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Ten Things Your New Dog is Trying to Tell You

If only your new dog could talk. Well, they can, in a way: if you listen and observe you’ll pick up some important cues. For now your relationship is in its initial stage so here are some of the key things your new dog is trying to tell you:

1. Thank you [...]

Posh Paws Pit Bull

My pit bull has posh paws. I know how this sounds… trust me I laughed (obnoxiously) when our Petco Grooming Guru told me that my tough pittie, Mollie, was in desperate need of a Posh Paws treatment. Turns out, the joke was on me. She pointed out how gingerly Mollie was walking because her nails were long and jagged and her paws were dry and cracked.

Here I am feeding my dog top-of-the-line holistic food but by ignoring her paws, I was jeopardizing her health and wellness. I know my fit pit runs like thunder, but paw problems are common for dogs big and small. Things like age, allergies, walking on hot surfaces, and cold weather can all contribute to sore paws.

With this revelation, I walked straight into the Continue reading »

Trupanion Testimonial: Louis

The following post comes from Elisa Zepeda, Innovation Merchandising Specialist at PETCO.

Louis, my six-month-old toy poodle pup, was urinating all over the place, including on himself.  This was, of course, wrecking havoc on our lives.  I never considered myself the type of person who would have a non-housebroken pup.  I started crate training immediately upon picking him up from the rescue, I followed my trainers rules religiously, and I read “Way to Go” by Patricia McConnell several times from cover to cover.  I was doing everything right!

Finally, after a discussion with a co-worker, I took Louis in to see the vet. The vet did some blood work tests, urine tests and x-rays. That’s when Louis was diagnosed with a congenital disorder that made it impossible for him to hold

Louis getting his picture taken by Picture People

his urine.  He was going to need surgery right away.

I had already spent a small fortune on the aforementioned procedures, but now he was going to have surgery on top of it!  I was definitely worried about Louis, but I was also starting to stress out about all of the medical bills.  A million questions started going through my mind.  Could I afford this surgery?  Will he get better?  Has he been suffering this whole time? There was never any doubt that I would have the surgery performed, so I took him in. Louis was insured by Trupanion and his policy was (hopefully) about to pay for itself.

The claim process was so easy, there was only one sheet to fill out!  The vet filled out the bottom portion of the claim sheet and then faxed it in.  I received an email the same day the form was faxed.  Later, I received another email letting me know that my claim had been processed and approved.  That was it! It was so simple, it surpassed my expectations of what dealing with an insurance company is all about.  All of this happened in a span of less than one week.  Now my check is in the mail, my dog is urinating outside and I couldn’t be happier!
Trupanion really came through for me.  I hoped I Continue reading »

The Importance of a Microchip

Dana and a cat looking for a new home

Dana, one of our associates at the Christiana, Del., PETCO, was leaving work one night when she heard a cat crying. On the side of the building she found a tiger cat, with white feet and a white stomach. With a little coaxing, she was able to [...]

No Payout Limit Means No Worries for You and Your Pet

The following article comes from Stacy Kowalchuk at Trupanion, PETCO’s Pet Insurance partner.

I’m the Social Channels Manager here at Trupanion so I surf the web all day long and get to see all of the buzz about pet insurance. I’ve seen many different expressions of frustration with pet insurance as a whole and [...]

How Do You Safely Approach a Dog?

Whenever I see a cute pup walking my way, my instinct is to immediately go toward it and shower it with love and affection. Apparently, that’s not the best strategy. Dogs have certain boundaries just like people do, and we need to respect those boundaries by approaching dogs in the appropriate way. Not only [...]

Trupanion Testimonial

The following blog post comes from Fabienne Mueri, PETCO’s Pet Services Insurance Manager.

A few days ago, my friend Rachael called me in tears.  After a few minutes of sniffling and sobbing, she was finally able to tell me what was wrong: her cat, Louie, has cancer.  I felt horrible.  She proceeded to tell me how treating her cat, who is only four years old, would cost her thousands of dollars.  She went ahead, crying, telling me how she didn’t feel like she could afford the treatments and that she never expected her indoor cat, at only four years old, would ever have any issues. 

The author's cat, Cali

After a few minutes, she asked, “Would you be able to afford care if Cali had cancer?”  I hesitated before tentatively giving my answer.  “Yes, I would, but only because I have pet insurance for Cali.” 

This was my best friend.  She knew that I was in the business of pet insurance.  I could not believe after all of our conversations, she still had not insured her cat. I was frustrated, but only because I could hear how painful this was for my friend.  No one should have to make the decision to end the life of their pet. 

She felt horrible.  Rachael said she could never forgive herself if she could not afford the treatment and had to euthanize Louie, when all along, she could have just gotten pet insurance and prevented this heartache.

This is what thousands of people go through on a daily basis.  They find out their pet, a part of their family, is ill and because of the exorbitant cost of care, they have to make a choice to euthanize their pet. Continue reading »

Mobile Grooming: Would you try it?

Bailey getting her mobile groom on.

Bailey getting her mobile groom on.

We recently launched a test of PETCO Mobile Grooming in the San Diego area. It’s a simple concept – PETCO brings all the perks of one of our in-store grooming salons right to your front door or office, whenever it works for you. It’s perfect for Continue reading »

The Evolution of a Charm

The strawberry lemonade charm

The strawberry lemonade charm

It all started with an idea. We thought it would be fun to offer a flag charm with for our 4th of July SPA package back in early 2008.  If you purchased that month’s featured Grooming Salon package, you’d get a free patriotic flag charm for your pal’s collar. We quickly learned that patriotism was only part of the reason for the popularity of this promotion.  The idea of adorning a dog with themed charms that happen to tie in with our ‘flavor’ of the month shampoo or a particular holiday has caught on like gangbusters. It also brings Continue reading »

Positive Dog Training

Fanna Easter

Fanna Easter

The following article comes from Fanna Easter. Fanna is a Regional Pet Services Coordinator for PETCO as well as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

As a dog trainer, I am asked questions from strangers all the time. Even sitting on an airplane while reading my Association of Pet Dog Trainers Chronicle, I feel a tap on my shoulder from two rows away. A nice young woman asks me how to stop her two dogs from pulling madly on a leash. I always take the time to answer these questions, as pet parent concerns should be answered immediately. As a dog trainer, it is my job to explain the power of positive training!

So, what is positive training, you ask? In simple terms, it means Continue reading »