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S is for Snake Head Turtle

The other night I was playing Scattergories with friends (I know, that game is awesome) and we were on the letter “S”, with the category ”amphibian or reptile”. I, having limited knowledge in that department, wrote down “snake”, as did three other people playing.

However, one person shared triumphantly, “Snake Head Turtle.”

“You made that up!” I half-jokingly accused because, let’s be honest, that sounds a little crazy.

Crazy or not, I came to find that Snakehead turtles DO exist. Well, kind of. They are actually known as Snake Neck Turtles (I’m taking that point back, Daniel!) and are named that due to their unusally long necks, which make them resemble a snake head.

Snake Neck Turtle. Click image for source.

After googling them, I can appreciate what truly unique creatures they are. This made me pause for a second and think, what other “different” animals exist? Have you seen a Bumblebee Bat? How about a Golden-Rumped Elephant Shrew?  Isn’t it interesting how one animal can inspire another animal’s name, like a small shrew named after an elephant, or a turtle named after a snake? The bat, shrew and other interesting animals are listed on Listverse’s Top 10 Evoluntionary Unique Animals.

What other interesting animals are out there?

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  • Charlene melson

    PETCO sells the “Elephant Nose” fish. Adults can reach a length of 9 inches. According to our Web site, the mouth of this fish is actually above its nose!

  • Katie Brewer

    You must of had flashbacks of playing with Bethany.