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Associate Pics of the Week – 4/23/10

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[caption id="attachment_4120" align="aligncenter" width="386" caption="A Boy and His Mastiff"][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_4119" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Darwin - photo by Adrian from the PETCO store in Keene, acomplia message boards, Acomplia mexico, N.H."][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_4118" align="aligncenter" width="375" caption="Billy and Jovie - photo by Courtney from the PETCO headquarters in San Diego, Calif."][/caption]
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  • Sheri Kuticka

    Just heard about the slimy folks at Sun Pet LTD who supply Petco with small animals. Tried to call Petco and voice my concern but my call went into the voicemail round file where the most bored of voices told me they were(yawn) so concerned and investigated this place like 5 years ago and everything was fine then so of course must be fine now. The inference of course being, don’t bother me. So I won’t. Already tore up the coupon for grooming and will cut up my Petco card after I write this. Don’t worry, I won’t be bothering you or shopping at your store again. Gotta go. I’m online and would like to share this story with all my friends who might make the mistake of shopping at Petco if I don’t warn them.

  • Derek Casula

    Sheri Kuticka- just so you know Sun pet LTD, not only supplied small animals for south eastern state petcos but also to petsmart and a variety of other pet stores, and clearly you are not an associate of petco because on the petcos personal computer at each petco there is an article voicing its concern and how to approach the situation about Sun Pet LTD. please learn all the facts before youi go spouting off at the mouth. thanks have a nice day =)

  • G McRoy

    Sorry you feel that way about Petco. You might find the same reaction from another Pet place… Pet.. the opposite of Smart? Had you tried to get a live person on the phone you might have found out how dedicated the people at Petco really are. I know quite a few of them yet you decided to paint the whole corporation in light of a few recorded messages. @@

  • Heather Griffin

    You know Sheri, just because you had a bad experience calling doesn’t mean you should write off the whole company. Obviously you are not that concerned or you would still be trying to get your point of view across. And posting this on the Associate Pics of the Week is just childish. Nobody came here to read your nasty comment. Use the appropriate channels to “voice your concern”.

  • smith

    i work at petco. if you saw the you tube video then you saw that petco sent back animals. we DO NOT take in sick or injured animals. I do not know where you shop but the animal care in my store is perfect. No one cares more then the people at the store that i work at.

  • Kayleigh Gillespie

    yea, Sheri, you need to do your research. here’s an article to help you out. Petco had their tiff with PETA a few years back but we’re on pretty good terms now, which would be obvious if you had done your research.
    BTW, you call any corporate headquarters and your gonna get a machine. sorry, that’s just how this world works. Petco works really hard to educate themselves and the pet parents who come to them about proper care for their animals. walk into any petco and see how the animals are cared for. if an animal is sick, it sees a vet within a week if it’s non-emergency. a vet is there EVERY WEEK to check on the animals we have in the store. It pains me to have to explain this to people. animals come first is not just a stupid slogan that they use to get people to come into the store; it is how things really are at petco. I’m glad i work there.

  • Brooke

    Agreed. I am an associate and I know for a fact that there has been alot of concern over the allegations. Our managers made it a point to let everyone know what was going on.

  • Marie Cooper

    THANKYOU Derek!! Yes please Sheri get your fact rights before SLANDERING Petco.

  • Petco Coupon

    That is one big dog.