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Posh Paws Pit Bull

My pit bull has posh paws. I know how this sounds... trust me I laughed (obnoxiously) when our Petco Grooming Guru told me that my tough pittie, Mollie, was in desperate need of a Posh Paws treatment. Turns out, the joke was on me. She pointed out how gingerly Mollie was walking because her nails were long and jagged and her paws were dry and cracked. Here I am feeding my dog top-of-the-line holistic food but by ignoring her paws, I was jeopardizing her health and wellness. I know my fit pit runs like thunder, but paw problems are common for dogs big and small. Things like age, allergies, walking on hot surfaces, and cold weather can all contribute to sore paws. With this revelation, I walked straight into the nearest Petco Grooming Salon. I assumed that a salon treatment as swanky sounding as Posh Paws would break the bank, but I actually saved $7 by purchasing this new $10 package of four services with a Full-service Bath. Mollie got the 5-star treatment and enjoyed a nail trim, nail grind, paw balm massage and pet-friendly nail polish. The nail polish seemed a bit over-the-top until I witnessed my pretty pit bull light up with compliments during our evening walks. I can’t wait for Mollie’s next Posh Paws treatment – the neighbors are going to love her Chargers blue and gold nails! Now, if only my pedicure was as pretty as Mollie’s…
  • Pamfapple

    That is the most gorgeous pit bull I have ever seen!!!  She is absolutely adorable!!  I wonder if my german shepherd would like a posh paws treatment? 

  • Blessedbetheone2

    I am one of the many pet stylist that work for Petco. I have to say that when we started doing Posh Paws I was like “WHAT”. I didnt think so many people would beleive us on how this treatment is actually good for their pet. I have done many. I love doing the Posh Paws, I do it on my 7 yr old boxer without the nail polish because he is a boy. He loves when i massage his feet with the paw balm. I recommend this treatment for all pet owners. And always take your furry family member tO Petco to the salon for top of the line star treatment. Tracy Sweetin store #1643

  • Guest

    borders on animal abuse….

  • Muriel

    So… does Petco sell the paw balm so I can save money on a ridiculous service? (Nail polish, really? I’m sure I can save by doing that myself too.)

  • Jennifer Floyd

    Hi Muriel, yes we do sell Espree Paw Balm for around $10. It’s a great product to care for your pup’s paws.

  • Scissorwizard

    TO Guest ………………… how can a paw massage be animal abuse ?!?!? , Get a LIFE !!!

  • Jaimieries

    How so?

  • Scissorwizard

    Having  a paw massage is comforting to a dog…… relaxing, soothing. Thats why I made that comment to ” Guest ” above your comment. Thanks for asking :)