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The Importance of a Microchip

Dana and a cat looking for a new home

Dana, one of our associates at the Christiana, Del., PETCO, was leaving work one night when she heard a cat crying. On the side of the building she found a tiger cat, with white feet and a white stomach. With a little coaxing, she was able to catch him, and because it was late and the store and local shelters were closed, Dana took the cat home.

The next morning she took the kitty to the Delaware SPCA. They were busy and the shelter was packed, but they took the cat and immediately scanned him for a microchip. Luckily, they found one! They retrieved the number and when the SPCA employee got someone on the line her face lit up, and for good reason; the cat had been missing for more than a year!

The owner, who lived 20 miles away at the time the cat went missing, now lived in Delaware and had lost hope that his cat, Nate, would ever come home. The cat was returned to his owner later that day, and Dana re-learned a powerful lesson in the importance of a microchip.

With microchipping there is a good chance of reuniting a pet with its family. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to consider when getting a new pet. And hey, did you know that during a vaccination clinic your local PETCO offers microchipping? So what are you waiting for? Have peace of mind that no matter how far your cat wanders, he can always make his way back home!

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  • http://PetCo Susan

    Why not tattoo animals that have microchip? They do when neutered.

  • anna l

    i have all my kitties microchipped. what a great story!

  • Lisa

    How much do you charge? Where is it located?

  • http://? Beth Ames

    How do I get a microchip for my cat, Mischief? I also need to get him feline leukemia shots. Where can I price-shop for this?