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Chihuahua Race Finals Canceled due to Weather

I always hate being the bearer of disappointing news, but somebody has to do it …

This weekend's Chihuahua Race Finals in New York City have been canceled due to weather.

Our primary concern at PETCO is always the safety and well-being of pets and their people. With this in mind, due to potentially dangerous [...]

Seven Serious Chihuahuas Set to Race for Glory

PETCO's 5th Annual National Chihuahua Races - final round is this Saturday in NYC!

PETCO's 5th Annual National Chihuahua Races - final round is this Saturday in NYC!

I’ve been completely amazed by this year’s Chihuahua Races and how the competition has shaped up throughout the month. I mean, I knew it was a super fun event and that lots of people get really into it, but I had no idea it could turn into Continue reading »

Maddy’s Back and Bringing the Heat to Chihuahua Race Finals

PETCO Chihuahua Races. Photo by Michael Kitada.

It was another weekend of intense competition as hundreds of Chihuahuas and their human companions gathered in Boston, Philadelphia and Miami for the final round of regional heats in PETCO’s 5th Annual National Chihuahua Races.  Now, seven speedy pups have two weeks to prepare to claim, re-claim, deffend or steal the [...]

Two More Pups Secure Spots in Chihuahua Race Finals

PETCO Chihuahua Races. Photo by Michael Kitada.

The second round of regional competitions for PETCO’s 5th Annual Chihuahua Races took place this morning in Dallas and Chicago — and two more pint-sized pups are on their way to New York City to compete for the national title!

It was two hearty pooches that took home regional [...]

And away they go!

PETCO’s 5th Annual Chihuahua Races are officially underway and two tiny pups have already earned their spots to contend for the championship in New York City later this month. The reigning champ, 5-year-old Tiger of Bakersfield, Calif., traveled to the Bay Area to take first place and prove he’s in it to win it — [...]

On Your Barks, Get Set… Practice!

If you and your dog are planning to participate in PETCO’s upcoming National Chihuahua Races, we’ve put together a quick video to show you how to practice and get your pint-sized pups up to speed for race day!

We had a few PETCO associates and their tiny speedsters demonstrate some individual and group practice [...]

Chihuahua Races are a Go! Registration now open

Chihuahua Races are a GO!

Great news! Registration is now open for PETCO’s Fifth Annual National Chihuahua Races. If you have a Chihuahua and are near one of the seven regional race locations, sign up today at for your — and your pup’s — chance to take home the title.

These events are an [...]

Chihuahua Races are Coming

PETCO Chihuahua Races

PETCO Chihuahua Races

It’s that time again… PETCO’s 5th Annual Chihuhahua Races are almost here! Last year was my first time at the races and I am so excited to be part of it again. This event is so much FUN — there’s really nothing like seeing hundreds of these little pint-sized speed racers duel it out on the track!

So come join us for some fast and furry fun at PETCO as we race across the country — from west to east — in search of the fastest Chihuahua in the country! You and your dog can compete for Continue reading »