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Milo’s Kitchen & Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Jerky Treats Voluntarily Recalled

[caption id="attachment_7884" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Please return any Milo's Kitchen Grillers or Chicken Jerky product for a full refund. Please check the affected SKU list."][/caption] Due to voluntary recalls issued earlier today, Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers Home-Style dog treats, and Nestle Purina's Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats are currently unavailable at Petco. If you have purchased these products from Petco and have them at home, it's important to know that they are not a health or safety risk to pets or people. If you wish to return the product, you can bring them in to any Petco store for a full refund. Please see the affected UPC list below. This recall also affects Nestle Purina's entire line of Waggin' Train Jerky Treats, which are sold at mass market retailers, but not at Petco. No other products at Petco are affected by this recall. As an alternative to these products, we recommend you try another jerky treat from Petco's leading selection of Made-in-the-USA jerky brands: American Jerky, Natural Balance, Colorado Naturals, and Blue Ridge Naturals. In both cases (Milo's Kitchen and Canyon Creek Ranch) the products were voluntarily recalled after the parent companies (Del Monte and Nestle Purina respectively) learned that the New York State Department of Agriculture found trace amounts of antibiotic residue in some of the products. [caption id="attachment_7885" align="alignright" width="277" caption="Please return any opened or unopened package of Milo's Kitchen Chicken Grillers or Chicken Jerky for a full refund. Please check the affected SKU list."][/caption] While the use of antibiotics when raising animals for food is common practice, and the trace amounts found do NOT pose a safety risk for people or pets, the specific antibiotics that were found are only approved for use in China and some other major countries, but are not among those approved in the U.S. Following these learnings, both companies made the decision to issue nationwide recalls on the affected products. For more information on both recalls, click here and here. Affected Petco UPCs: Canyon Creek Ranch: 807020820041  - CYN - Dog 16z Chicken Jerky 807020830033 - CYN - Dog 20 oz. Chicken Yam 807020833010 - CYN - Dog 60 Ct. 20 oz. Chicken Stix 807020846034 - CYN - Dog 20 oz. Poppers 807020811049 - CYN - Dog 18 Ct. 24z Duck 807020821031 - CYN - Dog 16z Duck Jerky 807020850048 - CYN - Dog 20z Western Grill 807020823035 - CYN - Dog 8z Homestyle Ham 807020821024 - CYN Dog 8z Duck Jerky 807020830019 - CYN Dog 8z Chicken Yam 807020832051 - CYN - Dog 20 oz. PBJ 807020832037  - CYN - Dog 8z PBJ 807020834031 - CYN -- Dog 16z Apple Chick Wraps 807020820034 - CYN - Dog 8z Chicken Jerky 807020821093 - CYN - Dog 30z Duck 807020829006 - CYN - Dog 32z Yams 807020841015 - CYN - Dog 8z Cowboy Steak 807020820072 - CYN - Dog 16z Chicken Jerky 807020820102 - CYN - Dog 30z Chicken Jerky 807020810028 - CYN - Dog 10ct 12.3z Big Blast 807020831030 - CYN - Dog 1.4z Duck Yam 807020831023 - CYN - Dog 816z Duck Yam 807020834024 - CYN - Dog 8z Apple Chicken Wrap 807020811025 - CYN  - Dog 7 ct. 9.4z Duck 807020821055 - CYN - Dog 1z Duck Jerky 807020836011 - CYN - Dog 8z Chicken Cheese Wrap 807020860054 - MC Cyn Dog - 14.1z 20ct Drumette 807020861013 - MC Cyn Dog 3.5z 7 pk Western Ka 807020860016 - MC Cyn Dog 3.5z 5pk Drumettes 807020820010 - MC Cyn Dog 32z Chicken Jerky   Milo's Kitchen: 079100504718 - MSK Dog 3.3z Chicken Jerky 079100510764 - MSK Dog 23z Chicken Jerky 079100513147 - MSK Dog 23z Chicken Grillers 079100513109 - MSK Dog 3.3z Chicken Grillers