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Johnson City Update from Petco CEO, Jim Myers

It is with a heavy heart that I update you. I have been actively involved in understanding the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate tragedy. Our store in Johnson City is relatively new, we were not operating the last time flooding threatened the community and we misjudged the risk to this location. Our store team members checked on the store shortly before midnight Wednesday and all was still well. When the team members checked again early Thursday morning, the store was flooded with four feet of water and we were unable to enter. When permitted to re-enter on Friday we were able to rescue the majority of the animals and get them to safety. We feel terrible that we did not do more to avoid this tragedy, are truly saddened by what has occurred, and accept full responsibility. We work hard to do the best for the animals in our care and have evacuated animals from other locations when in harm’s way many times in the past. We will study events surrounding this occurrence and take additional steps to ensure that nothing like this can happen again. We apologize to the members of the Johnson City community and look forward to serving you better in the future. We realize the emotional burden this loss placed on your community and are equally saddened by it in our own community. Jim Myers, Petco Chief Executive Officer
  • Parrotworldnovascotia

    Mr Myers if your company is so sad about this event why did I receive this email from one of your staff, when I found out Petco had not come through with the 25,000.00 you promised!
    “Mary HubschmittOnce the investigation, which has been an annoying inconvenience to us as a result of individuals jumping to conclusions based on false and/or inaccurate information spread through this very scary social media venue is over, our priority is to releasing facts to our valued and loyal customers (hundreds who have stuck by us and acknowledge how scary it is people who don’t know us or know what happened appear to have a need to make a name for themselves by jumping on a hot topic without first validating their information). My question to you would be, why would you damn someone or a business before you actually verified that you had the facts? You honestly take what you hear in the public and soical media networks and just believe it at face value? Honestly? If so, that scares me. I can only hope that one good to come from this craziness is that at least some of you who are so quick to judge learn that it does pay off to take a deep breath and look for credible and reliable information to support some sensationalized bullshit before you decide to form you postion on the matter. If not, you are a stones through away from the dangerous group think that led to extreme world tragedies such as Hitler.” endquoteThats  a real display on concern

  • Brenda

    Did any of you ever stop to think that maybe the  employees had homes,possessions and pets of their own to save too?

  • Barb

    Animal’s always come first..”our people make it happen”…. They don’t tell you though that when “People make it happen” ? This company will flick you out the door like you were a Bug !!