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The Story of Blue

[caption id="attachment_7620" align="alignleft" width="450" caption="Photo credit:"][/caption] This is the story of Blue, a sweet 16-year-old pit bull who found himself at the Lancaster Animal Shelter back in March.  He came to the shelter as an owner surrender with a laundry list of issues such as deafness, difficulty walking possibly due to tumors on his spine, trouble controlling his bladder and arthritis.  It is not known why his owner decided to surrender him, but often with these situations the owner simply does not have the time or money to care for a senior pet. In the end, pets like Blue end up forgotten in a corner, cold and alone, until they are finally put down. Blue made it out alive thanks to the vigilant work of a few rescuers, a handful of caring souls who networked him, and a compassionate pet mom who happened to see his story--a  story that almost never made it out of the shelter.  Although Blue was on the list to be put down at 7pm on March 27th, he was not listed on any websites where shelters typically list pets. Lucky for this senior, a few kind hearted rescuers were able to get the word out—Blue needed out, and he needed out fast. [caption id="attachment_7615" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Living the good life"][/caption] Within days of being featured in an article in the Examiner, Blue’s story had made its way through social networks, and once again good fortune smiled upon Blue.  Joanne David, an avid animal lover in Northern California saw a Facebook post and decided to step up and open her home to the senior pit.  Within days, Blue was on his way to live his finally days in San Francisco, thanks to the help of Lori Fusaro and Vicki at Hands Paw Hearts, who arranged transportation from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Today, Blue is living the good life with his new family.  According to his vet, Blue is in great shape for a dog of his age and has a zest for life.  “Despite his age, he still has a healthy curiosity. He definitely wants to live more." Adds Joanne, " The vet suspects he has a few good months, so we are doing the best we can to maintain his comfort and quality of life."   [caption id="attachment_7605" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Blue lets out his happy howl and says: "Thank youuuu nice Hill's Pet Food People for donating a year's supply of dog food to me!""][/caption] Thank you to everyone who supported Blue along the way, and a very special thank you to the kind people at Hill’s Science Diet  for stepping up and providing a year's worth of Senior Science Diet for Blue to enjoy. This senior will now live his final days in comfort and surrounded by love, the way it should be.  
  • Dawn

    If only everyone showed such love and opened their hearts, we would have less shelter dogs. Beautiful story.

  • Robin

    What a wonderful story. Thanks to the family who adopted him and all the other pet lovers that helped along the way. God Bless!

  • Ashley Perry

    He’s precious!

  • Leroys

    What a beautiful dog and beautiful story! It’s so heartbreaking when senior dogs are dumped for whatever reason. If you’re looking to adopt, please don’t overlook the older dogs (and cats) – they still have plenty of love to give. Here’s a touching story about another senior dog who got a second chance in life: