, he knew that animals needed the support of pet parents and pet food companies, too. We want to bring a bit of happiness and hope to displaced pets this season. That's why we're donating a $1 to Tree of Hope for every "like" we receive on our Facebook wall from Dec. 14 through Jan. 2. Our goal? $25,000!!! It's ambitious--but we believe that there are thousands of other pet lovers out there like you who would like to help us achieve our goal. So that's why I'm asking you to do me a favor: share this post. Every share could potentially mean one more meal, a new leash, or much-needed medical care for an animal whose only wish is to be adopted. Finally, if you're a rescue mom or dad, thank you for helping save a pet. And if you volunteer with local rescues or shelters, please accept our deepest thanks. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to help animals in need. From all of us at Natural Balance Pet Foods, thanks for helping us help animals!