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Dear Buster…

Listen up, humans! Buster here. Welcome to Dear Buster, my personal blog. I'll be answerin' questions every Tuesday from you and your pets. I've got a group of geniuses I'll call on for expert advice. It's genius, I know. If that's not enough, I'm also on Twitter @Petco. Just include the hashtag #DearBuster. What can I say?I'm one tech-savvy dog. Oh, and one last thing: What's on your holiday wish list? Chew toys? Cozy bed? Bones? Tweet me and you might get your wish. Mmmm...bones. All right, let's get started: "There are so many yummy things that happen over the holidays! Are there any holiday trimmings or people treats that my Mom shouldn't give me?" -- signed, Lab Mix Ribgy. Thanks Rigby, great question. I'm gonna hand this one over to my vet expert, Dr. Becker. He's got a bunch of holiday tips for pets and pet parents. Take it away, Doc.
  • Michael Wright

    Dear Buster” I have two older aussie mixes and they are really wishing for some type of soft chew toys.