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The SAFE Way to Greet a Dog

May 13-19th is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  There are many things people can do to avoid dog bites, which include  knowing how and when it is appropriate to approach and greet a seemingly friendly pup.  Below are a few tips from Lina Eklöf, one of our dog training experts.

When you see a [...]

Tips for Families with Pets Affected by Winter Storm Nemo

Petco and pet lifestyle expert, Sandy Robins, shares tips for keeping pets safe in the wake of the st

As the winter storm Nemo approaches the Northeast, don’t forget about pets in cold weather preparation. Petco and pet lifestyle expert, Sandy Robins, have teamed up to help pet parents be proactive in ensuring their [...]

West Jordan team assists with Dump Fire evacuation

Jun. 27, 2012

As you may know, there are many areas across the country that have recently been troubled by firesand other dangerous conditions, including parts of Utah, Colorado, and Florida.  Our associates and store teams are always showing what they’re made of when these situations arise, and our West Jordan team was no [...]

Dear Buster…

Warm up with these cold-weather tips from Buster and his geniuses.

Warm up with these cold-weather tips from Buster and his geniuses.

“Dear Buster: I just moved to Minnesota from California, and I’m freezing my tail off! Any recommendations on how my pet parents can keep me warm until Spring?” — Signed Frosty the Freezing French Bulldog

Hey there, Frosty! Brrrr! Just readin’ your [...]

Buckle Up Pup!

Happy to be on my commute home, I was cruising down the freeway with the radio jammin’ when the car in front of me, realizing traffic had come to a complete stop, suddenly locks up his brakes in a cloud of tire smoke forcing me to do the same. Held in tightly by my seatbelt with the brakes fully applied my car came to a dramatic stop just a few feet from his bumper. My immediate reaction was to check and make sure my dog Cyber, who was buckled in the back seat, was ok. Cyber was fine and barely fazed but it could have been far, far worse.

As pet parents we strive to provide the best for our pets, treating them as our children, and yet I’m shocked at Continue reading »

7 Tips for Safe Pets on the 4th of July

Photo by PETCO associate Ashley Laxton

Recently, we asked the pet lovers who Like PETCO on Facebook what their best 4th of July pet safety tips were. We received well over 100 comments but there was definitely a common theme: keep your pets safety top of mind during this “people focused” holiday.It’s easy for a pet to get scared or hurt in all the fun.

1 – Fireworks can be dangerous, even after they have gone off.

Brenna Echterling clean up all fireworks out of the lawn so pets don’t ingest anything harmful

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Summer Fun With Animals

Picnics, swimming parties and family vacations are all synonymous with summer time.  While we are out having fun in the sun we need to keep our pets in mind as they look to us for all of their daily needs. As the hot sun beats down and temperatures ramp up, remember the impact this can [...]