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Buy Toradol no prescription, PETCO stores nationwide are immediately pulling five SKUs of cow hooves treats, sold under the PETCO brand, from all of its shelves following a health alert issued by the U.S. Buy Toradol online no prescription, Food and Drug Administration. The alert warns consumers not to use pig ears and beef hooves pet treats manufactured by Pet Carousel because the products may be contaminated with Salmonella, order Toradol no prescription. Reasons to buy Toradol online, According to the FDA statement, no illnesses associated with these products have been reported, where can i find Toradol online, Purchase Toradol online no prescription, but consumers in possession of these products are advised not to handle them or feed them to their pets.

The health and wellbeing of our customers’ pets is our topmost priority, Toradol pharmacy, Buy Toradol without a prescription, so we’re immediately pulling any beef hooves product that originated at the Pet Carousel facility. Below is a list of the five SKUs we’re removing from shelves:






Pet Carousel manufactures a number of pet treat products distributed nationwide in both bulk and retail packaging for sale in pet food and retail chain stores, buy Toradol no prescription. While Pet Carousel does manufacture beef hooves for PETCO, Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Buy generic Toradol, it does NOT supply our company with pig ear treats, so if you’ve purchased pig ear treats at PETCO, Toradol in cats, dogs, children, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, they are not affected by this recall.

We’ve cancelled any further deliveries or shipments of the recalled products to our stores and blocked the sales of all five SKUs at cash registers in all stores and online at, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee. Buy Toradol from mexico, If you believe you are in possession of any of the affected products, we advise you not to handle or feed them to your pets and welcome you to bring them back to your local PETCO store for a full refund or exchange, köpa Toradol online, Osta Toradol online, Jotta Toradol verkossa. 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, PETCO does carry an 8-piece bone/body variety pack of treats that includes one cow hoof that is produced by another manufacturer and is NOT affected by this recall. That unaffected SKU is:

  • 1229397 - PETC-10.9 OZ 8PC VARIETY PACK

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  • Ashley

    wow, this is really good to know. Thankfully they are getting pulled. My 8 month old sibe puppy just got insanely sick yesterday and she had the hoove about 3 days prior. She is better now but she will never get another one.

  • Debbi

    I’m glad I get these notices in my email. It’s nice to know that somebody’s looking out for our “kids.” We seldom purchase the hooves as they seem to stay around too long for my comfort zone. And the dogs tend to dig up the garden to hide them. Thanks Petco!

  • Kay

    This is good to know. My Chihuahua is sick (diarrhea) and she has been chewing on one of the chew hooves. My beagle was also chewing on the same one. He so far is fine.I hope this is not the reason the little one is sick.
    I will be checking Petco site more freguently. I happened across this by mistake.

  • Margo

    My dog was sick with bloody diarrhea after chewing on a couple of them over a one day period. She was also laying around for a couple days too :(

  • Shauna Russ

    There are sites that provide RSS feeds of such notification, such as Dogster, where where I maintain a page for my Service Dog, Phoebe. I received the notice of the recall on the same day, 11/6, that Petco posted this notice, then I forwarded it to my animal welfare email group. I didn’t even know about the Petco recall until I received their email today, 11/11, five days later so you might want to depend upon notification from Dogster or another site that actually gets the news TO you. I’m not very good about making it to individual blogs until I get an email such as this one.

    Anyway, once I learned of the recall, I just stopped giving her any of the new ones we had from 2 sources – Thank you, Lord! She works so hard for me anyway and has a ton of allergies on top of that! She doesn’t need to be given something to make her life more difficult or miserable. Seems like these problems with food and treats just happen more and more and I’m not sure how we, as consumers, can demand better protection – but we need to do so!

  • Cindy Brodhacker

    If I had not been looking at your website (Petco’s), I would not have seen the information on the recalled cow hooves. Petco needs to notify their customers via e-mail that this recall was in effect. For those customers that are signed up on the rewards program, the e-mail addresses are readily accessible.

  • Janet

    Thank you Petco for sending an email alert. I have 2 packages of these hooves and, thankfully, had not opened them yet.

  • Susie

    AHhh so this is the source of her sickness – we pick these up once a week for our golden retriever girl ( 9 months) and they were the only thing that kept her from tearing up her toys. Thank you Petco for the email! I have sent on to our dog/puppie group as we all seemed to find them fun for our animals- guess not!!!!

    Off to find the old ones and dispose of properly – into the bin!!!!!

  • Connie

    I happen to find this posting by accident. Thank goodness because I have these chew hooves. Explains why my dogs are sick and possibly why I am sick. I will be contacting my doctor today. Thanks again Petco for posting this so consumers stay informed. Hope the manufacturer figures this out because my dogs love these.

  • Rebecca

    I let my little yorkie chew on one of these and she was sick. I took her to the vet. She is better now. I didn’t know of the recall till I was on the site this morning. Now I know why she was sick.

  • amanda

    In reply to original post:
    Ashley-November 7th, 2009 at 1:42 pm
    “wow, this is really good to know. Thankfully they are getting pulled. My 8 month old sibe puppy just got insanely sick yesterday and she had the hoove about 3 days prior. She is better now but she will never get another one.”

    Ashley, you are not supposed to give those to an 8 month old puppy anyway.

  • Roxsan

    our beagle was sick a couple of weeks ago,vomiting and no appitite. he really enjoys the pig ears and hooves. now we are to afraid to buy him any more. It’s a shame that some company doesn’t monitor their products any better than this. I won’t be buying from them any more.

  • stephanie

    I’ve BEEN giving my girl adult treat/chews since she was well…very young. That’s all I’ll say. I don’t want to get shouted down by a bunch of rabid pet owners.LOL I bought an adult chew by mistake & was surprised when she broke it apart in minutes. Then I thoroughly read the package and saw that it said ADULT chew. Until that point, I’d assumed a chew was a chew. So I subbed w/another chewtoy. That didn’t cut it — so I gave her back her chew and she was happy.
    She’s a hard chewer. I usually stick with rope toys and stuffed animal squeakers but for the flavored chews that keep a dog occupied for hours? The adult chews are the best.
    The ones I buy aren’t strong enough to break her teeth. I try to get the treats w/the most natural ingredients so…I don’t see the big deal. You have to supervise the dog while they’re chewing anyhow. So, if a big piece falls off…I just pick it up and throw it out.
    Honestly, I’m more worried about her picking up and swallowing things on the carpet. I dropped a disposable razor cover on the floor in my bedroom and I can’t figure out whether she was trying to chew or eat it but she’d practically swallowed the thing before I pulled it from her jaws. Saved myself a vet trip and a few hundred dollars.

    Anyway, I was going to get her the pig ears but I didn’t like any that I saw. So settled on the pork/lamb fillets from Vitalife and a package of miniature small chicken-drumstick chewbones.
    But I’m glad that these were pulled anyhow… I had no idea there was a recall.

  • Lisa

    No one should be giving their dogs pig ears anyway. They can cause a massive clog in the dogs intestinal tract which may require your dog to have surgery or may even cause death. I urge pet parents not to give these treats to their doggies. A much healthier alternative is to give your dog a carrot to chew on. My dogs love them!

  • Amy

    In reply to Cindy Brodhacker, check your settings on your computer, maybe it’s not enabling emails from Petco to go through, if that is, they have an email address and a valid one at that. Other people have gotten an email alerts from them! In reply to Roxsan, They do continuously monitor the products in the store, this is why they posted an email, the blame shouldn’t be on the company carrying the product but the company that makes it! Pet Carousel manufactures treats for other pet stores and grocery stores nationwide, so you just make sure you stop shopping at all of the stores who carry that brand, not just the one that put out the public warning!!!

  • John Landers

    Buy American Made! Pet Carousel Made in China is BS. Why would Petco choose a BS brand to private label their products? Because of profit. It’s Cheap!

  • Michelle

    I have a 5 year old diabetic Miniature Pinscher. I almost put him down last weekend. He went into ketoacidosis after vomiting excessively. Almost $500 in vet bills later they are saying it probably started as food poisoning. He eats prescription dog food. His only approved chew treat are hooves. We have 3/4 of a bag of these left at home. I need to investigate this more. Thanks for the info PETCO.

  • http://PETCO Kayla

    Is there a problem with horse hooves??

  • lisa

    I have been giving my Shiloh Shepherd puppy these since October and just found out about the recall a couply days ago. I purchased them at Wegmans and they called their customers. My dog was so sick, ended up in the emergency vet, sick off and on for a month. Bottom line, $1500.00 in vet bills and now we finally know the source. I wonder if I can recoup any of my vet bills. This really infuriates me.

  • Pet Guy

    I think that it is very responsible of PETCO to issue a warning as soon as the problem was detected, some less reputable pet food retailers would just have kept quiet in the hope that they would avoid detection. I have to say that I fed my dog a pigs ear once and she threw up so I haven’t fed her these for some time.

  • Herbal Treatment for Dogs

    Luckily my dog treats and food come from a butcher, who makes up special meals for my beloved dog. This is frightening.

  • Disturbed01666

    Wow, my dog gets those and had a high fever with a sore abdomen. The vet didnt know why. Looks like we know now!!