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Johnson City Update

Today, we’d like to update the Johnson City community on our local efforts and plans for our Johnson City store, which was flooded last month. Community Support Flood recovery efforts continue in the area, and Petco and the Petco Foundation are supporting those efforts. After last month’s flood and the related accident at our local store, we said we would donate $25,000 to five local nonprofit agencies to aid in flood relief efforts benefiting humans and animals. Each of the five agencies – Food Bank of the Southern Tier; Broome County Humane Society; South Central Region American Red Cross; Animal Aid and Relief Foundation; and Flutterbyes Animal Rescue – received $5,000 to help recover and rebuild. In addition, the Petco Foundation continues to be in touch with local partner groups to understand and fill the need for pet food and supplies. Our Johnson City Store and Team With major floods occurring twice in just the last five years, we have serious concerns about reopening our store with a full complement of animals in the current Harry L Drive location, given our commitment to high standards of animal care and safety. The risk of future flooding in this location feels simply too great, given how quickly waters can rise and the fact that evacuating animals also poses health and safety risks to animals, as well as to humans. We would like to reopen in Johnson City, and we are looking for another location in the area where it would make sense to reopen. Over the next few weeks we expect to determine how to proceed, based on a review of the options available to us. Our Johnson City Team Since last month’s flood, we have continued to provide pay and benefits to our Johnson City team, a commitment we made in my September visit. Our regional and district leaders met with the store team today to give them an update about the store and to inform them that, while we evaluate other potential store locations, we will keep our team on the payroll. We also are encouraging our associates to devote a portion of their time to help with flood recovery efforts in the community. We will provide further updates in the coming weeks.
  • Jennifer Whitcombe-Jones


  • DoubleDown

    We all know when the next flood comes, you still won’t evacuate.  Are you at least going to build a flood wall so the poor animals won’t die due to your corporate greed?

  • Ski691

    SEE YA!!!!

  • Futuremach

    We don’t want you.

  • Teri

    Was there ever an account of how many and what type of animals that were lost?

  • Majka

    Don’t let the door hit you in the a*s on the way out….

  • Suzy

    “With major floods occurring twice in just the last five years, we have serious concerns about reopening our store with a full complement of animals in the current Harry L Drive location, given our commitment to high standards of animal care and safety.” 
    Are you serious? Commitment to high standards of animal care and safety? You showed no commitment to those animals,as soon as the waters began to rise your “team” was outa’ there! How come you have decided to not  make any mention of the steps that are now (hopefully) in place to guarantee that this type of neglect will never happen again?The people of this area have not forgotten what happened at your store, we don’t have amnesia.We want an absolute promise from you PETCO, that you have made sure this won’t happen ever again,at ANY location.
    I think that your only concern about future flooding is for your inventory, and that’s what you’ve proven those animals were, just inventory to you. Maybe your only live stock should be fish from now on, at least they would  have half a chance  since they can breath UNDER WATER.You should be hanging your heads in shame and remorse for your incompetancy.You are so lame,just go away.

  • Majka

    Hmmm.. you are actually STILL paying the folks who were in a point position to know the dangers, hear the reports and warnings, those same people who waked out early locked the doors and left the animals there to drown, locked in cages with no way to run, as the water rose up while they ran wildly in their cages looking desperately for a way out until the water filled their lungs while they gasped for breath.  Payment should be waterboarding so those responsible can enjoy the experience of  drowning. You want to retain those who can’t think for themselves in a crisis and make good compassionate decisions for the animals they were supposed to be CARING  for?  You gave money to the animal shelters in our locality, a typical corporate answer, throw some money to the peasants and they’ll shut up and go away. You are urging your staff to help the flood victims?  Too late..they should have taken action to get those animals out of there so they didn’t become victims. Even if it was without authorization.  Gutless  I wish you all nightmares for a long, long time.

  • SayNoToPetCo

    What we want to know is who will be fired for the cruelly leaving a store full of pets to drown.  We don’t want PetCo back in JC.  We want the guilty parties to be brought to justice… and the rest of the corporation to leave town.  PetCo must go.  By the way, the smell of death still lingers.  More than a month now, and the guilty persons are still getting a paycheck. Do you think that peasly little donation makes up for all the little limp dead bodies?  Bah!

  • Jessica Krohn

    I am hoping they do not open, at least not in the near future. In my opinion, if they are truly in the business because they care about the animals, then I hope they decide to donate more money to the Humane Society. The Humane Society was able to evacuate and now needs to rebuild due to flood damage. Oh, and does anyone know where the criminal charges stand?

  • karen

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The last thing we need in this area is someone who has such little regard for life that they would just leave innocent animals locked in cages to die in flood waters.  These were living creatures who felt fear and pain and were simply left with no chance to live……don’t come back and your team as you call them should be ashamed of themselves for not taking action…..I don’t care if they had autorization or not they should have done something to help those poor animmals. 

  • Ratherbracin24

    Please dont let those with narrow minds chase Petco away….really people.  It is tragic that this happened….there were alot of loss that day…..I will support them when they re-open