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Blue Buffalo Limited Recall

Where Can I Buy Soma, PETCO was notified today, Oct. Fred thompson aura soma, 8, that Blue Buffalo was voluntarily recalling a number of specific production runs of their Wilderness Chicken-Dog, soma auto ford, Soma god of the moon, Basics Salmon-Dog and Large Breed Adult Dog products, due to their potential to contain a higher level of Vitamin D than is called for in their product specifications, soma depression. Online soma watson, All PETCO store teams have been directed to immediately remove all affected product from our shelves and we’ve programmed our registers to prevent the sale of any affected product at checkout. We’ve also removed inventory of the affected products from, soma pink diamonds. Soma 250 mg, According to a statement posted on Blue Buffallo’s website, the potential of increased Vitamin D presents no serious health risk, is there benzoin soma, Chicos soma perfume, and any negative reaction to these products has been confined to a very small segment of the canine population who appear to be sensitive to higher levels of Vitamin D. The company says the decision to withdraw these specific products is “simply the right thing to do.”

The products affected by this recall are:

  • 4.5 lb, Where Can I Buy Soma. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Formula Dog Food (UPC 859610002689)

  • 11 lb, no rx cod soma. Soma houston sushi, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Formula Dog Food (UPC 859610002702)

  • 11 lb. Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon & Potato Recipe Dog Food (UPC 859610002863)

  • 24 lb, soma digest. Prescription drug soma, Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon & Potato Recipe Dog Food (UPC 859610002870)

  • 30 lb. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food (UPC 859610000388)

Only certain code dates of the above products are affected and no other Blue Buffalo products are affected by the recall, soma overnight cheap. Soma no prescription 150, Customers who have purchased product affected by the recall at PETCO may bring it back and return it to us for a full refund.

For more details on the recall and for a list of affected code dates, water bed soma, Generic for soma, read the full statement from Blue Buffalo or call Blue Buffalo at 1-877-523-9114. Temp soma matress. Soma online no script. Soma versus parafon forte. Buy soma online cheap. Zenegra prescription of soma. Soma news. Soma food pantry. Soma apartments.

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  • janine smith

    which number on the bag is the sku #?

  • Angie

    The statement,based on my situation is a little misleading. I have 3 dogs aging from 2 to 7…I started feeding them Blue Buffalo Salmon about 3 weeks ago..about 2 weeks ago they started urinating all over the house..lost appetite…and slight vomiting. Took all to vet Monday not one but ALL their blood test came back with dangerous calcium levels due to the toxic level of vitamin D in their food and have been on IVs for the last 48 hours. It is not known yet if there will be permanent damage to their kidneys…So far Vet bill is about 1200…was told by Blue Buffalo they would pay for vet bills, but as of yesterday Blue Buffalo had not returned my vet’s messages.

  • jennifer

    I have notice since the last few weeks that my dog is scratching a lot.. I when to Petco and they told me that It could be the food if I had change it, but I told them I have always give blue buffalo. You guys think it may be causing my dog a skin reaction?

  • Labs4Me

    My dog has also suffered the effects of the Vitamin D toxicity from eating the Blue Buffalo Large Breed Adult chicken & rice formula. She just got released from the vet after a 3 day hospitalization & will need to be rechecked next week to see if her kidney values & calcium levels have gone down, and was sent home with a kidney prescription diet. We also don’t know if there has been permanent damage to her kidneys. In the meantime, Blue Buffalo hasn’t contacted me. I was given a reference # when I called the recall hotline and was told that someone would be in touch via e-mail or phone within 48 hours to reimburse the vet expenses & provide a new bag of food. That was on Sunday. Everytime I’ve tried to call their normal customer care since, it goes straight to voicemail. The different number for the recall hotline is pointless. They are only taking information, but can’t provide answers or even directions on where to go for answers. It’s very disappointing that this company that I once believed in has now let so many of it’s customers down.

  • CatsnDogs

    Angie, your vet can contact the Veterinary Division of the FDA if Blue Buffalo does not return his or her calls. It’s U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Here’s the phone contact: The Center for Veterinary Medicine: 1-888-FDA-VETS. And this is the URL that gives your vet more info on reporting ADVERSE EVENTS (which this is):

    He/she should likely talk to the CVM whether or not Blue Buffalo returns calls, as they are collecting information on this case. I receive the RECALL notices by email directly from the FDA for both people and animal products, and I did in fact get this recall notice from the FDA. Petco is to be commended for following through with the notice of recall to its customers.

    About your dogs, I am so very sorry. Hopefully they will be fine with the IV flushing of calclium their system. I have a particular medical problem that periodically causes calcium overload and acute renal failure, and I have always recovered, given a few days in the hospital and some time. Good luck, Angie!

  • Gina

    My 70lb old english bulldogge vomited 3 times yesterday and seems kind of listless. He was eating the duck before the chicken formula. Can I still get reimbursed if I no longer have the packaging? I store his dog food in a large storage container.

  • Richard MacLean

    Dear PetCo customers,

    Please let me start by expressing Blue Buffalo’s sincere concern for the anguish you and your pets have been put through by this incident, and our hopes that your pet family members have quick and complete recoveries. I assure all of you that we are doing all that we can to receive and respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible so as not to add to your frustrations and concerns.

    I hope that by the time this gets posted you will each have already had your questions answered by our customer service department, but in case you have not I will try to provide some answers, or guidance.

    Angie – If you have already been told you will be reimbursed then the claim is being processed. We will need to verify your claim with copies of your vet bills and records. These can be fax’d directly to 203-762-2526, to my attention. I will see that they get reviewed immediately. If your vet still wishes to talk with our in-house vet, please indicate that in your fax, and we will call him/her.

    Jennifer – None of the illnesses reported have indicated skin symptoms. Skin symptoms are not typically associated with excess vitamin D. Nevertheless, if your dog was feeding on one of the recalled products, we will reimburse for the vet bills and test fees to rule out hypercalcemia if your vet thinks such a work up is justified.

    Labs4me – Please fax your information to me directly at 203-762-9751. I will see that someone gets back to you Monday.

    Gina – If the condition is related to excess vitamin D, we will not require the bag in order to consider your claim. We will need your vet records showing the diagnosis of hypercalcemia or excess vitamin d related to the food, and your statement that you believe you were feeding one of the recalled products.

    I hope these responses are helpful. We at Blue Buffalo apologize to each of you for putting you and your pet family members through this ordeal.

    Richard MacLean
    Vice President of Business Affairs
    Blue Buffalo Company

  • Erin


    I came on this website to check the recall information on my dogs food. I was reading through the comments and came to yours. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You and Blue Buffalo have proven to be a company worthy of continued patronage. I am truly impressed with your reaching out to your customers and furthermore am refreshed by what i see as a shining example of corporate responsibility.

    To everyone else, I hope your puppy babies make a quick and safe return home, best wishes to your families.


  • ann

    Is the SKU # the UPC Code?

  • http://petco brendan

    my bulldog was eating paper n meat

  • Dawson271

    Um,… WOW. I have NEVER seen a response from a company as seen above. Kudos, Blue Buffalo. I know that accidents happen and it’s when they do that we can see whether a company truly has the pet held higher than the bottom line.

  • Doreen

    Does this recall apply to large breed puppy formula?

  • Leea Hinsz

    How can I tell if I had an affected bag if I immediately put the contents into a large plastic tub and don’t keep the bags?? (I do have Petco receipts, but I don’t if the purchase date would be enough to tell which production runs…)

  • Mary Ellen

    I started feeding Blue Buffalo two 30 lbs bags ago…when I received the e-mail from PETSMART telling me of the recll…they knew I had purchased the 30lb upc…gosh I was so impressed that they follwed up with an e-mail, I had been on vacation and did not know about this until the 18th…lucky for my boy, the food he was eating was the other bag, the new one was put into my container at home, waiting for our return…
    The food was returned and new was given…very pleased on how it was all handled…plus in reading the above letter from Blue Buffalo…you are awesome…thank you so much for reaching out to all those that had questions and pets affected by this…I will continue to use your products…you stand up to what has happened…and are providing help…that is priceles! All of our four legged kids are sending you a ruff! I hope all recover and are wagging their tails soon!

  • pupsmama

    I find all of this so interesting. I sincerely hope people aren’t acting like hypochondriacs and rushing to the vet without any symptoms or signs of problems. I think it’s incredible that a company would risk the possible media hysteria surrounding dog-food recalls and the stigma that goes with that for a voluntary recall.

    As many of us know there are so many bad foods out there for dogs. For a company with a far superior product to elect to recall and refund, when some of the other garbage that’s out there remains on shelves with fillers and high carb content (tumors feed off carbs, the same carbs that dogs don’t digest well) it only further affirms my allegiance to the brand.

    @Doreen, all of the foods in question are listed above.

    @leea, you should know what kind of food you buy, the SKU, as far as I’m aware, doesn’t change. So if you buy, say, Wilderness Chicken, and in those bag sizes, you could err on the side of caution and remove it. You can’t get a refund without the bag anyhow.

    The important thing to remember is that not all dogs are sensitive to vitamin D, and some even have deficiencies. I had to supplement my dog’s vitamin D intake when he was undergoing medical treatments.

    If you have any concerns, talk to your vet FIRST.


  • Michael John

    Will be calling Pet supermarket to see if they have a record of my transaction and upc no. I too, throw away the bags after sealing the food in an airtight container. It would be interesting to see if more than a simple refund was offered if this had happened with Human food.

  • Eric

    I figured something was wrong with this food i was feeding my puppies it for awhile then all of sudden loose stools. I was using the large breed puppy version and returned all three bags. Now i’m on Taste Of The Wild

  • brian

    I am a little confused about response of people who say that blue handle this well and is a great company. I can tell you that the excuse being used to explain the problem is the same response given to the other recalls of blue and there have been many over the last 5 years, IT IS CALLED BLAME EVERYONE BUT THEMSELVES. it is also interesting to note that no one seems to know who owns the company.. big secret.

  • 3dogsmama

    I applaud Blue for this. Those on here panicking are being dramatic. This company didn’t have to do this and yet they did knowing they would risk sales. As far as if it was human food. Think about the beef recalls, the recent similac formula recalls and many others. I haven’t heard reports of dogs dying and the company is reimbursing expenses. If you think that can happen overnight then you clearnly have not been in business at all. It is a good company and has been a life saver for my dogs. I appreciate a company like Blue that stands up for what is right, unlike Nutro who just covers up or Science Diet that simply doesn’t care.

  • Michael G

    I was feeding my Golden the large breed chicken and brown rice. She has been feed Blue Buffalo since she was a puppy. She has never once in the two years refused to eat food. Until recently when I bought a new bag of food she refused to eat it. But she still would chow down her treats like no tomorrow. So I went and bought a different brand of food. I placed the two non-Blue Buffalo bowls of food next to the Blue Buffalo and she ate the entire two bowls of “new” food. After just seeing this today I am pretty sure I purchased a bad bag. This is dissapointing becuase I threw away the bag and still have 3/4 of useless food. At almost 50 dollars a bag this is unacceptable. I will seriously reconsider my dog food choice from this point on. Unless Blue Buffalo contacts me with a solution.

  • Craig

    Large breed puppy was not affected Eric.

  • Craig

    This has happened with people food. What about the recent similac recall? The company is doing right by its customers and it can only move so fast processing complaints. It could be Nutro that just covers it all up.

  • whitney

    Both my dogs had diarrhea and vomitted all night after eating this stuff

  • joni

    My dog love ble buffalo. All companies have recalls eukunuba just had one. What matters most is weather the company steps up, looks like blue buffalo has. I will continue to buy it.

  • joseph

    my 85 lb black lab vomitted over and over when he was giving the chicken and brown rice.. i called my vet immediately and he told me stop that food right away.. went back to Eukanuba and then he was fine … taking the food back today..i threw half the bag out already but i will see if they take it back.

  • bridgette

    How come petco isn’t notifying us? U have our info. We use your card…

  • Angie

    yes…me again…getting a little tired of all the patting on the back being given to “blue buffalo” and the handling of this recall. Am assuming the ones making positive comments did not have dogs effected by the excessive levels of vitamin d…as for me… i am over $1300 in the hole..sent in vet bills and test results on the 26th of oct and after several non returned phone calls received email today that they are reviewing and once it clears “their” vet it will then be sent to legal for review. according to kim jones at blue buffalo the turn times are “quick” only 2 to 3 weeks. not sure about her budget but i spent my mortgage payment saving my dogs and dont think the mortgage company will find a month delay in getting their payment quick. it is very sad as a pet owner when you try to give your pets “the best” to find out you should have given them a “cost cutter” brand. i would not have to shampoo my carpets and i could have paid my mortgage.

  • madonna

    CAUTION! PURCHASING BLUE BUFFALO DOG FOOD MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES FOR YOUR DOG. I purchased a medium size bag of BLUE BUFFALO LIFE PROTECTION SENIOR FORMULA dog food on 10/20/10 and my dog had extreme bloody diarrhea by 10/27/10. Previous to this episode my dog had finished her first small bag of the weight control chicken & brown rice formula without incident. My vet in Irvine, CA reported seeing several dogs with similar symptoms that had recently purchased a new bag of blue buffalo dog food. Apparently my dog had the most severe reaction, with diarrhea lasting 2 weeks and an intestinal tract infection, resulting in vet bills totaling $478.13. PetsMart took the product back for a full refund (without the bag) and took a full report of the incident and copies of my vet bills to file a report with their corporate office.

  • Gina

    I finally got a claim form via email from Kim Jones at Blue Buffalo. I’m $700 in the hole, that’s about 3 weeks worth of pay for me. They want a sample of the dog food, why would I keep it when I was told to get my dog off the food immediately? Not to mention, it’s taken over a month for the company to finally get the form to me.

  • anne

    My dog was also sick from the recalled food. Her vomit was green (which I’ve never seen before) and she had very very bad bright yellow liquid diarrhea. Luckily we only fed her 2/3rds of the bag. My husband was going to buy some more when they told him it was recalled. We found out by accident. Vet bill was around $100.00 only had to put her on antibiotics and another medicine for her upset tummy for 2 weeks. I hope to be reimbursed, we sent in a copy of the vet bill. I will never buy commercial dog food again, it’s too scary and with so many recalls lately very risky. I cook for my dog now using Sojo mix, so far so good.

  • NeverfeedBlue

    The Vitamin D scare was because their manufacturer ran CHICKEN FEED then ran the dog food through the SAME machine.

    Blue Buffalo Company Offices Only ~ Wilton, CT
    • Blue Life Protection Formulas
    • Blue Longevity
    • Blue Wilderness ~ Dad’s Pet Care
    • Blue Organics
    NOTE: All foods made by: Chenago Valley Pet Foods, CJ Foods, Dad’s Pet Care, Triple T Foods.

    COMMENT: Above is taken from The Whole Dog Journal.
    NOTE For 2010: Blue Buffalo is back on the list after agreeing to list who and where the food is made.

    People don’t fall for the demonstrators sales pitch, they don’t know which outsourced company makes the food, where the ingredients come from. Why do they work for the company… except to get paid $10 an hour. It is not all USA sourced foods.

    All the Lamb is from Australia, and Venison is from New Zealand. All Natural dog foods get their meat from other healthy countries.

  • Abt4u

    Angie – Did you follow any process when switching to the new dog food?  For example, did you give your dogs 100% of the new food right away?  Or did you do a mix of 50% old food with 50% new food for a week or two? 

  • Guest

    No one cares, Angie.