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Dear Buster…

[caption id="attachment_6505" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Buster is ready to answer your questions this holiday season!"][/caption] Dear Buster: "This time of year my pet parents bring a great big pine climbing toy in our living room. Then they hang sparkly, dangly toys on it and they put a nice big water bowl at the bottom. It's the most awesome toy EVER. What's a cat to do?" -- signed, Twinkles Hey Twinkles. What can I say? Humans love bright, shiny things. I'm gonna let my pet geniuses, Dr. Becker and Fanna Easter, fill you in on the possible perils of that Christmas tree. If I were you, I'd be more curious about what's under the tree--like gifts with your name on 'em.
  • Cari

    Dear Buster,
    Please send Santa over to my house this year. It has been a little rough since I
    have been naughty as mom sometimes tells me. I am sorry mom for shredding your bedspread & my pet bed, chewing on the furniture & barking once in a while. I will be a good boy so I hope the guy with the beard brings me a new pet bed, rawhides, Nature’s Variety food, toys and a new coat. Thanks Santa, arf Milaeger

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cari, can you send us your mailing information at We’d like to send you something special.

  • Jocelyn Marie

    Mommy Santa is treating her 4 fur babies well this year. See what happens when mommy gets a job everyone gets all new collars and a new catnip scratching post and to many new toys to add to the thousands my 4 kitties barely play with. xD Have to keep their gifts in the closet because the catnip and they wanna rip it out. Can’t wait for Christmas so they can finally open the gifts. :D

  • Kri

    Dear Buster,
    My name is Patches. My new mommy just adopted me from the shelter about a month ago, and there is a strang tree in the living room! I hear  santas suppose to bring us toys to play with if we are good, so I try not to play with the pretty toys hanging from this tree, so I hope I was a good girl and hope I get a new mouse to shred to peices. :3

  • Mack

    Dear Buster,
    My name is Spuds, like Spuds Mackenzie… I was found along a deserted highway.  This is my first Christmas and I can’t wait for santa to come and visit!  My mommy and daddy put a blankie under the tree, I thought it was mine so I tried to take it.  Mommy said “no” and put it back under the tree, after that I realized that it was mommy’s blankie not mine.  Even with all of the new things in the house I have been a good boy this year well my 3 months I have been here, I even wait by the door when I need to go outside!  Dear Buster please come visit me this year!

  • Jen

    Dear Buster,
    I’m just under 2 months old, I have been adopted/pick out from friend of my human sister to go home to. This is my first Christmas and my big sister 2nd year christmas. I know every bog want something from Santa Paws this year but I already got my christmas present this year. I got a warm home to sleep in, toys i share with my older sister and food along with treats. I know other dogs wants toys from Santa Paws. What really make this year special is people would adoted a puppy from shelter to make their life happy like it has for me. Or they can donate some money to local shelter for all those dogs and cats who has no one to be with them this time of year. That would make their christmas special. That is all i want from Santa Paws this year. If I get some new toys that is fine with me.

  • D7ohteb

    my name is sampson, i am a rohdesian ridgeback. i have cancer, the doctors got all the tumor out and it hasn’t spread. but my wound keeps busting open. i have to have my bandage changed ever day and some times be stitched up again, so i can’t go home. my gram visits me in the hospital everyday but i miss her terribly. i wish the doctors will fix me so i can be home for xmas. i want to lay by the fire again, walk with my friend glender, but most of all i want to be with my family.  
                                                         love sam                                                                                    
             p.s. the pictue is me in the hospital. i hate this collar grr! grr!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Spuds! Wow! It sounds like you have a really great life now! We’re very happy for you. As for the holidays–we know what you mean, it can be really confusing. Can you ask your humant to send your mailing address to We’d like to send something to you. Happy holidays!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jen! We wish every pet had a home for the holidays, too. We love your Christmas wish and will make a donation to Tree of Hope in your name. Tree of Hope raises money for food, blankets and treats for animals in shelters. You can read more about Tree of Hope here:

  • Elfearz

    Dear buster,
    My name is Wookiee and I am a golden retriever. I wish for homes for all my homeless dog friends this christmas!
    Love, Wookiee

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sampson! Wow! You’ve been through a lot lately. We’re sure sorry that you’re still in the hospital and we hope you can get home soon. Can you have your Gram email as at with your mailing address and phone number? We’d like to send you a little something special. Feel better!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Wookiee, we have the exact same wish!! Have a paw-some Christmas!

  • David

    Have you signed up for the new Petco Pals card yet?  I would recommend that you do not.  Once you give them your email address, you will never hear the end of it.  They send spam email every day, and the opt-out link in the email doesn’t work.  Even calling the company won’t get you taken off their mailing list.

    If you are happy, your pet will be happy.  And you will be much happier if you leave Petco in the dust and spend your hard earned money at a company that does not engage in deceptive marketing practices.

  • Blair

    Greetings! Please see the recent canine shockings/electrocution on StreetZaps, please see our safety guidelines. I confer with Con Edison’s Stray Voltage and Public Affairs Units; The National Electric Code showcases the site. Shock victim, Aric Roman’s, case first appeared on StreetZaps in 3/09 and is in pre-trial at Con Edison (please see Testimonies, Safety) as he is permanently disabled. Thank you in advance and stay safe! Happy 2012! Best wishes,