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The Petco Scoop is a community of Petco associates who are passionate about animals. Check out our authors page to learn more.


  • Carol Mattison

    I too was told to fill out a form with my email so I could get the discounts that used to be mailed. I cannot find a place to do this.


    I live in Brooklyn NY. In last weekend newspaper PETCO had a big adv that stated ferrets would be at local stores on Sept. 3 and 4, 1-2 pm. I picked up my three grandkids and headed for two closeby PETCO stores. No ferrets!!! If there was a telephone number within the adv I could’ve phoned the stores, but there was NO contact info because I was told the adv are printed in CA.  Come on, next time flesh out your adv with contact info. That’s inportant!

  • Chessie

    I notice that  in your “Pictures” section there are no photos of the dead pets who died as a result of the flood in Johnson City, NY this week. It doesn’t seem right that you don’t want people to know how awful some of your policies are and your lack of compassion for the pets you make your money off of.

  • Susupageking

    what in the world has happened to your store at 8909 Adams Ave. in Huntington Beach, Ca?!!!! I went in this morning to buy a bag of rabbit pellets for my bunny. I was surprised to see you have redone the store. There were about 30 different choices of “Doggie Fashions” and hundreds of bags of dog food and cat food. All the way in the back of the store I found a lame and anemic selection of rabbit hay (one brand, small bag.) And the rabbit pellets? ONE bag in the entire store! ONE BAG?! It was a brand I hadn’t even heard of, so I didn’t even get it! At the front of the store I looked for someone to ask about rabbit food. Although there were 4 guys busily stocking inventory, no one came to the register for about 4 minutes. Then when the one guy sauntered over, he didn’t greet me or make eye contact, much less smile. I asked him about the rabbit food and why the store was so low on small animal supplies. He said they were “downsizing”. I told him I liked it better before, when the selection was better and bigger. His response? …”Yeeeaaahh”. 
    I am sad that you have made this store so that it doesn’t really fit my pet needs anymore. I thought you were an “animal people” friendly store. I can get a better selection of basic rabbit pellets at the grocery store. So disappointed! :(

  • Kmetzar

    Looking for a status on when the store that got flooded in Johnson City New York will re-open.  Also looking for the status on the donations promised by the PETCO CEO.  

    The September flood here in upstate New York was indeed a horrible tragedy in it that it caused the death of 100′s on animals in the store.  That cannot be undone; but we are still waiting for the donation to be distributed and can assure you that the people in this town are watching and waiting for you to act.Please don’t break our hearts a second time.