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Dear Buster…

[caption id="attachment_6574" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Buster explains proper "pet-iquette" when holiday guests arrive."][/caption] "It's the same every year: my pet parents bring a bunch of other humans into our house. It's loud and I find crumbs all over the floor. I get so excited. But that's when I get put in the backyard or in a bedroom. What can I do so I can hang out and enjoy the fun?" -- Signed, Patty the Party Pup Hey Party Patty, I get this question a lot. Humans are funny; they don't like it when we make a mess or have friends over, but they love to have their friends over. Go figure. I'm handin' this one over to my pet behavior genius, Dr. Becker, who can give your pet parents some tips on how they can help you stay on your best behavior. Give 'em the scoop, doc!:
  • David

    Dear Buster,

    Why do you keep sending me spam email?  I unsubscribed from your mailing list.  I even called the Store and the Corporate Offices to complain.  But you still keep sending me spam. 

  • Andrea Huckel

    Dear Buster, 
     My name is Tiger and I recently came up with this awesome idea to start inviting myself to the dinner table each time my family has dinner. See what I do is when someone starts to set the table preparing for dinner that’s when I jump up and lay quietly on the table (hoping no one will care since I’m laying there quietly) then when dinner is ready and put out on the table I get myself over to the most gullible person at the table hoping that during dinner they will lay a piece of meat on the table so I can get a taste. Well I know that Christmas dinner is coming up and I keep hearing my mom discuss her plans on keeping me away from the table to avoid embarrassment when having family over. Is there anything you can suggest that will help me break this habit of hopping up on the table before dinner to save my family from embarrassment??

      Your Friend,
        Tiger “The dinner table center piece”

  • Kelly Vernon

    Dear Buster,

    My name is Mia, This is my first Christmas, I haven’t figured out yet what that means, but I know my Mommy is soooooooo excited. She put a tree in the living room and put stuff all over it, Its bright and I see alot of balls on them but I found out you can’t play with those or she says NOOOOOOO. My brother and sister which are kittys they like to play with tree too one climbs the tree.. I told him she would say Noooo. but he didn’t listen.  All I want for Christmas is other dogs and cats to have a home like me, and not to be abused and mistreated. I”m so glad my Dad and mom adopted me I love them soooo much. All of us fur babies are adopted. But yeah Buster I really want other’s to have what I have…. oh and a ball if you have some, and another foxy mine is getting alittle wore out. 


  • Vikki Johnson

    Dear Buster,
                   My name is Socrates, and I am a St. Bernard. I would like a toy I can play with that doesn’t break in 5 minutes and a bone big and safe enough for me to chew on. I also would like a playmate, because my humans don’t seem to have enough energy to play all the time with me. I wanted to take a picture with Santa again this year, but my mommy said she couldn’t find a doggy Santa this year. My mommy said I was coming in to the Merrillville, IN Petco Sunday at 11 am to have some professional Christmas pictures done, but that don’t sound as fun as Santa. Thank you for listening to my wishes, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!

  • Bandit

    Dear Buster,
         My name is Bandit, and this will be my first Christmas! I’m so happy that I get to spend it with my family, they adopted me just five months ago from the shelter I was born at. I can be a little trouble maker, my Beagle nose takes me anywhere and everywhere! I get in trouble sometimes for trying to play with things that aren’t mine, but I’m working on being a good boy. Mommy says that if i’m good, “Santa Claws”  will bring me some really neat stuff. I hope I get some tough chew toys, a cozy bed for my crate and a coat so i’m nice and warm on my walks!

    Merry Christmas Buster!
                                                                                                                               Your friend,

  • Serenity352

    I REALLY need a photo of Buster – he’s my dog’s absolute TWIN!  I’ve tried everywhere, but no one can help me.  Can you?

  • Susanturpin

    Hewoo Buster, me not lukin fur somefink fur meself but wish yew all a happy cwismas and a healfy new year xxxx

  • Kdcarnes12

    Mine too!!!! I swear my dog and Buster are brother and sister…..

  • Danielle Lasater

    Dear Buster,  My name is kiwi and I have a sister named Razz. We would love a cat tower( I promise to share)  or a drinking fountain for Christmas. We have been very good cats this year. I hope we get a tower so I can stop getting in trouble for trying to climb the chirstmas tree- its so shiny!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Socrates! Can you have your pet parent email us at with your mailing address? We’d like to mail something to you.

  • Horsesrgr8

    Dear buster, my name is chewee and im a guinea pig!!! I’m not from new guinea nor am I related to a pig. (please don’t get mixed up) my amazing owner says she doesn’t have enough spending money on me (she’s only 12) so what I want is some guinea pig treats or toys, anything is fine. I need to wear my teeth down! Thank you!!

  • Horsesrgr8

    Dear buster , please stop selling pets to such irresponsible owners at petco!! And the only way to do that is to stop selling animals. Thanks