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Superstorm Sandy Update

Below are resources and tips as you prepare for Hurricane Sandy: - Pet-friendly Red Cross  shelters in PENN and NJ here. -   Companion Animal Disaster Planning Care Sheet for  helpful tips and information. The ASPCA also offers outstanding tips. - Click here for the Hurricane Evacuation Map. - Red Cross Pet Safety information here. - In the event you need to evacuate you need to take your dog with you. "If your home is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pet," said Tim Rickey, Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response with the ASPCA. When making your evacuation plans check to make sure any shelter or hotel you are going to is pet friendly. Rickey noted that New York City shelters are pet friendly, which many pet owners were not aware of for Hurricane Irene last year. Check with the shelters in your area to see if they will allow your dog. The ASPCA also keeps a database of pet friendly hotels on their website." Additionally, Dr. Marty Becker shared some of his disaster preparedness tips during a recent visit to Joplin, Missouri, on the anniversary following their devastating tornadoes. Get his recommendations here: - Is your pet nervous during storms? Here are some tips to help alleviate stress. - Need tips for rounding up scared pets? Watch here. - How much food and water do you need to stock up on for your pets in the event of an emergency? Find out here. - How do you let rescue workers know that there are pets in your home in the event that you need to evacuate without them? Watch here. We anticipate store closures, so please watch for updates throughout the day. Please contact your local store to make sure it's open before you stop by. You can find the number here. Petco Stores Closed: The following store will remain closed indefinitely. For further questions, please contact your store directly. You can find the number here. 157-20 Cross Bay Blvd., Howard Beach NY
Our stores are open, with five operating without power as of 11/5: 1111 Route 46 East, Parsippany, NJ 973-334-1925 9 Interstate Shopping Center, Ramsey NJ 201-327-5080 339 Pompton Ave., Verona NJ 973-571-9800 4735 US Hwy 9, Howell, NJ 732-942-7364 303 Route 35 North, Eatontown, NJ 732-389-4798       Please be advised that, in the event of any closures, all of the pets in our stores will be properly cared for, including evacuation, if necessary.
  • Tina

    Great information. It’s great to know all of these stores are planning ahead and that Petco is taking precautions for both its employees and animals.

  • Smcs Studenka

    Let’s hope they get it right THIS time. Not like the time they allowed all of the animals in a store to DROWN even though employees offered them shelter at their homes. Let’s hope “store closures” aren’t just a way to keep employees from saving animals. After all, Petco seems to LOVE the insurance claim money for “loss of stock”. Still will NOT shop at your stores because you NEVER admitted fault and NEVER apologized for your thoughtlessness, greed and venal less than human behavior. The animals are better than you, your board and everyone in upper management.

  • ABulldoggin331

    You clearly do not know this company as well as you think you do. I have worked for petco for six years and I have never seen a company more dedicated to taking the utmost care of its animals. I personally have ridden my four wheeler over four miles in the middle of a freak blizzard to work to ensure that the animals were fed and taken care of. Anyone who says that animals do not come first at petco is blindly ignorant to the true image of this company.

  • Green Girl VA

    Thanks for this great information. Will you update this page regarding remaining store closures broadly? This is so helpful.

  • petlovr

    maybe one person out of 1 million let a animal suffer at the store and if they didn’t like animals then why would they work at a animal store? if you didn’t like something and there was a store datecated to that something would you work there? i don’t think so if you would then you 1 of the million. and i been in petco there was ALLOT of animals in the store and every animal had someone loving up to them until the owners came back or adopted

  • Outre Fulsome

    If you think the corporate executives CARE more about animals than their own wallets you are deluded.

    I was not speaking about the local store employees. In the New York incident the employees were FORBIDDEN to save the animals despite the fact that they were more than willing and EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL DROWNED.

    Wake up and know what YOU are speaking of before you try to chastise another.