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Deals Tips from a Crazy Busy Mom

Kristy: Crazy busy mom, deal hunter

Today PETCO is launching a new Twitter account called PETCO deals solely dedicated to ferreting out the best deals on and in PETCO stores. If you’re a pet owner on the hunt for some savings follow on Twitter or add this page to your favorites.

In the spirit of getting a great deal I asked the biggest deal hunter I know, my sister Kristy, to share her favorites savings tips.

I’m a crazy busy mom of three – two humans, one dog – and I never thought much about getting a good deal. When my husband got laid off last year, I knew we had to get serious about our finances, which was tough because I’m seriously into fun things that cost money, like eating out, buying fabulous shoes, and traveling. So out of necessity, I began a quest to get better deals on the things we needed. The deals were plentiful and we ended up with wiggle room in our budget to afford the fun stuff too!

Here are some quick, super easy ways you can start saving now! Continue reading »