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Getting Started with an Aquarium

You might be wondering what makes an aquarium interesting. While it's true that you can't hold, pet or interact with fish in the same way as most other pets, one of the most fantastic things that an aquarium can offer is true relaxation. Did you know that studies going back to the 1980′s have shown that owning an aquarium can lower stress levels, reduce high blood pressure and help with insomnia? With that kind of affect I don’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want an aquarium. Every time I look at mine I discover something new: a branch forming on a coral or a creature emerging from the live rock, which sends me into a state of euphoria. I can look into my tank for hours and get lost in a world of color and tranquility. Before I know it, I've forgotten about anything that may have been troubling me. The stress really does melt away! Having an aquarium isn't just for relieving stress; it's a great hobby as well. There are unlimited possibilities for updating your tank and there’s always something new to learn and another level to advance. You really get to choose your own adventure – the hobby comes in various shapes and sizes, from the betta in a bowl to the large marine aquarium filled with colorful, exotic aquatic life--it's a hobby that is customizable to your lifestyle. If you have young children, you'll find that fish make a great first time pet and can be an educational tool, helping to teach patience and responsibility. It’s also a great way to bond with your kids as you work together on regular water changes and tank maintenance and of course don’t forget making trips to Petco for supplies and picking out new fish. Children can proudly claim ownership of their aquarium and the maintenance of their pet's healthy environment. Looking for a statement piece and conversation starter in your home? An aquarium can serve as living art. Whether your tank acts as a living television screen in your family room or is prominently displayed in your home office, you have the ability to bring an eco environment - or even a piece of the ocean with a marine setup – into your home. Interested in getting started? Here's a great getting started video that will help you build your first aquarium. Look for future blogs where we'll discuss how to set up your first salt water aquarium.
  • Ekmixer

    I had three freshwater aquariums at one time.  I recently gave my last small aquarium to my grandson thinking I would be moving out of state.  Turns out I’m not moving, and I miss the peaceful beauty of an aquarium.  

  • Jennifer Mindy Kim-Smith

    I have six fish tanks throughout my house, one of them is reef/saltwater fish tank and it is stocked with all kinds of corals, fishes, and invertebrates…I love my hobby and it is truely amazing to stare at my tanks and get lost in its fantastic world!!! I am still working on building my reef tank.

  • Jonathon Gordon

    As a professional aquarist I completely get the, “helps with
    insomnia”.  It can be exhausting work!