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Is Your Pet “Happy”?


a state of well being and contentment a pleasurable or satisfying experience

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. – Aristotle

Or if you’re an economist, Utility is a quantified measure of relative “happiness” or satisfaction.

And with that, Jack had a [...]

The Week of Sharks

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is starting August 1! I think I’ve watched every season since 2004. Odd considering I spend a lot of time in the ocean, but anyway, watching the shows always gets me thinking about my favorite and not-so-favorite sharks. For example, the bull shark probably scares me the most.

They’re considered one of, if not THE most dangerous shark in the world by many experts due to their aggressive behavior and Continue reading »

Cat Furensics

I’m one of those people who watches that TV show “CSI” only whenever I happen to have my TV on and not much is on… What does this have to do with a cat? See if I’m just rambling or not below: [...]

Snorkeling with Honu

“Honu” is the Hawaiian word for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Chelonia mydas. On my recent trip to Oahu I was fortunate enough to see Brutus, the 35-40 year old male Turtle basking at Laniakea Beach. I was also lucky enough to… [...]

Animals in Movies

With the DVD release of Disney’s Bolt as well as the recent cinema release of Disney’s G-Force, I started thinking about my favorite movies involving animals, animated or live-action. I also started thinking about how many creative liberties Hollywood takes with depicting an animal in a movie. Whether it’s a fuzzy four legged creature, or a six legged “monster” we’ve all seen different takes of animals in movies. The following (in no particular order) are my favorite family movies with animals as the stars, virtual or… non-virtual (is that the right term?). Anyway, on with the show… or blog… whatever…

Not Your Typical Gourmet Chef

Not your typical gourmet chef

Take Pixar’s Ratatouille. You have to understand, I had very low expectations for this film. I’m not a rat person. I don’t hate them like some people do, nor am I terrified of them, but I didn’t think this would sit well with the general public.  Boy was I wrong! You know how people are scared of rats, or think they’re gross? Either way, I’m glad this turned out to be a great movie. Their personalities were really Continue reading »

5 Things You Can’t Forget Growing Up With… Fish Edition

Fish! I’m gonna take you down nostalgia lane, and remind you of what was fun when it came to fish related things. Heck, you may even still do this with your kids now! Continue reading »