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Snuggies for Fish Make Their Debut at PETCO

Banking on the runaway success of the Snuggie wearable blanket and the Snuggie for Dogs (available on PETCO will soon be the exclusive carrier of the Snuggie for Fish.

This exciting product was designed with fish anatomy and comfort in mind. There are cutouts in the back and top to accommodate the dorsal and pectoral fins.

The Fish Snuggie is ideal for mixed freshwater community tanks where the temperature requirements can vary from fish to fish. For example, Tetras prefer a water temperature between 72 and 82 degrees while Goldfish prefer it cooler. By dressing all your Tetras in Fish Snuggies, you can maintain a lower overall temperature without upsetting your cool water-loving Goldfish.

Fish Snuggies are more than just practical, they’re also stylish.

“Pet fashion has been the exclusive domain of dogs and cats for too long,” said Matt Hickerson, Associate Merchandise Manager Aquatic Supplies. “Fish can be fabulous too.”

Initially, the Fish Snuggie will only be available in Blazin’ Blue. However, PETCO plans to expand to other colors and styles as demand for this unique product inevitabaly increases.

Are Snuggies for other species on the horizon?

No one in PETCO’s merchandising department was willing to comment, but according to a confidential source, Snake Snuggies are not far off. According to the anonymous tipster, production will be easy since “they’re basically just blue tube socks.”

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  • Jessica

    ………………….April Fools.

  • Brooke

    OMG please PLEASE tell me this is a joke!! Thats just ridiculous! lmao

  • Ellen

    Awesome! Best April Fool’s joke I’ve seen today.

  • Brandon Mendoza

    Thanks for letting my fish try them out Matt!

  • anna l

    i use the snuggle for dogs on my cats! you can become a fan of them on facebook at Solomon, Simon and Samson The Wonder Cats

  • Matt

    Only $39.99 each!! What a great deal!!

  • Karla Fox

    OH MY GOD, don’t let my fish see these, she’ll want one right away…Ruby wants everything all the time!

  • NRFnews

    Great April Fools joke! NRF loves pets and fashion, we “tweeted” this blog,

  • Gina

    It’s been a long time coming. My fish will be pleased!

  • Nan

    Yeah! And when are the matching slippers going to be available?

  • Matthew Ross

    ………….drumroll…………………… and APRIL FOOLS

  • Snuggie Cult

    This is a glorious extension into the aquatic realms.

    All hail the great and mighty Snuggie empire!

  • Kimmie

    April Fools??? This has to be a joke!

  • Vickie Dones

    Is it waterproof?

  • Connie

    HELLO!! APRIL FOOLS!! If anybody actually believes this, your not even smart enough to have fish!

  • Bob

    I just ordered one and my fish love them they all use to be cold and would snuggle up together but now there all as warm as can be….the bad part is that there made out of fabric so there not water proof….and to everyone who says there fake well there not cause i have a 150 gallon fish tank and i have 27 fish and they all love them but hated when i put them on each other….thanks for the great fish snuggie hope more people invent cool things lke this.

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  • Giovanni

    How on earth are you expecting me to get a Snuggie onto my fish? I love the idea though, fashion for fish! I can just imagine, fish with fin-polish! Aqua Blue, Yellow-Tail, Pink-Pectoral, and, delicious-dorsal purple!

  • Onkyo HTS7300

    Funny stuff ! What will people think of next snuggies for birds? I do like the dog ones dod not know about them will probably get one for my dog.