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Big Shoes

Blueberry Kogut - Best in Show"You have big shoes to fill." That’s what I keep hearing from everyone who knows Paul Jolly. As a longtime member of the animal-welfare community myself, I came into my new role with the Petco Foundation keenly aware that my predecessor holds a position in this community like no other. Paul is liked – no, he is beloved – by everyone who has the privilege of knowing him. So here I stand, stepping into Paul’s big shoes, knowing that filling them requires an incredible dedication to helping animals in need, and to so many other people and organizations who work tirelessly to do just that. The good news for me is that this commitment to animals is visibly present every day, in every person I meet at Petco and the Petco Foundation. Although there have been great strides in animal welfare over the years, we all know there are still many challenges ahead.  And I believe that working together, we can develop the solutions to overcome them. So, as I get settled into these new shoes, and aim to fill them to the very best of my ability, I look forward to working with all of you – Petco associates and customers and Foundation supporters and partners – to do all we can for animals and the people who love them. Thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome to the Petco Foundation. Susanne Kogut - Executive Director, Petco Foundation Mason Kogut

Susanne Kogut

(The pictures included are of my canine pack, who have helped me welcome and train hundreds of fosters in our home over the years. If all pack members are welcoming, we hope to add a few cats to our family one day.)Lisa Marie and Priscilla KogutJackson Browne KogutSylvia Kogutfooterbar
  • Joanne

    We have faith in your abiltiy to move the Foundation forward. Go get’em Susanne