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Blueberry loves Ellen and Firefighters

Blueberry loves to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  He especially loved her recent episode where Ellen’s guests were two firefighters who saved puppies from a burning building.

Ellen also announced the new Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign, where the Petco Foundation, along with Ellen and her natural pet food company, Halo, Purely for Pets, will make the [...]

Great Ones Shelter Winner – Animal Services City of Huntsville

The Humane Society estimates that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, leaving shelters over populated, understaffed and in desperate need of funding.  While we can all do our part in helping to lower these numbers by spaying and neutering our pets, we can also assist [...]

Big Shoes

“You have big shoes to fill.”

That’s what I keep hearing from everyone who knows Paul Jolly.

As a longtime member of the animal-welfare community myself, I came into my new role with the Petco Foundation keenly aware that my predecessor holds a position in this community like no other. Paul is liked – [...]

A Year of Hope, a Year of Wonder

I have worked at Petco for almost 35 years now and at the Petco Foundation for 12 of those years. Two questions that I am continually asked are, “How do you deal with the sadness when you can’t help?” and “How can you work at the Petco Foundation and not bring all the animals [...]

Helping Pets in Sandy’s Aftermath

It’s been a few weeks now since we faced Hurricane Sandy, and as we continue to move through the recovery phase, I thought I’d take a few minutes to share how Petco and the Petco Foundation are helping animals affected by Sandy.

As always in disasters like this, The Petco Foundation has been in [...]

Petco Foundation Reaches Out to Victims and Shelters Impacted by Tropical Storm Sandy

Many of our fans have inquired about our  Tropical Storm Sandy relief efforts. Here’s an update:

- We are currently working to get trucks to our Staten Island store located at 2795 Richmond Ave., Staten Island to help victims in this hard-hit region. We’d like to thank Hill’s Science Diet and Natural Balance for [...]

How One Homeless Dog Becomes Eleven

Champagne wasn’t much more than a puppy herself when she was dumped by an anonymous person at our local shelter. She ducked low as a leash was looped over her head and, sadly, seemed used to being led into a cement kennel with limited amenities. She moved uncomfortably and, before they even had time to do a basic medical evaluation, she gave birth to 10 squiggling little puppies. What was previously only one life that needed saving, quickly became 11 lives that needed saving. While puppies are always cute, the shelter staff’s hearts sank at the sight.

Unfortunately, a shelter, even the cleanest, most sanitary shelter, is no place for puppies to spend the formative and important first 8 weeks of their lives. Our county shelters have a good working relationship with all the local rescues and a call was put out to see if anyone could take a momma with 10 nursing babies into foster care. While one would think that might be a fun task, this many puppies are a 24 hour a day responsibility. Thankfully one of the rescues did have a foster parent who maintains a special room for nursing mothers and they were moved quickly from shelter to rescue.

Champagne watched calmly as volunteers and shelter staff carefully packed her babies into a small crate with warm blankets. Happily she climbed into the car next to the crate and allowed herself to be safely buckled in. She gently kissed each of the shelter staff who reached into the car to wish her well. She sniffed at the crate as if to say, “let’s get going”. Continue reading »

Dignity for Snoopy

When I first met Snoopy, he was simply a photo forwarded to several pit bull rescues by the local shelter. At a frail 12 years young, I don’t think they felt he had a chance at leaving the shelter, but sent his medical report and a photo along anyhow. My insides turn to mush [...]

Stores Prepare for Fires and Storm

Magic is one of many dogs and cats available for adoption through the Humane Society

Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone dealing with the current fire situation in both Colorado and Montana.  Our associates have taken all the necessary steps to make sure that the animals in our care are safely transported to neighboring stores, outside of the evacuation area.  Petco will continue to monitor the situation, and [...]

West Jordan team assists with Dump Fire evacuation

Jun. 27, 2012

As you may know, there are many areas across the country that have recently been troubled by firesand other dangerous conditions, including parts of Utah, Colorado, and Florida.  Our associates and store teams are always showing what they’re made of when these situations arise, and our West Jordan team was no [...]