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The Evolution of a Charm

The strawberry lemonade charm

The strawberry lemonade charm

It all started with an idea. We thought it would be fun to offer a flag charm with for our 4th of July SPA package back in early 2008.  If you purchased that month’s featured Grooming Salon package, you’d get a free patriotic flag charm for your pal’s collar. We quickly learned that patriotism was only part of the reason for the popularity of this promotion.  The idea of adorning a dog with themed charms that happen to tie in with our ‘flavor’ of the month shampoo or a particular holiday has caught on like gangbusters. It also brings fun and excitement into the Salon, invigorating the creative side of grooming.  The associates decorate by colorfully painting windows or setting up scenes to go with the theme of the month (such as a lemonade stand to go with August’s strawberry lemonade charm). The customers come in each month with great anticipation to see what we’ve come up this time! 

a PETCO store window decorated for July's charm

PETCO grooming window decorated by associate Aliander Kaszyk

That first flag charm was in a heart shape with 50 stars.  The stars inspired us to add actual bling to the piece, so we decided to offer custom holiday designs for November that included a few rhinestones. For 2009, we have a whole new line of holiday charms to select from beginning November 1st. Customers can choose from a fall leaf, cornucopia with rhinestones as grapes, snowman, gingerbread man and New Year’s champagne glasses with confetti rhinestones.

Every month, I design the charm with our vendor up in central California. First, I send them a sample of clip art that resembles the visual idea I have in my mind as an aesthetically pleasing and practical design for a dog charm. We go through a few rounds of edits with their interpretation and mine and end up with something custom and unique that no other dog would be wearing… other than fellow PETCO grooming salons pups.

It’s been a blast working on this project and since we have had such a huge success with the charms, we have begun to offer them for sale on It’s like a bow; it can make any outfit feel dressed up! In researching dog charms along the way we have come to find out that the PETCO dog collar charms have even become collectible items!

The Coffee Charm

September’s Chai Tea Latte Charm

Miss a month or want to join the PETCO Grooming Salon & SPA Charm craze? Starting with the August promotion, you can order your favorite charms online!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new designs rolling out, what the continued public response is to this exciting phenomenon, and how well they are selling. September’s Chai Tea Latte and October’s glow in the dark pumpkin are sure to be some of our most alluring yet!

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  • Lyn Hubert

    These charms are awesome!! Mitzi loves her flag charm and is getting groomed Sat and looking forward to her Chai Lstte charm!! What a creative group they are in Pet Services……

  • Terry Limone

    I love these charms! My dog, Nikita, and I have a hard time deciding which is our favorite for her to wear! People at our dog park always compliment her when she wears them. I always get asked where they can get one also. It is just the right amount of bling to add to her collar and with some many fun styles to choose from she looks good every season.

  • angela hasenfus

    These charms are a wonderful way to spoil your pet and dress them up more. I love the idea of matching the charm of the month to the current events. They are sure to become collector’s items!

  • Kelly O

    My dog Sonny has a charm and he gets so much attention from it! Of course that makes him happy :-)

  • Katie

    I am a dog tag collector and when I found out that Petco was doing charms I was so happy. I love going in every month to see what new design is out. I started collecting the charms in January 09 and would love to purchase the back ones from 2008.

    I do allow my toy poodle to wear them…She is the envy of our small town!


  • Katie Wing

    In November and December Petco never sold the charms online. They turn me away in store….What can I dog to get these wonderful charms?