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Sunny, the Senior Dog Who Touched Many Hearts

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="252" caption="Sunny enjoying the outdoors"][/caption] Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of sad pet stories I come across each day.  There are times where I find myself quickly scrolling through my Facebook feed, feeling inundated by posts about lost, abused, neglected, homeless, and needy pets.  My heart sinks with each post. Like many of you, I feel helpless- what can I really do?  Should I hit ‘share’? Will sharing make a difference? The truth is, you never know who is going to be on the other side of the screen reading that post you either wrote or shared.   This is exactly how Lori Fusaro and Shady (now Sunny) came into my life and those who read Petco’s Facebook or blog.  Our journey together, all started with the simple act of sharing. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="230" caption="Sunny loves her new mama. Photo by Lori Fusaro"][/caption]   For those of you who haven’t been following this story, Sunny is a 16 year old pitbull that was an owner surrender at the Riverside shelter.   Not exactly a combination that would give one much hope for making it out alive.   It’s no wonder that when Lori found her, it seemed like the ol’ girl had simply given up,   describing her as “despondent, dejected and lost.”  I can’t imagine what would bring someone to surrender their 16 year old pit-bull to a high-kill shelter, but I am so grateful that people like Lori exist, and that dogs like Sunny are given a chance.   [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="285" caption="Sunny gets spoiled with some treats and toys from Unleashed."][/caption]   After our initial post on Facebook, I was absolutely overcome with joy to find that so many in the social world share my gratitude for Lori’s work.  It was one of those moments that fills the heart so much, you just have to sit still and take it all in- deep breaths and all.  Just knowing that thousands of you were as touched as I am by this story, it reminded me just how magnificent pets and the people who love them, truly are.    To date, this post had one of the highest numbers of shares I’ve seen in all my days as a Community Manager.  Again, by the simple act of sharing we  made a difference together and so much good came out of it, including: raising money for Sunny’s medical costs; the kind people at Hill’s were gracious enough to offer  Sunny a year supply of Senior Science Diet;  Petco stepped up with a $500 gift card (to spoil both Sunny and Gabby rotten!); but best of all, we shared the hope and spirit that lives within Sunny.   So what is a ‘share’ really worth? In my opinion, far too much to take for granted. Please continue to be their voice!   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Sunny and her new sister Gabby."][/caption] For more updates on Sunny and her new family, please visit Lori Fusaro’s blog: You can also learn more about the project she is working on called HeartsSpeak.  A great organization, that works with shelters to help raise visibility of animals in need:
  • Shorebirdnjoh

    I can understand surrendering an older pet. I am 63 ,not in the best of health, I have a 10 yr. Old sheltie.I can,t afford my own doc. visits let alone Beau’s.I would rather see him dead than suffering because of my poverty. When you are barely paying your rent you can,t pay vet bills!

  • Barbdwire

    I know where you are coming from. I think a lot of pet owners are having trouble feeding themselves & surrender their pets hoping they will be better off.
    I love my furbabies & could never stand to see them suffer

  • Jo Ana Tucker

    So glad to hear the happy outcome!

  • Catwoman19602001

    I hate to see any animal mistreated or unhappy. It is extremely important to me and I do not care about people saying its only a dog. It’s important to me that my dog is healthy and happy! I would take in any dog sick,or old I love them all and they all deserve the best! My dog is my master,shes loved,spoiled ,and has no idea shes a dog. She can have what ever she wants!! I need her more then she needs me!! Everyone should put animals on a pedestal where they belong!!

  • Kim Leary Smith

    The Petco Foundation partners with Food Banks in every state to help in just such a situation.  You can go to the following page, find the closest city to you and find the name of the Food Bank partner in that area to contact for help feeding Beau.

  • Teresa

    There are other options besides killing your pet….One would be checking out local food banks for help and the other is actually finding a home for your pet instead of just dropping it at a kill shelter or putting it to sleep.
     If there came a time where I couldn’t afford my pets,  I would do everything I could to get them a new loving home. I would never bring them to a shelter and NEVER put them to sleep just because I was broke. We brought these pets into our lives and its our responsibility to help them have the best lives possible no matter what. 

  • Androol

    Such a wonderful story.  I’m happy that Shady/Sunny was able to find a new life!  Senior animals need love, too.  She has absolutely gorgeous coloring on her face!

  • chihuahua momma

    I am 69 years old with 4 small dogs.   They give me more love and attention than I could ask for.   I would never put them down or take them to a shelter if and when the day comes that I can no longer care for  them.   All my children know that it is not an option .   I, or they, will find a no-kill rescue that will accept my “other children” for adoption. 

  • pet store singapore

    pets should be for life. if you know you can’t take care them for the entirety of their lives, you really shouldn’t be keeping pets. i wonder what’s going on with some peoples’ mind when they first go buy a pet..

  • Cetera Miller

    i cant stand the thought of any animal mistreated , 2 years ago i went through a diffacult time in  my life i was only 17 n still in school that i found myself pregnant with the one person i love the most my parents werent happy at all so the toook me to salt lake to get an aborsion i w as torn to peices n devistaed to the point where i quit eating n quit being myself , alittle bit before that  ever happend i have adopted a cute little pitbull mix, i named her bailey . shes the best dog i ever had n she got me through the hard times in my life n she still contnuies to put a smile on my face . even with me going through my deep depression bailey still was strong for me n she always has a smile on her face i look forward to wakeing up now know that bailey is right there next to me makeing me smile . Now i have a 3 month old daugher who is the love of my life i cant wait for my daughter to get a little older so then i can rescue another dog at the shelter like i rescued bailey. pitbulls r clowns their r always makeing u smile and laugh in my eyes pitbulls r the best dog and no one should look down on them or train them to fight  it is wrong that people have ruend the pitbull breed, and i hope that  someday people will adopt pitbulls and STOP fighting them !

  • Victoria

    Please share this info on Facebook. Thank you.