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May is National Guide Dog Month

 Have you ever seen a person who is visually impaired walking around freely with a guide dog at their side and gotten goosebumps at the sight?
Paula Abdul with a Guide Dog

Paula Abdul with a Guide Dog

I have. I love seeing guide dogs around town with their perfect little vests that tell you right away, “I’m more than just a cute dog, I’m an extra special gift to my human companion, here.”

But I never had any idea how much of a gift these dogs really are until now. In preparing to celebrate National Guide Dog Month at PETCO, I’ve learned that it takes almost two years and more than $40,000 to train a guide dog. Wow.

Paula Abdul blindfolded to experience the loss of sight with a guide dog.

Paula Abdul blindfolded to experience the loss of sight with a guide dog.

And, what’s even more amazing, is that the organizations that raise and train guide dogs do it all and then give the dog, a true gift of mobility and independence, to someone who needs it – for free.

I can’t imagine what it must be like not to be able to see or have the freedom to walk from here to there enjoying the world around me. But if I had to find out, I would surely hope there would be a sweet and loyal guide dog in training – just for me.

I’m so proud that PETCO, along with Paula Abdul and our friends at Natural Balance Pet Foods, is celebrating National Guide Dog Month by helping spread the word and raising money for guide dog schools across the country.

You can help, too. Check out the video below to learn how. 

And if you have a story to share about how a guide dog has changed a life, please share it with us in the comments!

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  • Chelsey

    can you bring your dogs in petco??????

  • tatyana

    how much is french bulldog anywhere?????????????????????????

  • Lisa Epstein

    Chelsey, leashed pets are always welcome at any PETCO store :)

    Tatyana, we don’t sell dogs at PETCO but we do have adoption events regularly in all of our stores where you may be able to find the right pet for you. You can find your local PETCO with our online store locator here:

  • Pitbull Advocate

    My sister has recently lost her vision. From being someone with total independence to having to depend on other people it’s been heart breaking, not to mention an emotional roller coaster for her.

    She is now someone afraid to leave her home, dependent on others, although she has started a program to become more independent living as a blind person.

    It can take anywhere from 2-3 yrs before she is able to get her guide dog.

    I honestly hope it is sooner rather than later.