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Natura Pet Issues Voluntary Recall of Dry Pet Food

Natura Pet Products announced a voluntary recall of all Innova, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma branded dry pet food and biscuit/bar/treat products with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014. Natura said they initiated the voluntary recall in part due to a single positive Salmonella test by the FDA on product [...]

Natura Pet Food Recall

Natura Pet has expanded its voluntary recall to include the following Innova, California Natural, EVO and Healthwise dry dog and cat foods as well as one cat treat. These products have been removed from Petco shelves as well as from If you have purchased products affected by this recall from Petco and have [...]

UPG Recalls Specific Lots of Bird Products

ecotrition ultrablend gourmet

  Due to a voluntary recall issued by United Pet Group, one Ecotrition bird food product has been pulled from Petco store shelves and blocked from purchase on The product was voluntarily recalled due to possible Salmonella contamination. The only affected Petco product is: UPC – 026851009047 Ecotrition 8/1 – Parakeet 5-pound [...]

Kaytee Recalls Specific Lots of Bird Products

Due to a voluntary recall issued Wednesday, specific lots of Kaytee bird treats and greens with “best before” dates between Sept. 28, 2013 and Aug. 45, 2014 have been pulled from Petco store shelves and blocked from purchase on The products were voluntarily recalled due to possible Salmonella contamination. Please see affected product [...]

Recall Notice: Five Petco Brand Natural & Smoked Pig Ears, Eight Colorado Naturals Jerky Items

Due to a voluntary recall issued Wednesday by a manufacturer, five Petco brand Natural and Smoked Pig Ears, as well as eight Colorado naturals Jerky items, all with a “best by” date between April 20, 2014 and Oct. 3 2014, are currently unavailable at Petco. The products were voluntary  recalled due to possible Salmonella [...]

Milo’s Kitchen & Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Jerky Treats Voluntarily Recalled

Please return any Milo's Kitchen Grillers or Chicken Jerky product for a full refund. Please check the affected SKU list.

[caption id="attachment_7884" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Please return any Milo's Kitchen Grillers or Chicken Jerky product for a full refund. Please check the affected SKU list."][/caption] Due to voluntary recalls issued earlier today, Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers Home-Style dog treats, and Nestle Purina’s Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats are currently unavailable at Petco. [...]

Nature’s Variety voluntarily recalls Prairie Beef Meal Barley Medley Kibble

A voluntary recall has been issued for Nature's Variety Prairie Beef Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs

[caption id="attachment_7256" align="alignleft" width="266" caption="A voluntary recall has been issued for Nature's Variety Prairie Beef Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs"][/caption] Petco was informed today that Nature’s Variety has initiated a voluntary recall of its Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs due to an off-odor smell that may develop over time. All [...]

45 things we LOVE about PETCO!

In honor of PETCO’s 45th anniversary this month, we put together a list of 45 things we love about working at PETCO… and about PETCO in general. I have to say, I love working here and I feel pretty darn lucky to be part of such a great company, doing positive work for animals with so many fellow PETCO associates and PETCO shoppers across the country. PETCO - Celebrating 45 Years Happy birthday PETCO! In no particular order, let us count ways we love you…
  1. Being surrounded by pets! From the companion animals in our stores, to our adoption partners’ adoptables, to our customers’ furry family members and our own pets at our corporate office in San Diego, we love that coming to work means being around animals all the time.
  2. 22,000 passionate, pet-loving associates.
  3. Treat and rawhide bars… they’re like snack bars for our pets!
  4. Think Adoption First. We work with the PETCO Foundation to find forever homes for more than 200,000 adoptable animals each year. Talk about being able to feel good about going to work.
  5. Aquatics is where it’s at.
  6. Convenient grooming salons with fun scents of the month and FREE charms with a Spa Works package!
  7. PETCO’s associate idea sharing program. We love that PETCO leaders want to know our ideas about our business and how we can improve together.
  8. Helping more than 6,500 local animal welfare partners through the PETCO Foundation.
  9. The ferrets! In non-California stores, of course, but we’re pretty sure they have some of the coolest, biggest animal personalities out there.
  10. We sell Snuggies for dogs. That’s just awesome.
  11. Hammies, mice, guineas, rats and bunnies. We love all of these furry friends!
  12. Hugh Jackman, Miley Cirus, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Kobe Bryant, Christina Aguilara and so many more… We love our celebrity shoppers!
  13. Partnerships with vendors that support important animal causes like Natural Balance and National Guide Dog Month and Blue Buffalo and Pet Cancer Awareness.
  14. PETCO’s private brand. We think it’s pretty cool that we can provide pet parents with our very own line of high-quality products for their pets.
  15. Our customers can shop at PETCO in their pajamas from the comfort of their own homes. ROCKS.
  16. Our stores are the links between the largest national network of pet food banks in the country, which means we help people keep and feed their pets even in the toughest of financial times.
  17. Dog trainers and dog training classes in our stores.
  18. We’re social butterflies. We love interacting with all of our friends on Facebook, Twitter, and The PETCO Scoop.
  19. We have more Natural, organic and holistic foods than any other national retailer!
  20. We’ve NEVER sold dogs or cats and haven’t sold rabbits since 2008.
  21. Ribbit, ribbit. Sssssssssss. Ribbit, ribbit. Sssssssssss. Yes, we love our reptiles and amphibians, too!
  22. Fun, fun and more fun. Howl-O-Ween, Photos with Santa, Hamster Ball Derby, National Adoption Weekends… and the list goes on!
  23. Planet PETCO. We love all the ways PETCO is going green, from our own line of eco-friendly pet products to using more LED technology and renewable energy tests. If it’s good for the planet, it’s good for our pets, too.
  24. PETCO Foundation fundraisers.  Spring-A-Pet, National Spay/Neuter Month, Breeds in Need and Tree of Hope. What great ways to help animals in need all over the country and all through the year.
  25. The Action Team. We have our own community volunteer group that allows associates at our corporate office to give back to our hometown community all year long.
  26. Pretty birds, pretty birds.
  27. We offer DNA breed tests that make it easy for pet parents to better understand their dogs’ physical needs and personalities.
  28. Unleashed by PETCO!
  29. PETCO PALS. As in, we love the program for the savings (yes, we use our PALS cards, too!) and we also love and appreciate all our loyal PETCO PALS members out there.
  30. Associate discount, baby!
  31. Pet insurance. Pretty neat that we make it so easy for pet parents to protect themselves and their pets in case of illness or emergencies.
  32. PETCO Park! Gooooooo PADRES!
  33. Associate recognition. We love that we can be recognized and recognize our fellow associates all over the company for demonstrating PETCO passion and going above and beyond.
  34. PUPPIES and KITTENS! ‘Nuff said.
  35. We’re super exclusive, but in a good way. PETCO is the only national retailer to carry brands like Merrick and Natural Balance... Exclusively.
  36. Associate engagement surveys. We love the opportunity to really speak our minds when it comes to how we feel about working here. Not only can we tell the company what we’re doing right, we can also make a difference in areas where we have room to improve.
  37. Aloha! We are the only national pet retailer with stores in all 50 states, including four in Hawaii!
  38. Our super-cool partnership with PEOPLE Pets makes it easy to give our furry BFFs the red carpet treatment every day. Everyone knows the most stylin' pets shop at PETCO.
  39. PETCO gift cards. As the perfect gift for any pet parent, they really make our holiday shopping easy… especially now that they’re available at other national retailers like CVS and Rite Aid.
  40. Multiple professional development programs and tools. We really appreciate the way PETCO invests in our professional development and makes it easy for us to grow and progress in our career paths.
  41. Professional pet photography. We make it easy for our customers to capture special memories with their pets!
  42. Working with really creative minds. Our associates have now named a fish, a toy frog and a can of Merrick dog food!
  43. Humane education. With programs like Fur, Feathers and Fins, Meet the Critters and more, we help teach kids the importance of responsible pet ownership and the value of the human-animal bond from an early age.
  44. Nutrition training. We have at least two certified nutrition experts in every store to help pet parents pick out the very best food for their pets.
  45. Four words: Where the pets go!
We could go on, but we’re celebrating 45 years so, you get the point. We’d love to hear more from YOU though… Use the comments below to tell us why you love PETCO, too!

Blue Buffalo Limited Recall

Where Can I Buy Soma, PETCO was notified today, Oct. Fred thompson aura soma, 8, that Blue Buffalo was voluntarily recalling a number of specific production runs of their Wilderness Chicken-Dog, soma auto ford, Soma god of the moon, Basics Salmon-Dog and Large Breed Adult Dog products, due to their potential to contain a higher level of Vitamin D than is called for in their product specifications, soma depression. Online soma watson, All PETCO store teams have been directed to immediately remove all affected product from our shelves and we’ve programmed our registers to prevent the sale of any affected product at checkout. We’ve also removed inventory of the affected products from, soma pink diamonds. Soma 250 mg, According to a statement posted on Blue Buffallo’s website, the potential of increased Vitamin D presents no serious health risk, is there benzoin soma, Chicos soma perfume, and any negative reaction to these products has been confined to a very small segment of the canine population who appear to be sensitive to higher levels of Vitamin D. The company says the decision to withdraw these specific products is “simply the right thing to do.”

The products affected by this recall are:

  • 4.5 lb, Where Can I Buy Soma. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Formula Dog Food (UPC 859610002689)

  • 11 lb, no rx cod soma. Soma houston sushi, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Formula Dog Food (UPC 859610002702)

  • 11 lb. Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon & Potato Recipe Dog Food (UPC 859610002863)

  • 24 lb, soma digest. Prescription drug soma, Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon & Potato Recipe Dog Food (UPC 859610002870)

  • 30 lb. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food (UPC 859610000388)

Only certain code dates of the above products are affected and no other Blue Buffalo products are affected by the recall, soma overnight cheap. Soma no prescription 150, Customers who have purchased product affected by the recall at PETCO may bring it back and return it to us for a full refund.

For more details on the recall and for a list of affected code dates, water bed soma, Generic for soma, read the full statement from Blue Buffalo or call Blue Buffalo at 1-877-523-9114. Temp soma matress. Soma online no script. Soma versus parafon forte. Buy soma online cheap. Zenegra prescription of soma. Soma news. Soma food pantry. Soma apartments.

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UPG Vitamin Supplement Recall

Purchase Retin, PETCO was informed today, July 2, that United Pet Group (UPG) was voluntarily recalling several of its nutritional supplements for dogs and cats due to potential salmonella contamination. Order retin a without prescription, The recall affects six SKUs carried by PETCO in the Excel and PETCO brands, in tablet and powdered form, 0.025 retin, Retin a acne diagram, located in the Vitamins & Remedies section.

We have directed all of our store teams to immediately remove all affected product from our shelves and we’ve programmed our registers to prevent the sale of any affected product at checkout, ziana gel versus retin a micro. Retin a dermatitis, We’ve also removed inventory of the affected products from

In a news release issued Friday, retin a gel no prescription, Retin a copper pan, UPG said laboratory testing revealed that some of the products may be contaminated with Salmonella and they are recalling the products out of an abundance of caution.

While only six of the affected products are carried at PETCO, several other products are included in the recall, Purchase Retin. The products include various UPG Pro-Pet and Excel branded products for dogs and cats, retin a renova, Retin a nair facial hair removal, and certain other private label brands of the same products, including some in the PETCO brand line, renova retin white head. Retin a prescription, All affected products are in tablet and powdered form and have expiration dates that include and are between “01/2013” and “06/2013.” Products with expiration dates outside of this range are not included in the recall.

If you have purchased products affected by this recall you should immediately stop feeding the supplements to your pets, mary lou retin gum commercial. Retin a by prescription, If you purchased the product from PETCO, you can return it to us for a full refund, propecia rogaine retin. Retin a cream or gel, For more details on the recall and information on potential health implications, read the full news release from UPG, retin a a acne. Retin a vs retin a micro. Retin a scars. Hydroquinone retin a all day chemist. Retin a 4. Retin advanced guestbook 2.2. Retin a cream residue. Retin copper pans san francisco. Counter over retin. Cheap retin a micro.

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