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Pals Rewards: A New Loyalty Program Designed by You for You

The next time you visit Petco I hope you'll notice something new, and, for me, quite exciting. It's called Pals Rewards, and it's our new customer rewards program. We began work on this program nearly two years ago by surveying our customers and talking with our associates, and the message was clear--you want a rewards program that's easy, straightforward and rewards you every time you purchase. So, that, in a nutshell, that is what we've created with our new Pals Rewards program. Wherever you shop, and on everything you buy--your purchase qualifies for a 5% reward. The more you shop, the more you get. It's that simple. We also asked you what you would call such a program, and again, you told us: Pals Rewards, so in many ways, this is a program created specifically to your needs--and named by you, too. Here's how it works: whether you're purchasing food, services, treats, an aquarium filter, a mirror for your bird, or a honey stock for your hamster, all qualify to earn a reward. You will receive 5 Rewards Dollars for every $100 spent in one of more purchases at Petco, both in store and online. You can even purchase in store and redeem online, or the other way around--you now have this flexibility. It's easy to use, too. If you participated in a previous Petco reward program, you do not need to do anything--your customer number won't change. If you're brand new, you can sign up online or at the cash register to immediately start earning rewards. If you want to learn more just go to We're very excited and proud about our new Pals Rewards program, it is better than ever and offers benefits for every Petco customer. It's also the only pet rewards program that lets you earn 5% back on everything you buy. We hope you'll enjoy it, too.
  • Anonymous

    Hi! We’re sorry to hear of your recent experience, but did want to mention that we occasionally carry items online that are not in stores. We’d be happy to talk with you further if you would like. Please email us at

  • Anonymous

    Hi there! We’re sorry to hear about your recent experience. Can you email us at so that we can further assist you?

  • Anonymous

    Hi there! We’d like to help you with your Pals Rewards account. Can you email us at

  • Anonymous

    Hi Edward! Can you email  us at and we’ll help you with your Pals Rewards account?

  • RobertM

    Bought 9 with one to go. Got the rug pulled out from under me.

  • woody woodward

    Amazing!   I buy only Euk Dog food and pay through the nose from you guys.   I had, say had, the buy 10 get the next one free program, and go in today and find out that you changed it!     So I called the 800 number to complain and unfortunately, got some idiot from India who couldn’t speak a word of understandable English.  Got disgusted and called the store in Olathe KS and they told me to get on the email and complain.   Besides beging totatlly disgusted with you cheapscate outsoursing our jobs, everthimg I seem to buy my dog food, you all have raised the prise another $5.  Good luck getting any more of my business.  Bet I don’t hear back from you but just in case, try.  Woody

  • David

    If you sign up for a Petco Pals card, you are GUARANTEED to receive mucho spam email.  The opt out link does not work, and you can never get Petco to stop spamming you.

    It would be better for your sanity if you shopped at a Pet Store that does not engage in deceptive marketing practices.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Woody! We do have a new Pals Rewards program that offers 5% off everything you buy. We’d be happy to talk with you about your Rewards account. Please email us at

  • Anonymous

    Hi Robert! We’d like to help you with your Pals Rewards account. Please email us at

  • Catwoman85574

    This whole rewards thing is a nightmare, Buck up petco, admit you’ve screwed up, give the people the coupons or the rewards in their hands when they earn them. Forget this whole computer thing, it’s NOT Working. You’ve made me so crazy that I am only shopping at Petco IF I have to otherwise it’s PETSMART HERE I COME, prices are better, I shop smart, I have to..11 cats 

  • Catwoman85574

    I feel your pain! So it is not just me. Petco makes you crazy, wastes your time, promises you coupons, money saving this, that.  TRY to get it, it’s even hard to get into the rewards program and NOW they  changed it again and now I’ve another acct. too. Seriously, Don’t even try, leave like me, life is too short to try to save money with this type of torture, I truly tried, I’m done!

  • Catwoman85574

    Trust me, don’t do this to yourself, go shop at petsmart.  The prices at petco are so outrageous, you will not believe how much you will save. I know, I tried to shop at petco, but many times I left empty handed .I can not afford to just give $ away like that, Seriously don’t you people ever check your prices or is it all just about grab and go. IF you have to, MAKE them price match HA-HA!

  • Catwoman85574

    You must be rich, and that is nice.  I am NOT.  I am glad you can afford to shop at petco, I have to shop elsewhere, that’s just the way it is, and you’ve got to do what you have to do. You seem like a nice lady, but you would be a nice richer lady IF you shopped @ Petsmart ..Sorry but I hate to see you taken advantage of,as they also would walk you out.( you might want to check it out!)

  • Galene_w

    Don’t see anywhere on this site to redeem rewards.

  • Dmsbrf

    After reading all the comments by disgruntled customers, I will just say ditto,  But my heart goes out to all the groomers and special employees of Petco trying to justify why we have to pay $100.00 to get 2 rescue dogs groomed.  I am a senior citizen who loves her pets unconditionally,  but will have to look elsewhere for their needs.

  • Catwoman85574

       I earned a 15% coupon, shopped for a big order, and had earned a free bag of food, buy 10 get one, only I had to buy the wrong kind as they were out AGAIN of the type I wanted.  Then I go to the register and they ring the whole order up Approx.  $125.00.  Guess WHAT? no 15% off and Now the coupon for free bag of food invalid cause it was scanned! KIDDING?  Returned ALL#*#*!

  • Rich Jones4

    They keep changing their rewards programs with no benefit to the customer.
    Their dog food is priced higher than anyone’s else. You used to get 1 free groom when you buy 8 and they dumped that for coupons for $5.00 off when you spend $100.00 but their not good on grooming! To heck with customer service, soon they won’t have any customers!

  • Betty Droney

    A bag of free dog food is worth more than $5. I did not even realize the rewards had been changed until today when I looked at my receipt. to see how many more bags I needed.I did not get notified of this. It sucks.  

  • Terri112762

    this don’t work, i have been a member sense 2009 i spend $200 plus a month on Blue dog food , i use the same rewards number go on line to my account and it said i still need to spend $32.00 to get the 5% rewards. I quess it’s time to find somewhere else to bue dog food

  • larry

    how do i sign in have been a customer for over 10 years

  • Twstr32968

    I have been having my 2 cocker spaniels groomed at Petco  for 7 years. My boyfriend went to pick up my 2 dogs and was floored by how much for this service. The cashier laughed when he asked if the price was correct. $150 for 2 dogs +tip!!! Now I log on her to see if this was a problem for anybodyelse and I learn the free groom program has ended. My dogs are groomed 6 to 8 times per year and this was one of the benefits of  going to an inconvient location. I will be shopping  grooming services.

  • Virginia Mahnken

    Have not received 2-  $5.00 coupons yet. Please look into this.

  • faithful customer

    I used to get cupons for m reward emailed to me. After a while I noticed they weren’t coming. I called and they had 5 on my credit but i had to ask for them and still didn’t get them . I t was a project getting it straight. The lady on the 888 number was friendly and helpful but it was an unpleasant job at the store finally getting credit. A few months later and I still am not getting my rewards cupon sent. And their prices suck!

  • Moneyfirst

    Good for me (NB) – screw the customer – the company will be sold off in the near term at a price over market value only to have the new owner (corp.) use inferior ingredients while using the current name brand recognition in the short term to recoup their investment. Shortly thereafter, you will realize that you pets have been feasting on Chinese cardboard and drywall fillers.