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Brandon Mendoza

Not to be confused with the following celebrities: Musician Brandon Boyd of Incubus - I can hardly sing even in my car, I found this out in college. Star running back, Brandon Jacobs - I’ll admit, I can’t take a hit… I learned this from high school football. Actor Brandon Routh - I wouldn’t mind being Superman for a day or two… again, I can’t act and learned that from junior high drama class. Fictional Character Punky Brewster's dog Brandon – yes, I’m not a dog, but was teased that I was the same dog back in grade school. The late Brandon Lee- I’m not related to Bruce Lee, I don’t know Kung Fu, and I have no part in that legacy… I pretty much found that out from birth. Brandon, Florida… I’ve never been there… and this has nothing to do with school. No, I’m just Brandon, the Companion Animal Vendor Coordinator. Along the way I picked up the hobby of keeping fish as pets as well as reptiles. I’ve owned a dog, a mouse, and parakeets as a child, but haven’t since. I currently have more fish tanks than I ever expected, and have one bearded dragon named, Jabba… yes he’s fat and old and is holding Han Solo for ransom. And these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. In my free time, my hobbies consist of watching horribly cheesy movies (such as Point Break, Bloodsport) snorkeling, skating, snowboarding, photography, under-water ballroom dancing, playing fetch with a ball without a dog, watching paint dry, eating delicious foods from all types of cuisine, indoor rock-climbing, running, painting surfboards, repairing surfboards… and riding surfboards too... and anything dealing with the beach.

Brooke Simon

I am originally from Boston but have said goodbye to the cold for good and settled here in sunny San Diego. I love sports (specifically Red Sox and Patriots), traveling and all animals. I grew up with a beautiful Golden Retriever named Bailey (after George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life") and I can't wait for the day when I have my own puppy to play with. I am a proud member of PETCO's Corporate Communications team, though my PETCO career began a few years ago in the Marketing department. I also spent some time in SeaWorld's public relations department, dealing with animals that were a little more...exotic (and big!).


Devon Thompson

I started working at PETCO in November 2005, and have been an animal advocate all my life. My passion is animals! I work in the Animal Care and Education department at the NSC, but began my PETCO career working in the field in Texas. I am a Texan by birth but the sun & sea of San Diego has me hooked on SoCal living! I am a very proud pet parent of a rescued German Shepherd Dog, Jack - he accompanies me to work almost everyday and has his very own fan club. In fact, more of my co-workers know Jack than me...and he is far cooler than me, too! Such is the power of animals, and it is awesome to witness on a daily basis here at the office! My bearded dragon, Ben - ahem, Miss Ben - and Betta, Bert, live at the office. Along with Jack, I have a rescued Siamese named Simon, and a rescued Domestic Short Hair cat named Felix. My husband and I plan to keep our happy home filled with furry critters, and the joy that comes with being a pet parent.

Don Spaeth

Dr. Thomas Edling

Elisabeth Charles

Erin Smith

I may be the Director of Customer Relations for PETCO, but these days, I answer more to “Mommy” than anything else. My professional mom days started in 2002, when I adopted two very hairy babies, Duncan and Rudy, my Pembroke Welsh Corgis. My other kids, a pre-schooler and an infant, came a bit later and are, thankfully, not so hairy! My days are mostly filled with the constant brain ramblings of a typical human, intensified by being a working mom: Do I wash my hair today or get an extra 15 minutes of sleep? Should I go buy that plastic thingy for under the highchair, or just let the dogs eat whatever the baby drops? Is it really okay to have cereal for dinner for the third night this week? You get the idea. At work, the voices in my head shift to asking how my team can take better care of our customers and how proud I am to work for a company that doesn’t just talk about the human-animal bond, but actually breathes life into, recognizes, encourages and rewards the importance of that bond in everything we do. In conclusion, I would like everyone to know that those lovely sandwich cookies on the Treat Bar at PETCO are indeed perfectly safe and tasty for humans to eat. Don’t ask how I know.

Fanna Easter

Ginger Morgan

Jeff Carpenter

I haven’t worked for PETCO forever, but I’d say my four dogs (one small Terrier mix, two Pit Bulls, and one Mastiff), two cats, two bearded dragons and two gold fish might tell you it was inevitable. As Search Engine Optimization Manager for PETCO, I spend my days working on the Web site, while my nights are spent tending to the needs of my pack. Before finding my way to the pet world with a niche in online marketing, I spent four years as an Aviation Maintenance Technician in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Jeff Leardini

Jennie Floyd

Jenny Silva

Born and raised on a small Northern California farm, my childhood was similar to that of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie. I learned at an early age how animals can make for a unique bond, and also create some rather crazy stories (ie. like the time my sister and I took our llamas to Chinatown!). I joined the PETCO family in the earlier part of 2010. Never before did I think I would be so ecstatic about bird toys or hamster races. But within days, in support of miss ‘Darcy of the Derby’, I had created my own hamster ball derby hat and wore it around a special day with friends; I have a way of instigating FUN! In my spare time I write silly blogs and columns, always keeping my crazy ideas fresh, in hopes of spreading a few smiles. I am excited to continue my new adventure here at PETCO and keep my audience informed, yet entertained.

Jim Myers

I joined PETCO way back in 1990 and have been CEO since 2004. I started as VP and Controller, then served as SVP and CFO before moving into my current post. Like the rest of my fellow PETCO associates, I'm an animal lover at heart and have two wonderful dogs, Tore and Sparky.

John Drew

john sturm

Kalen Smith

Kalen has retired from PETCO and is now a Public Relations Officer with the U.S. Army. We wish her all the best in her new career.

Kat Smith

Kathy Sun

I was born and raised in Pasadena and then attended college in San Diego, so I don’t think I would ever be able to live in a cold climate area. I love sunny California and my Rottweiler, Happy, and my two red-eared sliders – Jack and Gus, are here to stay! I started working for Natural Balance Pet Foods in the Customer Service Department and soon transitioned into my current position. As the Special Projects Coordinator, I have the privilege of working on some really cool stuff. As most of you know, Tillman is the official Natural Balance skateboarding bulldog. Although Happy definitely cannot skateboard, I still love her and she’s still my favorite dog. But Tillman is truly amazing and if you haven’t seen him skateboard yet, you’re really missing out.

Kenna Hurd

As the Video and Content Manager for PETCO I get to parlay my passion for story-telling into fun, informational and useful videos for I am a native San Diegan, dog lover, cat owner and social media enthusiast. When I’m not looking for inspiration for my next blog post, I spend my time sharing meals and laughs with good friends, practicing yoga, and running away from my cat Bella… she has an affinity for biting my ankles. Seriously.

Kevin Whalen

Kim Smith

I am the web manager for the PETCO Foundation. When you ask most rescuers what their dream is, they generally say that it would be to quit their job and do rescue full time. I feel like I get to do one better - as the web and social media connection for the Foundation, I get to be involved in or aware of rescue efforts nationwide. My world has expanded so much further than Southern California. When I'm not totally loving on my career at PETCO, I do manage to get my hands-on time in the rescue world. I am on the Board of Directors for Pit Bull Rescue San Diego. I publish a small weekly e-newsletter called Kim's Fuzzies which showcases dogs in shelters and rescues that are up for adoption in Southern California. Additionally, I have fostered over 30 animals for Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, Help for Pets, Helen Woodward and FOCAS. Outside of the animals I foster, I share my home with 1 dog (Borrego), 2 cats (Tobee, and Buddy), 1 rabbit (Hef) and 1 human.

Lee Yanni

As a kid, I was always the oddball in my family because I preferred the company of dogs to humans. I used to hang out at a local pet store and volunteer to clean the cages and aquariums – until I grew up and found a job at PETCO, where more people know my dog's name than my own, and that’s fine with me! I have coworkers that I hadn’t talked to in eight years of working here, until I brought my dog along to work, and she picked out all her favorite humans to visit at the office. Now, I bring her to work all the time, and she loves it. I’m a Business Analyst for PETCO, working in analytics and reporting on toys, bowls, collars and all sorts of fun things. It's a perfect fit for me. I think it really is true that kids who love animals grow up to work at PETCO.

Lina Eklof

Lisa Epstein

Since scoring my spot on PETCO’s Corporate Communications team, I’ve said at least a million times that I must be the only person in the company who doesn't have a pet! But not having my own gives me the opportunity to foster for some amazing pups while they wait for their forever families to find them - an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. I’ve always loved animals and happily made the move to work at PETCO after six years in the Public Relations agency world. As a kid, I told my parents I would either grow up to be an actress… or a Veterinarian. Figures. I’ve been known to stop complete strangers on the street just to spend a minute with a cute dog... I still tell the same old stories of my two childhood German Shepherds, Pax and Mazie... and, I absolutely can't wait to bring home a new puppy of my very own.

Lori Morton-Feazell

Lori Wildrick

Lyn Hubert

I am a creative sort without a real pet, so I imagine every day that my toy dogs in my cube are alive and thriving in this extremely pet friendly work environment. Very well behaved Fru Fru and Pipey wear PETCO’s latest SPA Package give-away dog collar charms that we offer in the grooming salon and oh how fashionable they look in their blingness! I am also Aunt Lyn to all the cuties that frequent the Pet Services department on a daily basis. I’m new to Pet Services but have come to learn all about the importance of a regular grooming schedule, the effectiveness of canine education and how it can contribute the overall health and well being of pets and their owners. PETCO offers many services for the lifecycle of pet family members and I love that our stores can be a one-stop shop for products and services alike. A complete package of all things pets is what we offer to all pet parents out there, new and well seasoned!

Marcie Whichard

Marta Karpinska-Dean

When I joined PETCO’s corporate communications team I was told pets were not a job requirement. Since then, I've realized that while not a requirement per se, it just so happens that the PETCO menagerie includes LOTS of pets and lots of people who are pretty crazy about them. Lisa and I may just be the only PETCO people with no obvious pet family members (although Lisa’s nameless betta should count, I think), but just like her, my family and I are definitely looking forward to one day adopting a furry member from a shelter (hopefully rather sooner than later). For now though, I get to enjoy all the pets around me (including Lisa’s nameless betta).

Matthew Hickerson

I started my career with PETCO as a Team Lead at the La Mesa store (shout out to Susan Rosenberg for hiring me!) before moving to the corporate office as the Assistant Buyer for Live Animals. I’m now the Associate Merchandise Manager for Aquatic Supplies. I'm a huge animal lover, here’s my list: three dogs (a Bullmastiff, Beagle, and a Pit-mix), one Red Knee Tarantula, four turtles (a red ear slider, a pastel painted, a regular painted and a yellowbelly). I also have a 150-gallon marine tank and a 75-gallon cichlid tank. On top of that, I foster for Pit Bull Rescue San Diego. I’m a martial artist and I used to own a dojo where I was referred to as "Sensei." In my spare time, I’m always doing at least one of the following: surfing, snorkeling, rock climbing (indoors), kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or whatever else sounds fun at the time. I spend a lot of time reading my favorite author, Dean Koontz. Lastly, don't ever ask me to live without ranch dressing, mayo, Cholula hot sauce, or sushi. I would never make it.

Melanie Morrill

Michael McKibben

Known as the "Green Guy" by my friends and family, I'm thrilled to be the Online Business Manager for Natural Products at PETCO. I'm also the proud parent of Cyber, my amazing black lab, who at 11 is so full of energy I call her my "senior puppy"! I've always had a strong interest in protecting our environment and a sincere love of the outdoors. Outside of the office I'm often found running in San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park or dining out at one of my favorite taco shops (anything spicy and/or with cilantro is my friend)! I also have a love of cars (but not traffic), architecture, mid-century design, and lots of other things I can't afford.

Natalie Malaszenko

I’m the Director of Social Media and Commerce for PETCO, but when I’m not working with my amazing team on, tweeting, blogging or using Jedi-Like mind tricks developed in my earlier Cognitive Neuroscience research days, you can catch me enjoying the life of a Southern California gal. Whether it’s taking my dog, Sarge, for long walks on the beach, or basking in the sun with my fiesty cat, Leo (who I’m convinced has a secret plan in place for total world domination), I love San Diego weather.

Paul Jolly


rich williams


Formerly VP for Natural Foods and Innovation at PETCO and now Senior Vice President, National & International Divisions at Natural Balance Pet Foods.

Rick Rockhill

Rob Roach

I'm the Associate Merchandise Manager for Live Aquatics. That means I'm one of the guys who buys the fish. To find me, just look for the fish tanks around the office. I probably have my face pressed into the glass of an aquarium determined to make sure all the fish are happy and healthy. I’m often “on call,” asked to give diagnoses on fish behavior and health. If I’m not there, listen for a commotion. My favorite pets are my Hissing and Giant Cave Cockroaches, and I like to show them to people around the office. The catch is that people usually don’t really want to see the roaches, at least not that closely, so commotion ensues. If there’s no commotion then just check my habitat (cubicle). But don’t look too closely; I have all sorts of crawly pets in there. And don’t ask me what other kinds of pets I have… trust me, you don’t want to know. People think they want to know but they really don’t. Let’s just say there’s nothing fluffy or cute and most either have less than two legs or more than four.

Robert Fennessy

Ryan Reid

Sandy Robins

Shana Gassman

Starting as an animal lover at birth, it‘s no surprise that I have made it here to Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Being surrounded not only by the best group of people who also share my passion of animals but animals as well! Since we are able to bring our pets to work it’s an animal lovers dream! I work in the National Accounts Division and wear many hats to keep our team running smooth. Blogging is totally new to me but I won’t disappoint! I’m a great e-mailer, if that helps. I’m Cali born and raised which is an anomaly all it’s own! I did venture out to Florida for about 4 years but fled after Hurricane Wilma. Me, 3 cats 2 birds and whatever clothes I grabbed, shoved into a Jeep Wrangler.

Shannon Anderson

As a Brand Marketing Coordinator, I support PETCO by managing key brand initiative programs to help build the PETCO brand and connect with our customers. I’m also an active member of the PETCO Sustainability Team - committed to leading PETCO to a greener future! When I’m not working on marketing projects or spreading the environmental message throughout the business, I’m usually busy trying to manage my crazy cat, Philly. Anyone know of a Cat Whisperer?! Little Philly definitely keeps me on my toes. Literally. He attacks my feet all the time, but I adore him nonetheless.

steve dale

Susan Rosenberg

Hi everyone I'm Susan Rosenberg, a proud associate of PETCO for 11 years. As the National Adoption and Disaster Relief Manager for the PETCO Foundation, I'm responsible for managing relationships with our local adoption partners and developing guidelines and programs to create adoption events and opportunities at PETCO stores nationwide. I'm also responsible for the Foundation's disaster relief program. Becoming a member of VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters) was my first step in securing a place in the disaster relief community. My work in animal welfare started as a child when I couldn't help but rescue all sorts of stray animals. I was destined for a career in animal welfare. I volunteer with Spay and Neuter Action Project, Wee Companions Small Animal Adoptions and San Diego Humane Society. My years as a PETCO General Manager proved to be more animal welfare than retail managing. Luckily, I was “rescued” from retail and invited to join the PETCO Foundation team in 2005. Since joining then, I've completed the California Humane Academy and joined the Animal Rescue Reserve, which keeps me available 24/7 by pager to help in animal related rescues. I am on the Board of Directors of SNAP and Wee Companions. I regularly attend non-profit management workshops hoping to further my career in animal welfare. I love my home full of pets that include a very talkative Parrot, 5 Chihuahuas, 2 Dachshunds, 2 Giant Tortoises, 2 Guinea Pigs and 2 humans, my son and mother.

Susanne Kogut

Valerie Rosplock