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Five Surprising Facts About Your New Saltwater Fish

Everyone loves the rich, brilliant colors of saltwater fish, and it goes without saying that their presence in an aquarium adds a vivid boost to any pet parent’s life. But there are some things that you probably did not know about saltwater aquarium fish. Read on for five fun facts that just might surprise [...]

Four Tips for New Freshwater Fish Pet Parents

Approximately 7.7 million American households keep fish as pets, making them the third most popular type of pet after cats and dogs, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Surprised? With their engaging antics and graceful beauty, fish provide a source of enjoyment and education and in situations where having a [...]

Yummy AquaFarm Recipes

The beauty of an herb is that you don’t need a lot to pack a punch. A bit of basil and you get a subtle, peppery note to an otherwise sweet smoothie. A sprig of mint brings a cool fragrance to a tangy citrus drink. Our first two recipes are a perfect example of [...]

History of Aquaponics

Aquaponics may sound like an underwater Cirque du Soleil spinoff but in fact it’s an incredibly efficient farming method that has been around for centuries and is now the basis of a brand new product at Petco.

Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture (raising fish) and Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) where fish waste [...]

Tips for Families with Pets Affected by Winter Storm Nemo

Petco and pet lifestyle expert, Sandy Robins, shares tips for keeping pets safe in the wake of the st

As the winter storm Nemo approaches the Northeast, don’t forget about pets in cold weather preparation. Petco and pet lifestyle expert, Sandy Robins, have teamed up to help pet parents be proactive in ensuring their [...]

Living Art – More Than Just An Aquarium

10 Gallon Tiki from the Petco Forum

180g All Male Peacock-Hap African Cichlid Aquarium6 Gallon Betta Tank6 Gallon Betta Tank

Over 20 ago when I started in the aquatics hobby (pre-digital camera days) there wasn’t a huge selection of foundations for a live coral aquarium. In fact, the selection was primarily bleached dead coral. It offered a very sterile environment for hobbyists with stark white crushed coral gravel and coral pieces.At the time, my room was created with a black and white theme- white walls, black futon sofa, black and white photographs including an over-sized black and white photograph of New York City.

Considering the decor selection available at the time, it was only fitting that my 75 gallon tank was decked out in the black and white motif as well. It was a black tank with a  black stand and a black canopy. White gravel covered the bottom and bleached white coral filled the inside – had it been a living room, there would have been no red wine or grape juice allowed! The tank’s occupants were Continue reading »

Getting Started with an Aquarium

Live Coral in Marine Aquarium

You might be wondering what makes an aquarium interesting. While it’s true that you can’t hold, pet or interact with fish in the same way as most other pets, one of the most fantastic things that an aquarium can offer is true relaxation.

Did you know that studies going back to the 1980′s have shown that owning an aquarium can lower stress levels, reduce high blood pressure and help with insomnia? With that kind of affect I don’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want an aquarium. Every time I look at mine I discover something new: a branch forming on a coral or a creature emerging from the live rock, which sends me into a state of euphoria. I can look into my tank for hours and get lost in a world of color and tranquility. Before I know it, I’ve forgotten about anything that may have been troubling me. The stress really does melt away!

Continue reading »

Fight Stress with a Desktop Aquarium

There is something very soothing about having a fish in your place of work or study – it helps quiet the mind and refresh the soul.

Petey, my beloved Betta, was a good fish. He was always there for me when I needed him. He would receive my first hello every morning and greet me every night when I got home. He was a faithful companion for half of my college career and got me through many late night study sessions.

Petey was on my mind ever since I started working at the PETCO National Support Center – I just knew that another desktop companion was in my near future. In March, I attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL and while I was shooting an array of product videos I spotted it Continue reading »

Dollar Per Gallon Sale - What Would You Do With a Bigger Tank?

$1 per gallon tank sale

When I say tanks what do you think of?

  • Heavily armed vehicles of destruction?
  • White cylinders that make propane grills work?
  • Shirts with no sleeves that should not be worn by men (at least not by me)?

If you’re a pet person you probably think of aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, or any other “-iums” that involve glass rectangles and living things.

I fall firmly into the “-iums” camp. Sitting on my desk as I type this is a 40-gallon tank housing my corn snake Sammy as well as a 20-gallon freshwater community tank (featuring the star of the Snuggies for Fish article).

PETCO is currently running their extremely popular Continue reading »


Max mugging for the camera

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get clownfish.   I’m not sure how to explain that, except that I usually like to take a different route from the typical pet owner.  But then again, I know that there is a reason that the “typical” pet owner chooses the pets he/she chooses.  [...]