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Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food Recall

Valium Buy, PETCO was notified today, June 19, that Natural Balance is voluntarily recalling Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog food with the “Best By” date of June 17, 2011, in 5- and 28-pound bags because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Injecting valium 10, Recalled products were only distributed in pet specialty stores, including PETCO, valium speed, Which is stronger xanax or valium, in the states of Alaska, Arizona, valium by vbulletin, Alzheimer's valium, Arkansas, California, valium cheapest, Buy roche valium, Colorado, Hawaii, low valium, Possession of valium, Idaho, Illinois, valium apo 10, Valium skies mp3, Iowa, Kansas, blue pill 274 valium, Temazepam valium, Louisiana, Minnesota, 40 mg valium, Valium given rectally, Mississippi, Missouri, terapia valium, Valium to fly, Montana, Nevada, no prescription valium money orders, Valium strength, New Mexico, North Dakota, valium picture, Injecting valium tablets, Oklahoma, Oregon, cost of 2mg valium, Adenosine valium stress examination, South Dakota, Texas, alcholol with valium, Valium online consultation, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

While only PETCO stores in these areas carried the affected SKUs, we have directed all of our store teams to check for and remove all affected product from our shelves. In addition, our registers have been programmed to prevent the sale of these products at checkout and affected inventory has also been removed from

No other Natural Balance products are affected by this recall.

In a news release, Natural Balance said the recall is being issued out of an “abundance of caution” based on an “isolated instance” in which a product sample randomly tested by the U.S, Valium Buy. Food and Drug Administration had a positive result for Salmonella. They also said no illnesses related to this recall have been reported to date.

Customers who have purchased Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog formula with the “Best By” date of June 17, 2011, from PETCO, may bring it back and return it to us for a full refund.

For more details on the recall and information on potential health implications, read the full news release from Natural Balance.

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  • Kristy

    I have a 28lb bag with a best before date of 26/Oct/2011
    should I be alarmed?

  • Charlie in RSM,Ca

    I just purchased a 28# bag of Sweet Potato and Chicken for our dogs. Bag was emptied into our food storage bin, bag thrown away and who keeps receipts for dog food?

    I purchased the bag a few days ago from our local Petco here in Rancho Santa Margarita. Is there a way of getting store credit?

    The last two recalls by this company I simply threw the food away; however, this time it is an entire bag, which is not cheap. Is there a way of getting a store credit? Can they look up my purchase by my Petco card number?

    All I want is some safe and good dog food for my special friends.

  • Rick rockhill

    Hi Kristy- I work for Natural Balance. That best before code is not affected and is fine. Thanks for asking. For full details, visit our website at


  • PJ

    No – only the packages with “Best By” date June 17, 2011 are affected by this recall

  • Rick rockhill

    Charlie- no problem, just go to your local Petco, even with the kibble you have in a paper bag or anything. The store can take care of it for you. They can also look up your history from your PALS number. Feel free to also call Natural Balance at 800-829-4493 and we can send you a coupon too!

  • Kimberly

    Charlie in RSM, CA – I strongly suggest you give Wellness Pet Food a try. I have done a lot of research on pet foods and this is one of the FEW to use all Human Grade Ingredients. It is not the only Human Grade ingredient food but it is one of the few that has never been recalled, has been owned by the same company since the 60′s and I personally credit this food with correcting my dogs intestinal imbalance due to bad food (which is what caused me to want to research pet foods in the first place. Read the book Food Pets Die For by Ann Martin, 3rd Edition – it’s a real eye opener). I supplement her Wellness Super5Mix Chicken kibble with fruits and veggies (microplaned apple, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, fork-smashed bananas, all on a rotating basis), a tiny spoon of PLAIN yogurt and a spoon of canned pumpkin. She has the shiniest coat and is in great health!! I had her bloodwork done by a canine internale medicine doctor was told whatever I was doing to KEEP DOING IT because, and I quote, “Your dogs bloodwork numbers are the healthiest numbers I’ve seen in a very long time!” I told her everything I give my dog to eat and she said she was impressed and was going to recomment Wellness Pet Foods to her patients. You can check out their website for yourself at: I am fortunate that we have a PetClub local where I live so I am able to purchase the 30# bags for a little more than $10.00/bag CHEAPER than at PetCo.

  • Mike


    I just wanted to correct your post. Wellness does not use human grade ingredients as the food is co-packed and not manufactured in human grade factories.

  • Candi Angotti

    Thank you so much for this valuable information! My dogs love Natural Balance!

  • Kathy Isaksen

    Rick, I am using this opportunity to make contact with anyone working for Natural Balance.
    I run a inhome boarding business and am very active with a local 501c3 greyhound rescue. I am the foster coordinator and finalize all adoptions,(normally one or two a week.
    DVP has long been many of our’s choice of food for the delicate constitution of our greys. If I had a dollar for every time I recommended Natural Balance Limited Ingredients to new adopters, and my clients, I’d be able
    to support my pack of five’s treat habit with it!
    I truly contribute to your bottom line sales in the Tacoma/Seattle area.

    My questions:
    Could we/RH get 5 lb bags of NB to add to our adoption package?
    Are there any programs for breeders/kennels?
    Any programs for Non profits?

    Hope to hear any reply back from you soon as we are going into our busy season.
    In closing,I and my pack love Natural Balance.

    Communicating from the Greyhound Playground “><
    (253) 224-5454

  • Abbey

    You are absolutely wrong about that. Wellness does manufacture all of their products in human grade facilities and their food is one of the only human grade products out there for pets. Do some research.

  • NB Employee

    Kathy Isaksen,

    Natural Balance does in fact have a donation program AND a breeder program.

    If you wish to get in contact with someone I STRONGLY recommend calling the Natural Balance Office: 800-829-4493. Be sure to ask for the Donation Program.

  • Josh

    Hi Rick,

    We purchased a 15 lb bag and after two days of the food our dog was sick, same symptoms noted for salmonella poisoning. Don’t think it’s limited to the 5 or 28 lb bags.

  • Diane

    STOP USING NATURAL BALANCE!!! This isn’t their first recall. I was feeding my 100 lb lab Natural Balance for 2 years then they had the big pet food recall and they were on the list but not released to the public with the first round of product recalls back in 2006 and 2007. NATURAL BALANCE ALMOST KILLED MY DOG – PUT HER CLOSE TO RENAL FAILURE!!! With all the good products out there, why subject your babies to this BS? And why subject yourselves to this either?

  • Mike


    Wellness is made in 3 different factories. Hagen Pet foods, Waverly NY, American Nutrition Inc. in Ogden, UT and Cj Foods in Bern, KS. Those are absolutely not company owned factories. In addition, they are NOT humane grade factories as they make many other foods in those factories. It is you whom needs to do some research. Get a copy of Whole Dog Journal and read it for yourself.

  • Amanda


    Thank you for the great information! It’s always amazing when a consumer will turn a blind eye to the facts when they feel they have a cause to stand behind.


    We have had recalls in the past few years where salmonella in spinach and sprouts has almost killed hundreds of people…should we stop purchasing and consuming those heathly vegetables as well? Natural Balance was on the list as a precaution by their company management. While no issues were detected in their food, cans were being produced in a facility where another food brand had ingredients that were contaminated. Natural Balance had the good sense to place their canned food produced on recall for the safety of the consumer. If that really were the case Diane, I hope you were able to recover some of your expenses. They are a very responsible pet food company and I’m sure would reimburse you with just cause and documentation. As long as you weren’t just someone jumping on the bandwagon to smear their name of course.

    No, I do not work for Natural Balance, but I do believe that it is one of the better foods out there with a great line of products for most dogs and cats. Like any food, it may not be right for every animal. I have worked in the pet industry for the last 5 years and have a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. My degree focused on Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Research. I base my facts on scientific findings, not just what manufacturer websites want me to think.

  • Maria Tavares

    We are disapointed in Petco, You have a list of what is bought in your stores We have a Bull Mastif Named Jake
    A couple of weeks ago we bought the small bag of Nature’ Balance sweet potato chicken. we had to rushed Jake to energency vet care hospital because jake was in great pain they gave him intestinal medicine (Metrandarde 500MG) if we knew there was a problem his treatment may have been different.Also Vet care is not cheap and niether is the medicine
    Maria Tavares

  • steve

    look up natural balance class action lawsuit, you will see from the last recall that over 600 claims have been paid out for vet bills and “replacement pets” I’m surprised this stuff is still on the shelf!

  • http://petco Pamela

    I just want people to be aware that Wellness sold it’s company to Dad’s, feeder of corn-just look at their ingredients, in May 2010. I am buying the food that is on the shelf now, but then will stop using Wellness for my cats and dog.

  • Miah

    Wellness is part of WellPet and is owned by a privately held family company. Are you confusing this Proctor & Gamble’s purchase of Natura? (Innova, California Natural, Evo) Wellness did not sell to anyone and is an awesome food.

  • Ned S

    We’ve been pleased “to date” with the Natural Balance Sweet Potato Formulas from Petco – Fish, Vennison & Chicken (have not yet tried Bison) – but the problems related to the Chicken (current) & Vennison (former) are troubling.

    Just found this today:

    We firmly believe a Nutro diet contributed to the health problems & premature passing of our former Border Collie.

    What is a good & healthy dry food for our current & beloved Border Collie?

    Note – on other Petco foods – he had been subject to dry skin, dull hair & ear infections. The mfg rep recommended Natural Balance “Sweet Potato” formulas – made all these problems, former problems. He seems very healthy.

    Help, please.


  • Monica

    Just a heads up – I fed this food, NB sweet potatoe and chicken out of a bag with a date code of dec 17, 2010 and after 2 days I had one dog nearly bloat(gastric dilation), thought it was isolated, but by the next day I had 2 more dogs with gastric distress symptoms and was again at the vet office worried about bloat because of the first one that nearly went there. We did a fecal and the vet was floored at the amount of bacteria. I now have 3 dogs on medicine and will be doing additional stool testing tomorrow(our vet bills are already over $1200). I only fed this food for two days – less than 48 hours – before my dogs got sick. I think additional date codes need to be examined.

  • Debra Buckley

    May I suggest Solid Gold. an excellent food. and they have never had a recall. they have theire own line of wellness products as well. I never have heard any complaints from any consumers ever. the Ingredients are holistic. I recently put my small dog on it and she had allergies. and she is doing very well. I now have my cat on it as well.

  • PAUX

    Wellness was bought by an investment group Berwind in 2007. There is a lot of money to be made in pet products…it is about the money not the health of the pets.

  • PAUX

    Natural Balance has had to recall about 11 product lines within the last 5 years…and they continue to have problems with animals getting sick and dying.

  • PAUX

    It sounds like you have fallen for the manufacturer’s rhetoric. Did you know that Natural Balance does use ingredients from China? No it isn’t on the label, you have to ask them, but it is there in the product.