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Dollar Per Gallon Sale - What Would You Do With a Bigger Tank?

[caption id="attachment_4968" align="alignright" width="200" caption="$1 per gallon tank sale"][/caption]

When I say tanks Where Can I Buy Nexium, what do you think of. Nexium bone loss,

  • Heavily armed vehicles of destruction?

  • White cylinders that make propane grills work?

  • Shirts with no sleeves that should not be worn by men (at least not by me)?

If you're a pet person you probably think of aquariums, terrariums, generic nexium without prescription, Fatigue nexium, vivariums, or any other "-iums" that involve glass rectangles and living things, nexium drug information. Nexium i v, I fall firmly into the "-iums" camp. Sitting on my desk as I type this is a 40-gallon tank housing my corn snake Sammy as well as a 20-gallon freshwater community tank (featuring the star of the Snuggies for Fish article), nexium tv commercial. Can taking nexium help ear problems, PETCO is currently running their extremely popular $1 Per Gallon Tank Sale where you can purchase a new tank for ... wait for it.., Where Can I Buy Nexium. one dollar per gallon, nexium esomeprazole united states. Nexium pepcid, That means that you can get a 40 gallon tank for only 40 bucks; a smoking deal. Included in the sale are rectangular glass tanks in the following sizes: 10G, nexium heart attack, Fda nexium, 20L, 20H, nexium lawsuit, Low price nexium, 29G, 40B, nexium online, Nexium bloated, and 55G.

"But I already have a tank!" I imagine you saying as you read this blog, nexium vs zantac. Where Can I Buy Nexium, Guess what. Buy b nexium b, There are lots of great reasons to get a second tank or upgrade to a larger tank. I asked PETCO's Facebook Fans this question the other day and here are some of their excellent suggestions, nexium product. Protonix nexium,

Suggested Uses for Additional Tanks

  • Becki Green I'm actually going to use mine to put hermit crabs in for my preschool class. We are getting them tomorrow!!

  • [caption id="attachment_5003" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Tank from Facebook Fan Jayne Hitchcock, mechanism of action of nexium. She's considering a second tank because one of her fish recently had babies, Where Can I Buy Nexium. Nexium concentration tablet, "][/caption]
  • Kaylee Schwindel I have upgrade to a 29 gallon from a 10 gallon. I now use my 10 gallon fish tank for red clawed crabs and fidler crabs, plavix stent nexium. They are so fun to watch and are easy to take care of.

  • Heather Buzby Where Can I Buy Nexium, When I upgraded my African Clawed Frog from a 10 to a 20H, the 10 became an isolation tank for new/sick/molting hermit crabs... Nexium review, got 2 newbies in it right now :)

  • Jo Anne Long Used our old tens for hamsters, mice, rats and a snake, a 20L for turtles and a 29 for bearded dragons.

  • Sam Towns I use my 10 gallon aquariums as quaratine tanks for new sensitive fish and sick fish. it works great. I HATE getting medicine in the main tank. it takes forever to remove.

  • Karen Robinson Second tank. LOL I have 4 running right now, one of which was an upgrade during the last $1 per gal sale, Where Can I Buy Nexium. Convinced other half a 20 g would be better than the current 10g. Well, instead of replacing it, the 10 gal is staying up as well!

So what are you waiting for. Find your nearest PETCO and pick up a tank. I wouldn't wait to long though. The sale ends 9/18 and popular sizes do sell out fast..

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  • Doug

    Earlier this year PETCO offered the dollar-per-gallon deal. Trouble was there were no 40 gal tanks available in Wadsworth, Ohio. I checked every couple days but no tanks. The sale ended. They told me there were no rain checks and there would not be a future sale this year because “The only have one per year.” With no tanks in Wadsworth, two weeks ago I drive to Shaker Heights and buy a 40 gal breeder from PETCO for $109. They also tell me there will be no further sales this year.

    Sooooo now, two weeks later, PETCO announces another sale and there are no less than six 40 gal breeder tanks on the floor in WADSWORTH.

    I brought it up with the store manager who saids he was sorry but there is nothing he can do.


  • Jessica

    You think that all employee’s know about the sales before hand? Big deal that you went and paid $109 for it. Did you check other places before going to the store and getting it? I bet not, because there are always tanks on craigslist and other places. Hell I got a 50 gallon tank a couple weeks ago and paid $60 for it from a lady. Had to buy one because our 55 started leaking near the very bottom!

    So before you go and start complaining think about what you did to actually find a tank. When get others we check around, personally I do not like Petsmart at all, but I will even check there if their prices are better.

  • Val

    Associates have no idea when these sales will happen and find out normally the day before the sale. Managers have little authority over these kinds of situations. You need to call the PALS hotline/customer service line (phone number is on the receipts and you can probably get it from the website). They can work magic employees in the store can only dream of. Hope this helps.

  • Giovanni

    $40, 40 gallon tank, here I come!! Make way Sharks!

  • Doug

    Thanks for the constructive feedback.

    Your assumptions about me are totally wrong so you bet wrong. You seem to suggest that I ought to shop elsewhere. I don’t think that’s what PETCO wants customers to do when they have a problem with a purchase. I don’t know how they will resolve this, if they do; but I’m sure they want to continue doing business with me.

  • Uncletally123

    i already have two 55 gallon tanks, what i want is for them to sell me a 150 gallon tank for 150 bucks. that would be nice. and i would definitely go, but the dollar a gallon for these sized tanks i can get at any point in time on craigslist. so good idea petco, its really good, but put bigger tanks on there.

  • Ravenkitty1

    omg i need a ten dollar 10 gallon tank god were do i find one

  • Ravenkitty1

    i lve sharks

  • Evan

    i really need a ten gallon tank for my hermit crabs

  • Ravenkitty1

    i do to and this would help alot and i have  or will get two hermit crabs!!!!!!

  • Evan

    thank u

  • Emily

    what do u mean thank you???

  • Jrgavg

    when is the next one

  • Mouse person

    When is the next one? I’m getting 2 mice in a 20 gallon high!

  • Mouse Person

    The people in the Petco in Ramsey said that there would be one before the holidays.

  • The Clown Factory

    Dollar a gallon is great for us who breed saltwater species. Last sale we picked up ten 10g tanks five 40B (the 40 on sale is not 40g but closer to about 46g its called a 40 “breeder”) and ten 20L tanks. Next sell we hit is when they have the 55g on sale for $55, its never during the dollar a gallon sale, its allways on sale by its self. Need about 10 of them…… dollar a gallon sale we will be adding about 400g of saltwater to our breeding setup ;)

  • Allieueland

    they are on sale again now till around jan 20th

  • Nina Lobb

    Does anyone know when the next sale will be?