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You’re Giving Your Pet Away?


Photo from Pamela at Store 559 in San Diego, Calif.

“I’m moving and I can’t bring my pet.”

“We’re having a baby and just don’t have time anymore.”

“My new apartment doesn’t allow big dogs.”

“My child has lost interest in the pet.”

“We’re in the military and can’t have our pet on base.”

These are just a quick example of reasons people give up their pets. This is very upsetting for me.  Why do people think it’s ok to just give away their pet? I could never imagine having to give away my pets, but if you look at Craigslist under the Pets section, you’ll find an incredible number of people who are doing this.

Do you not consider your pet part of the family? Would you abandon your child? This may seem extreme, but I think this is the way pets should be treated, as part of the family.

It’s all too easy to make an impulse decision and take home a “free” puppy from that person outside the grocery store. You buy that boa constrictor because you think owning a big snake will be “cool”. That little ferret at the pet store is so cute, but you think it can just stay in its cage in the back of the house. Wrong!

Photo from

Photo from Christy at Store 490 in Round Rock, Texas

I’m not saying that every instance of a person giving up a pet is inexcusable. Sometimes things happen that are truly beyond our control, and giving away a pet is the only option left. But for most cases, doing a bit more legwork can solve the problem. There are tons of services that can help find pet-friendly housing, people who will exercise your dog when you can’t, charities that will give you free/discount pet food, trainers that can help you welcome home a baby and have your pet be OK with it, and the list goes on.


Please think long and hard before you get a pet. Make sure the one you choose is the right one for your lifestyle, financial situation, and your family. Making the decision to own a pet is a big one, and needs to be treated as a long term commitment. Do your research. Did you know your turtle will live up to 50 years? Did you know that puppy will be 70 lbs full grown? These are things you need to consider. Being a responsible pet owner begins BEFORE you acquire a pet.

I’ve included some links below. Refer to these if you are thinking of getting a pet, and ask yourself the questions on these pages to help determine if a pet is right for you.

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    How do u know they adapt/ just because they go about eating and sleeping and walking/ have a heart.They cannot express and love us no matter how we are and who we are/…they love us forever nd ever……..even children adapt …will we give them away /

  • Julie_95860

    if your animal IS your child, there is nothing asinine about the comparison

  • dave

    This column is great if you’re completely unable to relate to average human beings!

    Terrible column. I would only give my dog away to the correct people/family, but this article is simply insensitive and unsympathetic. Perhaps it would be best for the pet to find a new home? Perhaps a family can’t handle the additional stress. “Would you abandon your child.”
    Absurd absurd absurd.

    Pets are not people.

  • dove

    I love my dog and wish to keep him. I have taken the time to look at all my options. I have changed jobs and will be gone 11 hours a day. The shifts will go 4 on 1 off 6 on 3 off. This will cause long periods of time I will be gone physicially and emotionally. When I come home I am tired and he is not spending enough time with me. He is not going on walks. He misses me and I do miss him but why shoud he suffer for my decision.

    He likes to be crated and freaks when he is out when I am gone. He needs that security. So to me putting him in a crate for 11 hours is horrible. I have a few friends that are going and letting him out but thats not the point. Would you like to sit in a cage for 11 hours alone? Would you like to be alone for 11 hours and then when someone comes home they eat, sleep and go back to work? No your a dog and you want to be with your owner more than just an hour. They don’t want the neighbor to come and let them go out and then back in the cage.

    You have to think about your pet and what is best for them not you. I don’t think people just get rid of their animals without thinking it through. I am very upset with all the comments. There are people out there that cannot afford their kids and give them up and their are reasons for not being able to take an animal. I don’t think its horrible I think the individual is strong. Strong enough to put their needs aside to do what is best for the pet. Now I can understand the strong words for someone that just give them away with no reason. Come on!