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Iams Wet Cat Food Recall

At PETCO, the health and wellbeing of pets are our primary concern, and we want to alert you that Procter & Gamble initiated a voluntary recall today of its Iams wet cat food products out of concern that thiamine (Vitamin B1), an ingredient in the food, loses potency over time.

Proctor & Gamble Recalls Iams Wet Cat Food

Based on that information, we have directed our store teams to remove all Iams wet cat food from our shelves. In addition, our registers have been programmed to prevent the sale of these products at checkout.

Our chief veterinarian advises us that insufficient thiamine (Vitamin B1) over a short period – five or six months, for example – would not likely cause any adverse health effects in your cat. If you feed your cat products in addition to Iams, your pet should not have any health implications. If you feed Iams wet cat exclusively, your cat could be at risk.

While the P&G news release issued today advises consumers to throw away unused product, we expect to have a process for PETCO customers to return product and obtain a refund. We’ll post more info about that process as we learn more.

For more details on the recall and information on potential health implications read the full news release from P&G.

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  • yd
  • desiree

    whew they’re trying to kill my cat jk…but im glad i feed my pet the iams dry food, i know friskies is good can food

  • Michele

    Called Proctor & Gamble today. They are issuing a refund directly, just fyi. You can see the info and get the # here:

    Although it says just ProActive on the site, they’ve actually upgraded the recall from just ProActive Health to all wet food cans with dates between 9/2011 and 6/2012.

    I don’t understand why this hasn’t been announced on the news. I was only alerted to it when I ran to the local grocery store late last night for some last minute goods and noticed that an entire section of cat food was missing, which turned out to be IAMs. I asked the one person working at the store that late (after midnight) if there had been a recall and he hadn’t heard of one. So I looked it up online and found out that yes indeed, there is one.

  • Carey

    Unfortunately they can’t refund my two cats that died since Jan. I fed them this food :(

  • Diana

    Tried to by Iams Dry Cat Food – Indoor Hairball Control last night at Target and it was tagged as recalled…hadn’t been taken off shelf yet. Any news on the dry food? I’ve done an extensive search and have found nothing on the dry food. Will stop by Petco tonight to see if I can buy some there.

  • brandy

    well hopefully people ralize that just feeding wet food to your cat is not good for there health. if anything they should be feeding with a kibble as the wet food only is not great for there teeth, unless you are brushing your cats teeth everyday.

  • Katherine Campbell

    I always support the cause of PETA.-’,

  • adastragrl

    I purchased a few cans of Iams wet cat food when I read its ingredients and saw it didn’t say Artificial Flavors and wondered if it would be an alternative to Fancy Feast, with which I was disappointed by when I saw most of their cans’ ingredients included Artificial Flavors. Does anyone know if Fancy Feast would have this same issue? (Regardless, I feed them mainly the Iam dry cat food.)

  • Cat sitter Edinburgh

    Thanks for all the info and updates. Diet choice is always difficult at the best of times.

  • Cathy

    My 10 year old dog would barely eat her Iams dog food (which is highly unusual because she is a piggy) and became ill, throwing up, lethargic, and one afternoon laid around and could barely get up and walk. I was told of the recall by a co-worker (my veterinarian’s office hadn’t even heard of the recall), and I took her off the Iams and began a bland diet. Within a few days, she was beginning to get back to normal and after a vet visit and a week of rice and chicken, I started her on Science Diet. I’ve used Iams for the past 10 years. Won’t use it again. How do these things happen?

  • Cathy

    oops– I just realized this is a site for cat food. I love my dog, though, as I’m sure you love your cat.

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