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Enter the Petco Foundation Calendar Photo Contest

The Petco Foundation's Annual Photo Contest has begun, and in addition to entering a photo of your pet for a chance to appear in next year's Foundation calendar, you also can raise money for your favorite shelter or animal welfare partner! [caption id="attachment_6942" align="alignleft" width="285" caption="Show us your photogenic pet!"][/caption] This year's theme is "Pets are family, too!" Show us how happy your  furry, feathered or finned pet is to be a part of your family. Here's how it works: Upload a photo of your pet  (or pets, but no people). In addition to entering, you can help raise funds for the Petco Foundation by collecting votes. Votes cost $1 each. You do this by designating your favorite Petco Foundation partner. You will then be placed on a team with other people who have also selected the same partner. If, between all the team members, you collect over $1000 in votes, your Petco Foundation partner will receive a grant equal to the amount raised, and a card will be sent with the check that will list all of the people who were responsible for raising the grant money! Petco Foundation partners also are welcome to participate. Simply upload a photo of one of your adoptable pets, and raise money through votes just as an individual partner would. If you receive over 1,000 votes, you'll receive a grant from the Foundation equal to the amount raised! Even if your photo doesn't get over 1,000 votes, you'll still be raising money for the Foundation, which, as you know, supports more than 7,500 animal welfare groups across the country. So, regardless the amount of money you raise, you'll be helping animals in need. Want to enter? Click here. Fundraising prizes The top three fundraisers will get the amount they raised DOUBLED  for their chosen adoption partner. They'll also win a prize package for themselves. Adoption partners who enter also are eligible for the top three fundraising prizes. And, this year, for the first time, we're offering a variety of fun incentives: $100 - Making a Difference pin $250 - Fun toy for your pet $500 - Finley, the plush dog $1,000 - Foundation Hope candle $2,000 - a "Hope" diamond Calendar Contest An independent panel of judges will choose the 12 photos that will appear in the 2013 Petco Foundation Calendar. Although photos of any pet may be entered in order to participate in the fundraiser, the 12 photos chosen for the calendar must be of adopted pets. How to Enter Are you ready to begin raising money for your favorite animal welfare partner? Sign up today! Photo Tips: * Photos MUST be landscape in orientation. That means wider than they are tall. * Photographs must contain only pets (owned animals) and no human faces. * Photos with natural light are best because you avoid issues with flash. Open the blinds, turn on more lights or head outside if you can. * Move in as close as you can without scaring or distracting your pet to really showcase how adorable he or she is. * Try shooting from different angles. You never know which angle is perfect to capture your own pet's unique smile. * Make the photo session for your pet. If you're stressed, they will be stressed, too,  and it will show in the photo. * Pay attention to what is behind your pet. We've all seen those photos where Uncle Harold appears to have a plant growing out of his head. Look through the viewfinder. Move around until what's behind your pet is mostly a solid, non-distracting background. * Pay attention to what is on the floor near your pet. If you're looking through the viewfinder and see a dirty sock by Fluffy's paw, take the sock out of the way before taking your picture.    
  • Kim Cleghorn

    I want to participate in this. Is there a link on this post? I love to take pictures of my 5 Golden Retrievers!

  • Kentandangie

    I Would Love To Have A Pic Of My German Shepherd Hurcules On A Clander

  • Kardicat12

    Can Petco employees participate?

  • Lmienheartt

    I can’t find a link to upload my picture

  • ♥ Brynne-Eva Zeff ♥

    Kim, I near melted from that picture. Your babies are PRECIOUS and that picture of them all just smiling…SO adorable. I love it. How you got them to all look at you at the same time is beyond me, lol, but you can tell you love them and that’s beautiful. :)

  • Kathy

    How do you enter this contest?  I can’t find a link.  I want to enter my adopted yorkie!

  • Jason Diehl
  • Kathy

     Thank you Jason, done,

  • Sheri Hempel

    This is my LittleBrittches he runs the men in my house,Really!

  • Sheri Hempel

    He is really a sweetheart……To me that is.