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The Very Best Dog in the World

(as told by Paul Jolly, Executive Director, the Petco Foundation)

Years ago, I met the very best dog in the world.

I was a child of 12 when we got her. She was part terrier, and (I swear) part human. She was a rescue, not expected to live more than six months, but her spirit was too much for the disease that ravaged her body. She was selected by my dying brother and became his comforter and companion as we all faced his eventual passing. She taught us that our pets are not purchased but ordained.

Her name was Hope. She romped when I did and knew how to smile in that funny way that only some dogs have. She grew up with me and helped me grow up. She helped me face the loss of my wonderful brother. She was always there when I needed her. My grown hand still remembers the sleek bump on the top of her head and that gentle divot just past her nose that fit my index finger just perfectly.

She passed away one winter. My heart broke then, and I knew that there would never be another dog like her. And there hasn’t been. I was sure I could never love another dog as much as I’d loved her.

Fortunately, I was wrong about that part.

Natasha - the very best dog in the worldMy next dog came into my life Continue reading »

Great Dog Habits Begin with Treats

Fanna and Santiago with TREATS!

Fanna and Santiago with TREATS!

I hope you’ve learned a lot at last week’s Loose Leash seminar and you’re practicing at home. Teaching polite leash manners is an “expensive behavior,” which means that you should use the yummiest treats possible for rewards. When selecting treats, look for meaty treats that can be broken into small [...]

Living Art – More Than Just An Aquarium

10 Gallon Tiki from the Petco Forum

180g All Male Peacock-Hap African Cichlid Aquarium6 Gallon Betta Tank6 Gallon Betta Tank

Over 20 ago when I started in the aquatics hobby (pre-digital camera days) there wasn’t a huge selection of foundations for a live coral aquarium. In fact, the selection was primarily bleached dead coral. It offered a very sterile environment for hobbyists with stark white crushed coral gravel and coral pieces.At the time, my room was created with a black and white theme- white walls, black futon sofa, black and white photographs including an over-sized black and white photograph of New York City.

Considering the decor selection available at the time, it was only fitting that my 75 gallon tank was decked out in the black and white motif as well. It was a black tank with a  black stand and a black canopy. White gravel covered the bottom and bleached white coral filled the inside – had it been a living room, there would have been no red wine or grape juice allowed! The tank’s occupants were Continue reading »

Pals Rewards: A New Loyalty Program Designed by You for You

Pals Rewards Logo

The next time you visit Petco I hope you’ll notice something new, and, for me, quite exciting. It’s called Pals Rewards, and it’s our new customer rewards program.

We began work on this program nearly two years ago by surveying our customers and talking with our associates, and the message was clear–you want a rewards program that’s easy, straightforward and rewards you every time you purchase.

So, that, in a nutshell, that is what we’ve created with our new Pals Rewards program. Wherever you shop, and on everything you buy–your purchase qualifies for Continue reading »

How to Loose Leash Train Your Dog

Walking your dog can--and should--be fun for both of you!

Walking your dog can–and should–be fun for both of you!

Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash is a complex behavior. There is a lot going on (you, your dog, holding a leash, watching for a loose leach, giving treats) all WHILE you are walking, too! Most of us have a [...]

Adoption Story: How Puppy Love Can Mend A Broken Heart

The following guest blog comes from Susan Hartzler from Alpha Dog PR in support of Petco’s National Adoption Reunion.

Baldwin cheers up the children at County USC Medical Center with his special kind of canine love.

I’m a dog lover. Have always been one, will always be one. My first dog as an adult was a pound mutt I named Blondie. She lived to be 19-and-a-half years old and I cherish every moment I spent with her. When she died, it was so excruciatingly painful that I felt like I had lost the best part of me, my own soul was gone. I didn’t know who I was any longer if I didn’t have that blonde fur ball to look after.

I decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Immediately, I met a little black curly haired puppy who made it clear he had eyes for me but my heart was too broken to consider bringing him home. He sure was trying to convince me otherwise.

“Mom, you don’t think I should get another dog, do you?” I called her that night certain she would be the voice of reason.

“You’re a dog person. Of course you should Continue reading »

Adoption Story: My name is Jack, aka Travelin’ Jack

The following guest blog comes from Travelin’ Jack and his person Jill in support of Petco’s National Adoption Reunion.

I am not just any ordinary dog (at least I don’t think I am!). I am a Travel Writer’s Assistant and Sidekick! And I love to hit the road with her on our adventures around New Mexico! But first, Iet me tell you a bit about myself. In addition to traveling around our beautiful state, I do have a history…I am a rescue dog….and here is how my story began!

My person…..her name is Jill (that’s right…..we are the “Jack and Jill” team!) was actively searching for a new bulldog partner. Her special friend, Patricia, who lives in Colorado (and is a special angel in her own rights) works actively for a Great Dane rescue organization. She knew Jill was looking for a bulldog, and when she came across my photo and profile on the Pueblo CO animal shelter website…well, she just knew! A phone call, and the process was started. Soon I was adopted by Jill. I was a sprite 7 months young, full of p….and vinegar! My first family didn’t understand that doggies need more than love and food…they also need direction and training. I didn’t know that at first, but I soon learned from Jill what behaving is all about! Of course that came after a couple of little Continue reading »

Trupanion Testimonial: Louis

The following post comes from Elisa Zepeda, Innovation Merchandising Specialist at PETCO.

Louis, my six-month-old toy poodle pup, was urinating all over the place, including on himself.  This was, of course, wrecking havoc on our lives.  I never considered myself the type of person who would have a non-housebroken pup.  I started crate training immediately upon picking him up from the rescue, I followed my trainers rules religiously, and I read “Way to Go” by Patricia McConnell several times from cover to cover.  I was doing everything right!

Finally, after a discussion with a co-worker, I took Louis in to see the vet. The vet did some blood work tests, urine tests and x-rays. That’s when Louis was diagnosed with a congenital disorder that made it impossible for him to hold

Louis getting his picture taken by Picture People

his urine.  He was going to need surgery right away.

I had already spent a small fortune on the aforementioned procedures, but now he was going to have surgery on top of it!  I was definitely worried about Louis, but I was also starting to stress out about all of the medical bills.  A million questions started going through my mind.  Could I afford this surgery?  Will he get better?  Has he been suffering this whole time? There was never any doubt that I would have the surgery performed, so I took him in. Louis was insured by Trupanion and his policy was (hopefully) about to pay for itself.

The claim process was so easy, there was only one sheet to fill out!  The vet filled out the bottom portion of the claim sheet and then faxed it in.  I received an email the same day the form was faxed.  Later, I received another email letting me know that my claim had been processed and approved.  That was it! It was so simple, it surpassed my expectations of what dealing with an insurance company is all about.  All of this happened in a span of less than one week.  Now my check is in the mail, my dog is urinating outside and I couldn’t be happier!
Trupanion really came through for me.  I hoped I Continue reading »

Freekibble - Letters for Pets

Mimi Ausland

The following guest blog comes from Mimi Ausland, creator of and the Letters for Pets campaign to make April 30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day .

I’m really excited to tell you that Freekibble has now donated over 3.5 million meals to shelters, rescues and food banks! Everyday, over 55,000 people are going to and, to play the trivia… and we are generating kibble to feed many thousands of homeless animals everyday.

This week we launched a promotion called Letters for Pets. It’s a campaign that asks people to email a pre-written letter to The President asking for an official Proclamation for April 30th to be National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! It’s a chance to Continue reading »

Truth or Myth: Sand Impactation

The following blog comes from Anna Rodriguez, PETCO’s Associate Merchandise Manager for Companion Animals.

One issue that gets brought up by everyone who has ever kept reptiles is impaction by sand. There is a tremendous amount of opinion surrounding the subject, but here are some of the realities about sand impaction.   Impaction is [...]