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The SAFE Way to Greet a Dog

May 13-19th is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  There are many things people can do to avoid dog bites, which include  knowing how and when it is appropriate to approach and greet a seemingly friendly pup.  Below are a few tips from Lina Eklöf, one of our dog training experts. When you see a [...]

Tips for Families with Pets Affected by Winter Storm Nemo

Petco and pet lifestyle expert, Sandy Robins, shares tips for keeping pets safe in the wake of the st As the winter storm Nemo approaches the Northeast, don’t forget about pets in cold weather preparation. Petco and pet lifestyle expert, Sandy Robins, have teamed up to help pet parents be proactive in ensuring their [...]

West Jordan team assists with Dump Fire evacuation

Jun. 27, 2012 As you may know, there are many areas across the country that have recently been troubled by firesand other dangerous conditions, including parts of Utah, Colorado, and Florida.  Our associates and store teams are always showing what they’re made of when these situations arise, and our West Jordan team was no [...]

Dear Buster…

Warm up with these cold-weather tips from Buster and his geniuses.

[caption id="attachment_6597" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Warm up with these cold-weather tips from Buster and his geniuses."][/caption] “Dear Buster: I just moved to Minnesota from California, and I’m freezing my tail off! Any recommendations on how my pet parents can keep me warm until Spring?” — Signed Frosty the Freezing French Bulldog Hey there, Frosty! Brrrr! [...]

Buckle Up Pup!

Happy to be on my commute home, I was cruising down the freeway with the radio jammin’ when the car in front of me, realizing traffic had come to a complete stop, suddenly locks up his brakes in a cloud of tire smoke forcing me to do the same. Held in tightly by my seatbelt with the brakes fully applied my car came to a dramatic stop just a few feet from his bumper. My immediate reaction was to check and make sure my dog Cyber, who was buckled in the back seat, was ok. Cyber was fine and barely fazed but it could have been far, far worse. As pet parents we strive to provide the best for our pets, treating them as our children, and yet I’m shocked at how the safety of pets is often overlooked when traveling in a car. I cringe when I see dogs perched on their owner’s lap with their paws on the steering wheel or out the window, jumping from the front to back, or even worse, sliding around in the back of a pickup. I’ve watched enough crash test videos to know the explosive power of an airbag and how unrestrained objects can suddenly become lethal projectiles. If you saw a baby unrestrained on a drivers lap you would likely summon the police. When Cyber was a puppy, I first purchased a safety harness to keep her from running around all over the car and my windows slobber-free. Buckled into the middle position of the back seat she was no longer a distraction, now unable to reach either window or jump to the front of the car. Not only did my car stay much cleaner, but she was restrained to the safest position in the vehicle in case of an accident.
To learn more about safe travel with your pet, read this fantastic article from the Wall Street Journal: Get in the Car, Fasten Your Seat Belt, That's a Good Boy!
Does your pet get buckled up or restrained in your vehicle?

7 Tips for Safe Pets on the 4th of July

Photo by PETCO associate Ashley Laxton
Recently, we asked the pet lovers who Like PETCO on Facebook what their best 4th of July pet safety tips were. We received well over 100 comments but there was definitely a common theme: keep your pets safety top of mind during this "people focused" holiday.It's easy for a pet to get scared or hurt in all the fun. 1 - Fireworks can be dangerous, even after they have gone off.
Brenna Echterling clean up all fireworks out of the lawn so pets don't ingest anything harmful
2 - Loud noises can scare your pets, consider keeping them inside.
Flamingo Kelso If your dog is scared of fireworks put him in a room away from any window so the dog cant hear the fireworks and leave lots of toys and treats in the room.
Janet Rozsa My cat used to be better with fireworks if the tv or some other background noise was on. Also we regularly would either check on him or even take turns staying inside with him.
3 - For dogs that are easily stressed, use a calming aid.
Deena Higley CALMING Treats or Supplements! I think its 'Dr. Richards Organics' its obviously all natural herbs to help calm your dog, I use it for thunderstorms too. (Richard's Organics Pet Calm on
Stephanie Larabee Petco carries Pet Calm that is a natural remedy that can be added to their water to take the edge off of their nerves. It really helped my dog last year. The year before the festivities had really frightened her.
4 - Front yard fireworks can be scary for your neighbor's pets too. Consider skipping them altogether.
Christine Knapp Curtis Before you decide to have a big firework display in your back yard - remember not only are your pets scared of the noise but so are your neighbors animals. Go somewhere to see fireworks...don't do them at home.
5 - Keep plenty of water available for your pet, even while traveling.
Susan Falls ALWAYS keep some bottled water and a fold up bowl for your pet with you! They dehydrate fast in the summer heat!
Nancy Wood Remember your portable water bowl for your babies when you go to the fireworks outside-just because it is dark doesn't make it cool enough for the pups! (Travel Bowls on
6 - Don't leave your dog in the car.
Tina Beer Woltz NEVER. LEAVE. YOUR. DOG. IN. THE. CAR. EVER! If it's too hot for an infant, it's too hot for the pooch!!!
7 - Party food is for people, not pets.
Denise Dochnahl A lot of people BBQ that day and not everyone is as careful about your pet's health as you are - don't let BBQ guests feed your dog(s) a bunch of 'people food'... it's generally not good for their tummies, but on a night when they are more likely to experience some fear and anxiety, it could be awful.
Anna Logan Delicious picnic food is good for us, but not always for the dog. Make sure dogs are not finding things like chocolate, grapes, or onions that might have dropped on the ground (or that crazy aunt might have fed them!)

Summer Fun With Animals

Where Can I Buy Ambien, Picnics, swimming parties and family vacations are all synonymous with summer time.  While we are out having fun in the sun we need to keep our pets in mind as they look to us for all of their daily needs. As the hot sun beats down and temperatures ramp up, ambien shopping at night, Ambien cheap,  remember the impact this can have on your companion animals.  The mid-day walk that worked so well during the cooler months should be put on hold during summer. 

  • Walks - Try walking your four-legged family members in the early morning and evening hours when the sun’s heat is less intense.  Remember, the concrete, online ambien zolpidem cheap, Ambien lawsuit 2009 washington state, pavement and sand absorbs heat throughout the day so try to avoid these surfaces when possible, or use doggie booties to protect their paws. 

  • Sunburns - Even furry animals can get sunburns – especially dogs that have white fur and pink noses - so be sure you are mindful of how much direct sun exposure your furry ones get especially white coated animals as they are most vulnerable.  Non-toxic waterproof sunblock in the highest SPF can actually be safe and useful for your pets! 

  • Small Animal Habitats - Keep a watchful eye on small animal habitats during the summer.  Habitats located close to the doors tend to get warm the fastest, ambien cr sleepwalking message boards. Ambien online pharmacy,  

  • Drinking Water - Ensure all your animals have access to fresh cool water at all times.  Bring outdoor pets inside during the heat of the day, or for the entire season if possible, ambien fed ex. Puchase ambien onlline,  

  • Swimming - Swimming is great way to cool off and dogs especially seem to love this activity.  Take the extra precaution to ensure their ears are cleared of excess water. Dog’s ears are shaped so that water can become trapped, i love ambien, Where can i buy ambien pens, which creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and cause painful ear infections. Your vet can offer ear cleaning solutions that help dry the ears after swimming.  You may also find that your furry companions will enjoy a soothing bath with an oatmeal based shampoo/conditioner to remove the chlorine/salt/lake water. Just ensure your pet’s flea and tick protection is re-applied as needed.

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