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The Petco Turtle Relinquishment Program

[caption id="attachment_7077" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Turtle Relinquishment Program is designed to help turtle fans return turtles that have a carapace length of less than 4 inches."][/caption] Due to recent Salmonella outbreaks, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging anyone who has an aquatic turtle smaller than the federally mandated 4-inch carapace length to relinquish them in an effort to prevent further spread of the disease. "The sale and distribution of turtles with carapace lengths less than four inches has been prohibited in the United States since 1975," said Dr. Thomas Edling, VP of Veterinary Medicine, "yet they are still available for illegal purchase through street vendors, flea markets and fairs. Most of these turtles come from substandard breeding farms that do not utilize the latest egg disinfecting, hatching and grow out technologies to reduce the chance of Salmonella in their turtles. We want to do our part at Petco to help ensure the public has a chance to purchase healthy, legal turtles as well as reduce the population of illegal turtles in people's homes." Turtle owners wishing to relinquish turtles with carapace lengths of less than four inches can bring them to any Petco. The turtles will be sent to Concordia Turtle Farms where they will live and be cared for in Concordia ponds. Concordia, who is partnering with Petco for this initiative, is a family owned and operated producer of farm-raised turtles, which has been their specialty since 1968. Find your local Petco here.
  • Bob

    Whether a turtle has salmonella or not has nothing to do with the 4″ carapace length rule.
    Another stupid law based on ignorance not science.

  • Mermaid

    The 4″ size comes from the likelihood of a child placing the turtle inside their mouth which has been a well documented route of salmonella infections in children from pet turtle. Disgusting, I know, but reality not ignorance.