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A Year and a Half of Love: Guide Dog Puppy Raising

[caption id="attachment_5074" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Jennifer and Lowe"] Zithromax Over The Counter, [/caption]

Could you take a puppy into your home when they are only 8 weeks old and give them back at 18 months old. That’s about a year and a half of puppy kisses and playing and bonding with an adorable four-legged friend.  When I look at my 50lb, taking zithromax with prilosec, Us prescribing information zithromax, 6 year old dog, Sarge, zithromax tablets, But zithromax online without a prescription, I still see a puppy. I still remember his little puppy growl when we played tug of war and holding his little body in my arms, nephrotoxic zithromax. Zithromax online consultation us, I cannot imagine having to give him up after spending that time together, bonding with him and making him a part of my family.  

When I went for a visit to Guide Dogs of the Desert, 1 g azithromycin zithromax, Zithromax syphillis, I met an amazing woman, Jennifer Pinder, buy zithromax, Laryngitis zithromax, who raises puppies to become Guide Dogs. 

She adopts them at only 8weeks old, loves and cares for them and then about a year later gives them back the Guide Dog school to train them and prepare them to help provide sight for someone who cannot see, zithromax 250 mg tabs. Zithromax z-pak indi, I’ll admit it. At first when she was telling me that she does this, I couldn’t possibly understand how she could give the puppy back and continue to do this over and over again with new puppies, Zithromax Over The Counter. I would be in tears every time, zithromax pfizer. Zithromax ingredient sulfa, But as she started to tell me her story and why this means so much to her while she was holding the newest puppy she will raise, Lowe, zithromax 1000 mg order cart, Zithromax cost, who was named after a fallen Solider, I started to understand, buy zithromax online a href. Buy zithromax from mexico, The fulfillment she feels when she sees the puppy she helped raise completely change the life of someone who is visually impaired is what keeps her going. I was completely inspired and moved by her, zithromax skin infections. Zithromax Over The Counter, Here’s Jennifer’s story:

Pretty incredible, right. Syphillis zithromax, Being a puppy raiser is just one step in the long process of getting these dogs ready to help someone who is visually impaired. Maybe you’re not ready to be a puppy raiser, taking nexium with zithromax, Zithromax mexico, but you want to help, too, zithromax online, Zithromax forums dangers, and they can certainly use the help.

You can always make a donation at or at your local PETCO store. Speaking of puppies… you can even help name the next guide puppy at, clarithromycin zithromax the same. One way or another, we’d love for you to be a part of helping a guide dog.

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  • Carol Veerkamp

    Who would we contact if we wanted to donate a puppy to become a guide dog.  We have a litter of 8 German Shepard pups, five weeks old.  Have both parents, father is AKC and CKC registered, mother is CKC registered.  We would love to donate a pup to help someone.  If you can give me any information please email me at or you can call me at work, 1-800-553-5422 ext 110 or on my cell at 319-721-6633.  Thank you.

  • Guest  760 329 7554

  • Anonymous

    My first dog, Jeanne is currently being formally trained (in college) at The Guide Dogs of the Desert near Palm Springs, Ca. I hope she will graduate with her new blind handler in the next couple of months. If your ever in the area, please come to a graduation ceremony. You will leave, a new person. Anyway, to take the sting away of giving Jeanne back, I picked up my second puppy, Wanda right away! GDD is considering Wanda for their breeding program! I will find out in the next couple of months.
    Thank you for reading my blog and perhaps a donation… Who knows, you might even decide to get a puppy of your own?