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Caring for Your Reptile During a Power Outage

With many of our East Coast fans dealing with power outages, we thought we'd share some tips on how to care for pets who require continuous heat, such as reptiles and snakes: - Before a power outage, if possible, buy a generator. This will allow you to keep your reptiles warm during the outage. - Amphibians will do okay without heat for a period of time. Try to limit the number of times you open the habitat. - For a heat source, you can go to your local sporting goods store and purchase the heat packs used to warm feet and hands. These can be placed underneath the habitat (just like you would place an electric heating pad). This will allow your reptile to get heat. Do not put the pack into habitat with the reptile. - Another way to warm cold reptiles is to use a pillowcase. Place the reptile gently in the case and place the pillowcase next to your body under your shirt for warmth. - Pillow cases can also be used to transport reptiles if needed. - Do not feed your reptile as they need heat to digest their food. - You can save plastic milk containers and put warm water in them and place in the habitat for warmth. You can heat water on a BBQ grill or your hot water heater. Be careful not to use hot water, as it could burn your reptile. - Be advised that most reptiles will do fine with cooler temperatures; they go into a body slow down, so the temperature change won't hurt them for a short period of time: 24 - 48 hours. - Contact friends that have power and see if you can move your animals to their homes. - It is important to plan ahead of a power outage and have these items on hand to care for your reptiles.
  • Jen

    Is there any kind of battery operated heat source available?