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Meet the Howl-o-ween Contest Winners

Before we announce the winners, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Howl-o-ween contest. While we believe that every entry was a winner, we had to select just one for every category. Thank you for entering and we look forward to seeing your creative costumes again next year!!

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner Justin and his dog, Sandy, whose Ogre costume received 2,571 votes. Jason takes home a $500 Petco Gift Card and a JW Pet Prize Pack.

Grand Prize Winner


Individual Category Winners

A team of Petco judges scoured through the 4,000+ cute, silly, and scary pet pics (no easy task) and selected the following winners for each pet category; dog, cat, and other pet. Each of these pet parents received a $250 Petco Gift Card.

Lola and her pup, Lola, our Dog Category Winner

"I crocheted my hat myself!" -- Lola as "Grand" Ma

Tara and her cat, Izzy, our Cat Category Winner

"I said 'I'm bored!' not 'I'm a gourd!'" -- Izzy as The Great Pumpkin

Lura and her guinea pig, Candy Cane, our Other Pet Category Winner

"Who You Calling a Chia Pet?" -- Candy Cane as an Herb Garden

Weekly Winners

Each week a “weekly winner” was selected by the Petco judges, earning their proud pet parents a $50 Petco Gift Card.

"Winner-ium Contesto!!"

"Dumpster diving done right!"

"Holy Catnip, Catman! You've foiled the Joker again!"

"I find your lack of treats...disturbing!"

"Silly kitties! You should know by now that crime doesn't pay!"

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  • sandra

    hey petco dose not suck. you need to start thinking about stuff before you post are insalting pets every whare.

  • sandra

    no one was cheating.thier pet just had a super cute cosume

  • sandra

    it is posibul. you are just being rediculas

  • sandra

    all you people are being rediculas!

  • Really

    Did yall see my iguana dressed as a pirate?  He is missing a front foot and we made him a hook. I think we were pretty creative!

  • sandra

    i am going to report you for cussing

  • James

    Sandra, I read all your posts, and I think you should should buy yourself hooked on phonics ! Your spelling is atrocious !!

  • James

    Go back to third grade and learn how to spell !!

  • Mickismad

    I am going to report you for being “special ” !!! :)

  • Mickismad

    Sandra,go spell things wrong on some other blog ! You’re a little late in your comments , and NO , the “cosume” was NOT “super cute ‘ !!!  Many of us WATCHED them cheat as it was happening ,so YES , they did cheat. 

  • Mickismad

    Yes , Sandra , Petco does really suck…almost as bad as your spelling ….Perhaps , Hooked on Phonics would be a good addition to your Holiday wish list ?

  • Mickismad

    You make absoluteley NO sense.

  • Mickismad

    True, the contest was supposed to be fun. I think that most people writing on this blog are NOT jealous , or angry that their pet didn’t win. The reason for all of the negative comments about the 1st place “winner” are preciseley FOR that reason ! It was supposed to be fun ,and there is no doubt in my mind , and ,I’m sure , everyone elses on here that WATCHED the ‘winners’ votes go up by hundreds at a time,after 2 or 3 days of NO VOTES WHATSOEVER ! Their pages are full of cheating vote exchange “likes” ,and it seems like ALL they do is enter contests and sweepstakes. THAT is what angers me ,and THAT is what took all of the fun out of this contest ! The idea of cheating to win ANYTHING to me is just plain old rotten. Especially in what was supposed to be a cute and fun contest. Bollocks to you Arras !