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Are You Prepared? Pet Disaster Plans

It’s always good to be prepared for emergencies – and the recent weather extremes and devastating earthquake in Haiti are valuable reminders of that.
That’s why, regardless of the particular weather or geological risks in your area, having an emergency kit for your pet is always a good idea. Make sure to be prepared, practice and consistently update your disaster plan with your family.
Check out the County of San Diego Animal Services’ suggestions for a Pet Disaster Plan. Items like leashes, a collar and a week’s supply of food are must-haves if you ever get stuck in an emergency situation.

Stay safe and remember to include your pets in your emergency planning as well.

Don't you want us to be safe?

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  • anna l

    an emergency plan for pets is such a good idea, i CAN’T believe i haven’t done this yet! i will be sure to put one together so that in an emergency, me and my babies are safe.

    another helpful blog by PETCO!

  • jennifer

    so cute my dog has to have a lot of toys and treats if my dog has a treat and one out of my two cats goes near it my dog will growl to watch it is a funny sight