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Dear Buster…

[caption id="attachment_6597" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Warm up with these cold-weather tips from Buster and his geniuses."][/caption] "Dear Buster: I just moved to Minnesota from California, and I'm freezing my tail off! Any recommendations on how my pet parents can keep me warm until Spring?" -- Signed Frosty the Freezing French Bulldog Hey there, Frosty! Brrrr! Just readin' your letter is making me cold! Lots of my four-legged friends love the cold--'specially my sled dog buddies--but for other pups, freezin' temps can mean trouble. Let's have my cold weather genius, Dr. Becker, break down the bedding, clothes and accessories that will keep you cozy 'til the robins arrive!
  • Jenniesauls

    my name is Max my mommy dont let me eat my poop why do i do this i would like some toys.Max

  • Rose

    Don’t get pictures from Petco portraits, they took a month to come and then I received them today and the photographer said they edit out the leashes and my hands and my feet, well—-the pictures were never cropped, hands, feet, and leashes in the pictures. Ornaments were pieces of cheap wood not what they showed me. 

  • Bcbaits

    How about linking to some products that could help frosty keep warm?? If only there were a website that listed products that could be used….

  • Patricia Trapp

    Dear Buster  I have worked for Petco for 14 years and l really loved working with the animals l had to give up my job because l was working two full time jobs one at night 8 hours and then right after that l would go to petco and take care of all the animals for another 8 hours l did that for 14 years at your 241 store sure do miss all of you my legs feel better now but l still miss all that l did happy new year buster   your friend in spokane wash   Patricia Trapp