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#DearPetco Grants Holiday Wishes

The Holidays are here again, and Petco is here to help make them extra special. What's your pet's holiday wish? Tweet it to us with the hashtag #DearPetco. Or add it to the comments here. Does your senior pet need an orthopedic bed to rest comfortably? Is your cat wishing for a new catnip toys? Does your hamster need a new exercise ball? From cat to rat, snake to betta, gecko to hamster, pup to parakeet, we're here to make your holidays that much more merrier. So, what's your story? Tweet us! Just remember to use the hashtag #DearPetco!
  • Bailey schutten

    #dearpetco my cute bearded dragon eregon is always so lonnley in her tank I think her holiday wish is just to have a friend o and she is like a teenager so that would be great if you could grant that wish she would be happy and I would too

  • Aleece Hanson

    #DearPetco My cute kitten Autumn’s Christmas wish is to have a new scratching post and toys by the dozen. She also wishes that her poor stray kitty sisters have found loving,happy homes

  • Latrisha

    #DearPetco I am a 5 month old Pit Bull Mix. My mommy and daddy rescued me from the humane society. They have spent about a thousand dollars in vet bills because I was a sick boy. But, I am happy now I have a few more weeks until I am better. I feel better already though. I love to play with my big brother. We love toys and treats, I am still underweight weighing only 41 pounds so i would like a new coat for Christmas. However, I feel like that is asking too much because I got a loving home for the holidays. So my Christmas wish is to help my brothers and sisters back the humane society and other dog shelters. I want them to have toys and a family. I know when I was in the Humane Society I didn’t have a bed to sleep on and that floor was cold :( I love Petco my mommy takes me their all the time. She always lets me and brother pick out our own toys even though we destroy them in minutes ;) I just wish all the dogs in the pound were happy.

  • Marie

    All your pet wants for Christmas is to go on the family vacation with you!
    We have an office dog “Ghost” and we quite often bring our pets to work with us.
    We understand that people like to bring their pets on holiday too so we have Pet friendly properties at at Big White Ski Resort!

  • Eds

    #DearPetco We just adopted our 3-month old kitty Liam last weekend. Our resident 3-year old cat Samantha doesn’t want to share her bed. They are starting to get used with each other and just started playing together. They each both want a new nice comfy kitty bed for Christmas for being such good kitties! Thank you!

  • April Perry

    #DearPetco Our Sta dard Poodle who is going through the process of being a service dog for my daughter could really use a bed to put in the living room. She sleeps in bed with my daughter at night to watch over her but needs somewhere comfortable to rest during the day. She will also be needing a new service jacket as the one she had is getting too small. We appreciate all that you do for all the pets and we are a loyal customer. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • lady raja

    dear petco my furbabies coda marmalade raja star want a cat tree and a cat carrier with opening t op and wicca cat charm mouse toys and …ecteria

  • Destiny Page

    name is Baby Kitteh. I was rescued in August, and my Mom found out that
    I’m deaf. I love running water, and I jump in the sink every time I see
    anyone go into the kitchen. I don’t really like drinking still water
    from a bowl, so I cry for
    my Mom to turn the water on all day long. I have been a very good girl.
    I would love a fountain bowl for Christmas!! My Mom helped me look at
    your website and she showed me the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel
    Pet Drinking Fountain. My Mom wants me to be healthy and drink more
    water, so I have healthy kidneys and so I won’t get sick. Now that I
    have a warm home to live in and a family that loves me, its the only
    thing left on my wishlist!! #DearPetco!

  • Cindy & KC

    #Dear Petco. My name is KC and I am a 2 year old Golden. I have had chronic colitis since I was a baby, and have very few bones and treats I can have without getting sick. My wish is for some extra large super strong dura chew nylabones. They are great because I love to chew, and these don’t upset my GI system. Happy Holidays Petco, and thanks for all the great things you do to help the animals.

  • Liz

    #DearPetco! My name is Tobe. I’m a 5 yr. old Sheltie and I love my family! I am a very good boy and I even hit the bells on the back door to let my family I need to go to the bathroom. I don’t know what it is about winter tho, I hate peeing and pooping in the snow. In fact, I refuse to do it. I’ll use this Pakistan rug my mama loves and she gets really upset. If I could get from Santa a potty patch that would solve my problem. It really embarrasses me to do my business in the house. And I want my family to be proud of me. Thank you Santa!

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