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The Very Best Dog in the World

(as told by Paul Jolly, Executive Director, the Petco Foundation) Years ago, I met the very best dog in the world. I was a child of 12 when we got her. She was part terrier, and (I swear) part human. She was a rescue, not expected to live more than six months, but her spirit was too much for the disease that ravaged her body. She was selected by my dying brother and became his comforter and companion as we all faced his eventual passing. She taught us that our pets are not purchased but ordained. Her name was Hope. She romped when I did and knew how to smile in that funny way that only some dogs have. She grew up with me and helped me grow up. She helped me face the loss of my wonderful brother. She was always there when I needed her. My grown hand still remembers the sleek bump on the top of her head and that gentle divot just past her nose that fit my index finger just perfectly. She passed away one winter. My heart broke then, and I knew that there would never be another dog like her. And there hasn’t been. I was sure I could never love another dog as much as I’d loved her. Fortunately, I was wrong about that part. Natasha - the very best dog in the worldMy next dog came into my life soon after Hope passed away. Natasha was a rescue from a particularly horrible abuse situation. She was a Shetland sheepdog who taught me patience. She was a calm, quiet presence that rarely left my side. She was the vigilant guardian of all the fosters that came through our home. I can still feel that swirl of fur along her back. And the weight of her chin when it rested in my lap. When she passed away, my heart broke. As much as I had loved my childhood dog, Hope, I had been wrong. This was the very best dog in the world. There would never be another dog like her, and there hasn’t been. I was sure I would never love another dog as much as I’d loved her. I was wrong again. Dante - the very best dog in the worldDante came into my life after we had moved into a new house. Dante taught me the importance of adapting. He was only my dog right from the beginning. I know it goes against all tenets of dog training, but still there is something special and affirming about a dog that loves you the best to the exclusion of everyone else. He helped me deal with some very difficult times in my life. He gave me confidence to face every tomorrow with a smile on my face despite the fear in my heart. When he was tragically taken from me too soon, I thought my broken heart would never heal. He was, of course, the very best dog in the world. I will never forget that exquisitely soft tuft of fur behind his ears or the tickly feel when he nuzzled me. There won’t be another dog like him. Jasper - the very best dog in the worldAnd then I met Jasper. It was love at first sight. Jasper has brought so much light and love into my life that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Jasper will be my guide as I venture into my new reality. I couldn’t wish for a better champion. He is everything I need and more. Sadly, I may be leaving him before he leaves me. Sometimes I’ve wondered why two species that get along so well should have such different life spans. It just doesn’t seem right. And then I wonder if that’s part of the lesson. To teach us that love has a spirit that returns again and again and never really dies. It is amazing in a way, how they bring to our ever changing lives exactly what it is we need at that moment.  They make room for one another, this family of dogs who has never even met. And they fit into our families, into our lives, into our memories and into our hearts, because they always have been and always will be the very best dogs in the world. Tree of Hope is a celebration and a remembrance of the very best dogs in the world. The very best cats in the world. The very best rabbits in the world. The very best pets in the world. Please continue to do your very best for these very best companions.

Great Dog Habits Begin with Treats

Fanna and Santiago with TREATS!

[caption id="attachment_6442" align="alignright" width="311" caption="Fanna and Santiago with TREATS!"][/caption] I hope you’ve learned a lot at last week’s Loose Leash seminar and you’re practicing at home. Teaching polite leash manners is an “expensive behavior,” which means that you should use the yummiest treats possible for rewards. When selecting treats, look for meaty treats that can be [...]

Living Art – More Than Just An Aquarium

10 Gallon Tiki from the Petco Forum
[caption id="attachment_6393" align="alignright" width="300" caption="180g All Male Peacock-Hap African Cichlid Aquarium6 Gallon Betta Tank6 Gallon Betta Tank"][/caption]
Over 20 ago when I started in the aquatics hobby (pre-digital camera days) there wasn't a huge selection of foundations for a live coral aquarium. In fact, the selection was primarily bleached dead coral. It offered a very sterile environment for hobbyists with stark white crushed coral gravel and coral pieces.At the time, my room was created with a black and white theme- white walls, black futon sofa, black and white photographs including an over-sized black and white photograph of New York City. Considering the decor selection available at the time, it was only fitting that my 75 gallon tank was decked out in the black and white motif as well. It was a black tank with a  black stand and a black canopy. White gravel covered the bottom and bleached white coral filled the inside - had it been a living room, there would have been no red wine or grape juice allowed! The tank's occupants were a large school of spotted domino and four stripe damsels as well as a yellow tang adding a splash of yellow. It was fresh, modern and my own unique design! This tank was the beginning of my journey in aquatics as living art. Just like dogs and cats can resemble their owners - aquariums can be a reflection of your home or office space. Does your aquarium's design cater to your personality? Feel free to show off pictures of your tank below - we would love to see it! 

Need a little inspiration for your set up? Here are some tanks that you shared with us on Facebook and the Petco  Forum:

[caption id="attachment_6397" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="30 Gallon For Luck"][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_6388" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Darwin Ahoy - 29 Gallon Aquapod"][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_6386" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="10 Gallon Tiki from the Petco Forum"][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_6391" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="6 Gallon Betta Tank"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6387" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Gary P. - 3.5 Gallon Glo-Fish Tank"][/caption]


Pals Rewards: A New Loyalty Program Designed by You for You

Pals Rewards LogoThe next time you visit Petco I hope you'll notice something new, and, for me, quite exciting. It's called Pals Rewards, and it's our new customer rewards program. We began work on this program nearly two years ago by surveying our customers and talking with our associates, and the message was clear--you want a rewards program that's easy, straightforward and rewards you every time you purchase. So, that, in a nutshell, that is what we've created with our new Pals Rewards program. Wherever you shop, and on everything you buy--your purchase qualifies for a 5% reward. The more you shop, the more you get. It's that simple. We also asked you what you would call such a program, and again, you told us: Pals Rewards, so in many ways, this is a program created specifically to your needs--and named by you, too. Here's how it works: whether you're purchasing food, services, treats, an aquarium filter, a mirror for your bird, or a honey stock for your hamster, all qualify to earn a reward. You will receive 5 Rewards Dollars for every $100 spent in one of more purchases at Petco, both in store and online. You can even purchase in store and redeem online, or the other way around--you now have this flexibility. It's easy to use, too. If you participated in a previous Petco reward program, you do not need to do anything--your customer number won't change. If you're brand new, you can sign up online or at the cash register to immediately start earning rewards. If you want to learn more just go to We're very excited and proud about our new Pals Rewards program, it is better than ever and offers benefits for every Petco customer. It's also the only pet rewards program that lets you earn 5% back on everything you buy. We hope you'll enjoy it, too.

How to Loose Leash Train Your Dog

Walking your dog can--and should--be fun for both of you!

Walking your dog can–and should–be fun for both of you!Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash is a complex behavior. There is a lot going on (you, your dog, holding a leash, watching for a loose leach, giving treats) all WHILE you are walking, too! Most of us have a hard [...]

Adoption Story: How Puppy Love Can Mend A Broken Heart

The following guest blog comes from Susan Hartzler from Alpha Dog PR in support of Petco's National Adoption Reunion.
[caption id="attachment_5990" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Baldwin cheers up the children at County USC Medical Center with his special kind of canine love."][/caption] I’m a dog lover. Have always been one, will always be one. My first dog as an adult was a pound mutt I named Blondie. She lived to be 19-and-a-half years old and I cherish every moment I spent with her. When she died, it was so excruciatingly painful that I felt like I had lost the best part of me, my own soul was gone. I didn’t know who I was any longer if I didn’t have that blonde fur ball to look after. I decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Immediately, I met a little black curly haired puppy who made it clear he had eyes for me but my heart was too broken to consider bringing him home. He sure was trying to convince me otherwise. “Mom, you don’t think I should get another dog, do you?” I called her that night certain she would be the voice of reason. “You’re a dog person. Of course you should get another dog.” Her answer came as such a surprise to me. Our relationship was changing and she was finally recognizing me for the person I was, not for who she wanted me to be any longer. It was time for me to do the same. I went back to walk him again the next day and he screamed in delight when he saw me. He was barely the size of a shoe box but he sounded as large as a Doberman, that red tongue hanging out with bright white teeth, a sight that could mend anyone’s heart. “Go get your dog,” my mom called to announce the next day. “I bought him for you.” This little black dog that nudged me with love nibbles became a symbol of my mother’s acceptance of me, the real me. I immediately drove to the Lange Foundation and there he was, waiting for me behind the front desk. He looked at me and wagged not only his little stump of a tail but his entire body. He knew from the moment he saw me that I was his and now I knew it too. He was perfect. That black mop with those white, white teeth that looked like Chiclets. I picked him up and inhaled his earthy puppy scent that reminded me of sunshine and happiness. I found out that he was a Puli, a Hungarian Sheep Dog, a very smart puppy that I quickly realized I had to train or else I was going to be in big trouble. I learned that this breed is the one with the long dreadlocks, expert sheepherders who can move hundreds of sheep from one place to another and even herd 500 pound cattle. Incredible! Only six months later, I brought Baldwinto celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday in January of 2000. I tried to pretend I was happy for her sake while we dined at her favorite Italian restaurant but I was having a really hard time in light of the fact that once again, my boyfriend and I were breaking up after ten years. When we got home, Baldwin was out of control. He barked at every sound. He ran around and bit at my ankles that were already completely black and blue from his attempts at herding me. I took him for a walk around my neighborhood and he lunged at a homeless man. “Baldwin, stop it!” He growled and pulled with all his might. “Leave it now.” Baldwin needed a lot of attention, training and time, more than I had to give working full time and traveling for my job. With my boyfriend gone,Baldwinwas home alone all day. He needed to live in a house with a yard. I was faced with a decision I simply couldn’t make. “God, why can’t I have just one thing, just one thing? I can’t have a boyfriend. Now I have to sacrifice the dog I love too? Oh, I get it. I am supposed to be grateful for my stinking job. Well, thanks a lot God.” At least for that night, I had myBaldwin. Early the next morning, the phone rang. “Sue, are you sitting down?” my brother had that tone in his voice that let me know he was about to deliver bad news, the worst kind of news. “Mom died,” he said as if the words were swallowed back up as soon as they came out of his mouth. I screamed. It sounded like it came from someone else, maybe from another time or another place but it definitely was not my voice I was heard. “Not mommy, not mommy,” I yelled, dropping the receiver and falling to the floor as the room started spinning. I gathered a few of my things and drove to my family home, the place I had lived since I was four year old, the place of so many memories. I was still in my pajamas;Baldwinsat on my lap as I drove, licking my tears away. Like my mom, he wouldn’t let me cry. When I got back to my home on Dearborn Street, I rushed through the back gate, opened the kitchen door, and entered the den. There she was, lying motionless on the couch, her favorite couch in that dark, dingy room. It was the family room where we ate dinner on TV trays while watching our favorite shows on the small black and white set she rented because she didn’t want to spend good money on an expensive color model. She held court in that room, letting me know how she expected me to behave over the years in no uncertain terms and placing unrealistic expectations on her youngest daughter that haunted me, trying my best to be the good girl she wanted me to be. After my mom died, I went into a downhill spiral. The thought of what life would feel like without her never even occurred to me. After she died, I quit my job so I could oversee the care my dad who was in the final stages of Parkinson’s. Baldwin and I moved to the family home and he had a backyard. I was the only single sibling, had just broken up (again) with my long time boyfriend and felt good about making this unselfish act. Later that fall, the crows came. I remember they covered our yard, the full ½ acre was a sea of black feathers. They weren’t on other lawns in our neighborhood, just ours. Each morning they were there, on the grass, in the trees, everywhere. And the weird thing was thatBaldwindidn’t chase them. Their presence was comforting to me. I imagined they had come to take the soul of my recently departed loved one to heaven. I closed my eyes and imagined her high up in the clouds reuniting with my Uncle Merton, her oldest brother, who I knew only from the old family photos my mom kept in the bottom drawer of her dresser. I was always interested in the past and the only Hartzler child who spent hours examining those pictures one at a time asking her for details about each relative. I remember the first time she told me about my heritage. I was about four years old sitting on the floor Indian style with my childhood dog, a Chihuahua named Siesta warming my back. I had taken every document out and was surrounded by photos of my mom and her two brothers as well as pictures of Great Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents whom I would never meet. My mom was sitting on her bed, watching me. I picked up a photo and asked, “Who’s this?” “That’s my Grandmother Sadie and my Grandpa Robert, your great grandparents,” she told me. “You remind me of Sadie. She was a strong woman who ran the farm inQuebec. There wasn’t much Sadie couldn’t do. She liked bananas just like you do. And look at her face. It’s just like yours.” “Wow,” I said examining the old black and white faded picture printed on extra thick stock like they did back then. History called to me from that drawer, Siesta snoring as I put names to the faces I would never meet. It had been years since I looked in there. One afternoon I remembered good old Sadie. I couldn’t wait to see her again. So much in my life had changed and I needed her portrait to feel grounded again, something from my past. I slowly opened the drawer, expecting to see Sadie and Robert looking back at me. But she wasn’t there. Instead, I found a plain white envelope on top. My name was written in pencil in my mom’s perfect handwriting; the careful capital S beautifully curved so that it looked like something out of a textbook on how to form cursive letters. “Susan’s first tooth,” I read out loud and peeked inside. There was one tiny white baby tooth that she had kept all these years. I wondered why she had never shown that to me. Then I reached for another envelope. It read “Susan’s first hair cut,” and inside was locket of my white blonde hair tied carefully with pink ribbon. I had no idea she kept all this stuff. I pulled out a baby announcement, certain it was one of my siblings. The three Hartzler kids looked identical in newborn photos but being the youngest, there were always more pictures of my brother and sister. I was surprised to turn it over and read: Susan Frances, born 10:17 am, North Hollywood, California, May 26, 1958, Margaret Agnes McGill, Mother, Richard William Hartzler, Father. The next picture I saw was also of me on grad night, 1976. I was dressed in a white pants suit with my low rider bell bottoms, a tight, button down plaid blouse under my vest. My smile was as big as my Farah Fawcett hair with the sides perfectly curled so they framed my tanned face. My date was a handsome jock. In front of me was a stack of report cards. They were all mine too. There were pictures of me as a toddler, pictures of me in grade school, high school, at the prom. I uncovered letters she had received when I made the deans list in junior high and again in college. “It’s all me, everything in this drawer is me,” I said out loud to no one but my dog Baldwin snuggled up next to me. As I pet him, the tears started to flow. The pieces of my personal history that my mom secretly kept somehow replaced my painful memories from the past. The resentments that I had carried with me for so long magically disappeared. There it was, right in front of me, the proof of my mom’s true feelings about her youngest daughter. She loved me. She loved me more than words could say. From beyond the grave, my mom was reaching out to me and doing something I craved from her my entire life. She cradling me in her arms, rocking me back and forth; letting me cry all the tears I held back. I saw myself as a child, sitting at her side, my arms wrapped around her leg, my head in her lap as she stroked my hair, leaning as close as possible to whisper in my ear like mother’s do. “There, there, baby girl, I’m here for you, I love you no matter what, and everything’s going to be all right.” For the first time in his puppy life, Baldwin didn’t jump up to lick my tears away or nudge at my nose. Instead, he snuggled closer next to me and quietly waited while I cried.

Adoption Story: My name is Jack, aka Travelin’ Jack

The following guest blog comes from Travelin' Jack and his person Jill in support of Petco's National Adoption Reunion.
I am not just any ordinary dog (at least I don't think I am!). I am a Travel Writer's Assistant and Sidekick! And I love to hit the road with her on our adventures around New Mexico! But first, Iet me tell you a bit about myself. In addition to traveling around our beautiful state, I do have a history...I am a rescue dog....and here is how my story began! My person.....her name is Jill (that's right.....we are the "Jack and Jill" team!) was actively searching for a new bulldog partner. Her special friend, Patricia, who lives in Colorado (and is a special angel in her own rights) works actively for a Great Dane rescue organization. She knew Jill was looking for a bulldog, and when she came across my photo and profile on the Pueblo CO animal shelter website...well, she just knew! A phone call, and the process was started. Soon I was adopted by Jill. I was a sprite 7 months young, full of p....and vinegar! My first family didn't understand that doggies need more than love and food...they also need direction and training. I didn't know that at first, but I soon learned from Jill what behaving is all about! Of course that came after a couple of little chewing up her new, snuggly soft settee....or stealing and eating that yummy raw steak on the counter.....or chewing through a corner of 25 of her kids' books.....hmmm. I could go on, but perhaps it is just better to forget those little indiscretions. Anyway, she adopted me, brought me into her home in Albuquerque...after we took a nice long ride from Colorado to New first "travel adventure". And now we love to zip around the state in search of new exciting things and places for folks and their pets to go! (I'll share a secret with you...she says my input in these adventures is very important. OF COURSE I knew that all along!) That, my friends was a mere 2 and a half years ago. Today, I have risen from shelter-dom to stardom. With LOTS of love along the way. Here's a snapshot of my past couple years. From my early unruly puppy personality & shelter days, I learned manners at obedience school. Then Jill and I hit the road together and I started writing my dog-blog-travelogue...things to go, places to visit, and tips for traveling with your pet. My pet travel writer is to share these adventures with my readers. After a few months of dog-blogging, I was discovered by a TV show here in New Mexico, called Travel Guide New Mexico. A phone call later...I dog-auditioned for a part in the TV show...and VOILA! I got the part..they named the segment after me "Jack's Tracks" and I was a TV celebrity in my newly adopted home state of New Mexico! You can even see some of the segments on my From there it was stars all the way. I won an Award at the Governor's Conference on Tourism for my work in Travel, I started being interviewed on radio shows, in magazine articles, modeling for a pet store...I even played a part in a Ford commercial. And stardom went to my head! As you know...ALL celebrities must have a cause...and so I dog-cided to be a dog-vocate for Animal Shelters and promoting adoption from shelters....and the best way to do that? Well, I decided to launch a CANINE CAMPAIGN and run for Dog-Governor....with a 4-pawed platform promoting adoption and animal welfare. AND doggone it...if I didn't win.....PAWS-DOWN...with 798 votes from my critter supporters! So...from shelter to TV star to Dog-Governor for Animal Advocacy...I dog-cided it was time for one more project. We all know that ALL celebrities must write their own I did that too! I wrote my dog-ography. Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star. The moral of my children's book is "adopt from a shelter". In the past 6 months, I have sold over 600 copies, with proceeds going to support local animal shelters and organizations. And being the dog-celeb that I I am on the road more than ever......participating in numerous events ALL in the name of animal welfare....why I've even happily participated in several Petco events here in New Mexico ....always trying in some small way to help my fellow furry friends in need. Because Dog-Knows those furry cousins of mine in the shelters do need help! So there you have it...a paw-print of this adopted pup's life....charmed as you can see! And lookin' for the next great pup-ertunity to promote my cause! Thanks for listenin' back to's time to Hit The Road Jack.....on that next great canine adventure! Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses.

Trupanion Testimonial: Louis

Where Can I Buy Retin, The following post comes from Elisa Zepeda, Innovation Merchandising Specialist at PETCO.

Louis, my six-month-old toy poodle pup, was urinating all over the place, including on himself.  This was, of course, wrecking havoc on our lives.  I never considered myself the type of person who would have a non-housebroken pup.  I started crate training immediately upon picking him up from the rescue, I followed my trainers rules religiously, and I read “Way to Go” by Patricia McConnell several times from cover to cover.  I was doing everything right. Retin a large pores, Finally, after a discussion with a co-worker, c retin vitamin, Creme retin, I took Louis in to see the vet. The vet did some blood work tests, retin a cream for your face, Retin a lotions, urine tests and x-rays. That’s when Louis was diagnosed with a congenital disorder that made it impossible for him to hold

[caption id="attachment_4649" align="alignright" width="289" caption="Louis getting his picture taken by Picture People"][/caption]

his urine.  He was going to need surgery right away, retin broome county. Tazorac vs retin a, I had already spent a small fortune on the aforementioned procedures, but now he was going to have surgery on top of it!  I was definitely worried about Louis, canada online pharmacy retin, Retin a making blackheads appear, but I was also starting to stress out about all of the medical bills.  A million questions started going through my mind.  Could I afford this surgery?  Will he get better?  Has he been suffering this whole time. There was never any doubt that I would have the surgery performed, so I took him in, Where Can I Buy Retin. Louis was insured by Trupanion and his policy was (hopefully) about to pay for itself, retin acne scars. Natural alternatives to retin a, The claim process was so easy, there was only one sheet to fill out!  The vet filled out the bottom portion of the claim sheet and then faxed it in.  I received an email the same day the form was faxed.  Later, acne message board retin a, Retin a micro review, I received another email letting me know that my claim had been processed and approved.  That was it. It was so simple, retin a poisoning, Retin de cellulite, it surpassed my expectations of what dealing with an insurance company is all about.  All of this happened in a span of less than one week.  Now my check is in the mail, my dog is urinating outside and I couldn’t be happier, retin a micro make skin worse. Aging skin retin a obagi,  
Trupanion really came through for me.  I hoped I would never need to use the policy and I even had people tell me that it was a waste of money.  Thank goodness I didn’t listen to them.  Pet Insurance is something that we never want to use, but the alternative to having no coverage could have meant that Louis’ surgery would be delayed until I had the funds to cover the costs.  No pet should have to suffer with any disease or injury because of financial reasons.   Louis surgery cost $1, retin advanced guestbook 2.4, Glycolic acid retin a, 000 dollars, and Trupanion covered 90 percent, online pharmacy retin, Costco retin a 0.1 price, so I only had to come out of pocket $100 dollars.  Thank Goodness.

Louis' disorder was a not an emergency, retin a rhytid results, Cream retin wrinkle, but imagine if the unthinkable happened: a broken leg, cancer, retin a versus tazorac, Retin a natural skin care, an infection.  Nobody plans for these things, but they happen every day to unsuspecting pet parents and their beloved family pets. If you have an uninsured pet, I urge you to at least look into your options.

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Freekibble - Letters for Pets

[caption id="attachment_4683" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Mimi Ausland"][/caption]

The following guest blog comes from Retin Over The Counter, Mimi Ausland, creator of and the Letters for Pets campaign to make April 30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day .

I'm really excited to tell you that Freekibble has now donated over 3.5 million meals to shelters, rescues and food banks. Retin a recall potency, Everyday, over 55, micro retin review, Buy retin a micro, 000 people are going to and, to play the trivia.., inexpensive retin a. Retin a gel vs cream, and we are generating kibble to feed many thousands of homeless animals everyday.

This week we launched a promotion called Letters for Pets. It's a campaign that asks people to email a pre-written letter to The President asking for an official Proclamation for April 30th to be National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, lowest price on retin a. Skin care antioxidants retin a, It's a chance to get a whole day for adopting and celebrating shelter animals. AND, with every email letter sent, Halo Pets is donating a nutritious meal to Freekibble to help feed shelter dogs and cats - up to 50,000 meals, Retin Over The Counter. There are so many shelter dogs and cats in need of good, retin dehydrogenase, Clinique with retin a, nutritious, food and this is another fun way to help feed them, retin rogaine. Retin a acne rebates,

We're partnering with Tails Magazine and Halo, Purely for Pets to get the Proclamation and I'm the spokesperson for the campaign, walmart retin a 0.1 price. Psoriasis retin a, People can send the letter every day and we're trying to get 100,000 letters emailed to the White House, tretinoin retin a products, Buying retin a in mexico, but we're hoping that we can get more than that - we've already had 30,000 letters emailed in the first 2 1/2 days, retin a 0.1. Retin a compared laser collagen building, It's great because we are raising awareness and kibble.

We're very excited about getting a Proclamation and have kicked it off with a full week of Presidential Pets Trivia on both sites, retin a skin, Buy retin a cream, as a way to get people excited about sending the letter to the President... and Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, retin a expiration date. Microdermabrasion retin,

To help us get a Proclamation and feed more dogs & cats, click on and e-mail the letter to the President.

If we can all work together to get a National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, retin a 1, Retin a .1, I truly think it could help homeless animals for years to come.


, obagi retin a. Retin a burn.

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Truth or Myth: Sand Impactation

Ambien Pharmacy No Prescription, The following blog comes from Anna Rodriguez, PETCO's Associate Merchandise Manager for Companion Animals.

One issue that gets brought up by everyone who has ever kept reptiles is impaction by sand. There is a tremendous amount of opinion surrounding the subject, ambien de vicio, Is ambien a scheduled prescription drug, but here are some of the realities about sand impaction.
Impaction is the accumulation of debris in the stomach or intestines. The debris could be substrate, buy cheap ambien without presciption, Rozerem vs ambien, food, foreign debris or just about anything that can accumulate in the reptile gut or intestine, reliable online pharmacy for ambien. Drug test ambien, The myth is that keeping your pet reptile on sand will cause impaction, resulting in death, legal ambien us pharmacy. Ambien causing brain damage, The reality is, this rarely happens. Reptiles will ingest substrates occasionally while capturing food, sonata lunesta ambien, Where to buy ambien, however the substrate ingested is minimal and will usually not lead to severe impaction. 

Impaction is many times brought on by deficiencies in the reptile’s diet, temperature, benzodiazipine ambien, Buy generic ambien zolpidem on sale, other husbandry inadequacies or medical conditions such as internal parasites.
In nature, animals experience fluctuations in resource availability, Ambien Pharmacy No Prescription. As temperatures change, ambien trip, Ambien online scam,  the availability of food changes. Many animals have natural behaviors that enable them to deal with shortages and abundances of food, ambien is the devil. Melatonin supplements versus ambien, Different types of animals, including many reptile species, ambien blogs, Ambien fedex online consultation, will ingest dirt, rocks, ambien in us without prescription, Ambien mastercard online, and other natural debris. Some believe this to be a behavioral response to mineral deficiencies in the diet, ambien table. Ambien Pharmacy No Prescription, This behavior is known as geophagy. Ambien cannabis, If an animal is not receiving the proper nutrition, they may resort to eating “substrates” in an effort to get needed minerals, ambien com, Syntroid vs ambien, vitamins, or calcium that are lacking in the diet, zolpidem generic ambien. Just as we know when we are thirsty, some scientists believe animals “know” when they need additional minerals in their diet. In short, some reptiles that eat excessive substrates are not receiving a full-balanced diet or are not being kept at the proper temperatures. Reptiles require specific temperatures for digestion, and many require exposure to UVB radiation for Vitamin D₃ synthesis and calcium absorption. If temperatures are not regulated properly, then metabolism and digestion will be compromised and may lead to impaction.
Reptiles that are provided with varied diets, supplemented with calcium, multi-vitamins have access to UVB lighting and are kept at proper temperatures and do not have any medical conditions should not experience impaction.

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