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How to Write a Great Product Review: Your Opinion Matters!

Chance to Win with Reviews This fall, Petco's Product Review Contest will be rewarding customers who write product reviews with the chance to win a $500 Petco gift card. After Halloween, three grand prize winners will be chosen from customers who submit reviews between 9/24/12 and 10/31/12. You are automatically entered for a chance to win as soon as you write a review! Have a product to review but aren't sure how to get started? No worries! Quality reviews for products (whether positive or negative) are in high demand, so here are a few tips to help you write a great review! Who Cares? Everyone! Fellow buyers want to know about a product before they purchase it. Also businesses are hungry for customer opinions--critical reviews can contribute to product improvements. What Makes a Great Review 1. Details: Include details about the product you bought, especially the size or functionality. Also be specific about your pet and the reason why you got the product in the first place. These kinds of details give your review context and help other customers make accurate purchases. 2. Explanations: Products have good qualities as well as features that could use improvement. Explain the rating you give by discussing what you liked about the product as well as what didn't work for  you. The idea is to give honest and critical feedback that helps the next guy. 3. Photos and Videos: Pictures and videos show size and scale better than mere text. Instead of talking about how your pet loves the product you purchased, upload a video or photo of him using it. View full Terms and Conditions here.  
  • Lorenzo Alvarez

    I rescued my German Shepard 3 years ago. He was an outside dog, his previous owner raised horses but never picked after them. When I rescued him, I could see his ribs and his inner ears were all bit and infected by flys. He weighed about 88 pounds. Today he is a healthy lovable dog at 112# and enjoying his life with me, I take him for long walks in the evening. He follows me everywhere and sleeps on the carpet right next to my bed. He is great and so lovable, he is my best friend.

  • DMD

    So did anybody win this?