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Celebrities at PETCO

Hugh Jackman at PETCO Christmas Eve

I recently heard about PETCO getting a visit from Hugh Jackman when he came to our Union Square store in New York City. The entire store team had a great time helping him and his wife pick out new pets and supplies for their kids for Christmas. The team raved about how gracious they were, and how Hugh agreed to sign autographs and take pictures with anyone who asked.

Hearing about this exciting celebrity sighting made me wonder, what other celebs get their pet supplies at PETCO? It’s sometimes easy to forget that, even though they have glamorous lives with plenty to do, their pets still need to eat and play just like ours. So I did a quick Google search and I found out we have some pretty loyal shoppers in the celeb world – check out these shots from the past year:

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    I love Dexter too! Love that Hugh was so gracious. What a great Christmas eve surprise for your team!

  • Laura

    Why isn’t this blog more prominently placed/advertised better on the website?? It should be.

  • Aaron Carlson

    We have a regular celebrity at our store as well. The guitarist from Slayer comes in probably once every few weeks and he recently got a mastiff puppy

  • anna l

    another great blog by ms simon especially the shout out to Dexter

  • Angela

    Who was the playboy playmate at Petco in LA on Wednesday, February 24th. Hef’s twins were there with her…