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Associate Pics of the Week – 7/16/10

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  • NormaJane Smith

    Is there a an effective remote device to control neighbors’s incessantly barking dogs? The range would be about 300 – 400 feet.

  • Britni Barkley

    I have a blackand tan Shiba Inu! Her name is Akira.

  • Britni Barkley

    I have a black and tan Shiba Inu. Her name is Akira!

  • Stacy Deguzman

    Ive got two pugs,Emma & Jaxson. If i could have another pet it would be a BOSTON :) I like the pointy ears and they look sorta like pugs :)

  • Tera Harley

    I have two extra large dogs that I have rescued from shelters. One is a Brazilian Mastiff and one is an English Mastiff. Lilli & Bella are gentle giants that were discarded, only to become the most loving pets to me & my family. My wish is for everyone to rescue their favorite animal before considering buying a new one. There are so many unwanted, loving animals needing good homes. Thanks PETCO for sponsoring local shelters & pet adoptions.

  • Tiana Clemons

    I have a lab named Max!

  • http://Petco Lynda Ehrich

    I have a big Marmalade Tabby named Nicky. He’s probably around 7. I rescued him from a trailer park when he was homeless. Now he lives in a second-floor beachside condo. What a life!

  • cyndy allard

    TWO fabulous chihuahua’s both Buddha doggies. Zanpo and Manray:::::: the best.