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Green Tongue DogIn honor of Earth Day we are giving away a $100 gift certificate to the person who is able to finish this sentence in the most creative way:

"My pet is the greenest because..."


The Details

  • Enter your response in the comments section of this blog entry.

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  • Kajivar

    My pet is the greenest because he doesn’t drive at all; he always walks.

  • Jessica P

    My dog, Davey, is the ultimate composting machine. He eats just about everything (no olives, thank you) I allow him to and efficiently turns it into the best fertilizer. He requires no electricity or fossil fuels to run.

  • Pitbull Advocate

    LOL–Love Jessica’s response!

  • Tiffany

    My pet is greenest because he recycles everything he can find… food into toys, toys into pillow, and pillows into food!

  • Mandy Liles

    My two dogs try very hard to be green. They eat one of the best natural dog foods. They treat the parks and dog runs in New York City very well. They ensure that I pick up their droppings with biodegradable bags. My rat terrier, Pickle, especially enjoys eating the grass in Central Park to provide a natural way to keep it trim. We also attend the dog fair each year and participate in the activities, which supports the Central Park Conservancy. My mixed breed, Roofus, did very well last year at the agility course, so we were able to put a few more dollars in for the cause. We are a green family!

  • Kyle

    Bauer (my dog) is the ultimate green e make regular walks to the recycling dumpsters. He does not know the term, “do you want to go outside” he knows “lets go recycle.” He is always trying to help my neighbors with their gardens because they are his favorite places to do his business, we rarely go over to cookout!

  • Amy Summers

    My pet is the greenest because she eats Pet Promise pet food (bought from Petco) & has eliminated 10k doses of antibiotics fed to farm animals & 3K+ artificial growth hormones

  • Diane

    My pet is the greenest cat of all because he doesnt like regular cat toys, he loves straws, empty toilet paper rolls, empty boxes etc.

  • Emmadog

    Emma and Mia are the greenest pets because all their favorite toys are made from recycled materials (cardboard boxes, dryer sheets, etc.) On top of that, their entertainment is the local wildlife, which we repay with birdseed ;) Also, Emma and Mia have their own garden (growing their own treats). Their garden consists of Cat Grass, Catnip, Rosemary, and Mint.

  • Lorena

    My dog, Rocky, is the greenest for several reasons:

    - He can eat a Greenie in no time flat.
    - He conserves energy by lying around sleeping all day.
    - He makes sure to be energy efficient by running three laps on his indoor track (aka the living room) daily.
    - He makes sure to appreciate nature — sniffing grass, flowers and watering the occasional tree — on our daily walks.
    - He helps me recycle the few plastic bags we have in the house by providing waste to dispose of.
    - He loves eating his fruits and veggies, and lets us know (via nose) that local, organic food (Solid Gold) is the best thing for him and his sensitive tummy.

  • Corrin

    Our dog Ollie is the greenest because he is a Dachshund 2.0, powered by mercury-free lithium batteries. He charges them by laying the the sun all day. When we come home he can discharge his energy in about 4 hours.

    In the winter he keeps our toes warm in bed, allowing us to cut our heating bill by 20%!

    He loves to recycle socks and underwear into toys. Usually he won’t even tell us beforehand. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, he says.

    He turns his nose up at processed treats, and will only eat the finest in dried sweet potato and chicken jerky.

    And that is why Ollie is the greenest! Visit him at!

  • lorign

    my puggie is green because her name is “Sophie Green”!

  • Michelle

    My dog Bo is the greenest because he gives me an endless supply of chow-hair tumbleweeds in my house. Instead of trying to clean it, I’m going to green it. I’ve decided to start my own stuffed dog hair pillow business and I’m quite sure that when this shedding season has passed, I’ll be able to supply everyone in my county with a pillow. No Mohair for us, I’ll call them Bo-Hair.

  • Amanda Hagan

    My pet is the greenest because she never wastes food.

  • Amanda Hagan

    My pet is the greenest because she once tinkled in the toilet instead of on a tree.

  • Amanda Hagan

    My pet is the greenest because when I got her, she was a recycled pet.

  • Wuss912

    My Puppy Recycles(not her poop) She loves to chew on our empty water bottles and uses them as toys.

  • Rob

    They will never save the environment, but a recycled pet can be the best choice for our lives. Thanks Amanda.

  • Jacqui Tanner

    My dog is greenest because she (Lady Chablis) barks & guards her poopie until I pick-up her poopie in her pink biodegradable poopie bags.

  • Dana

    My pet is the greenest because…
    he REDUCES the amount of food we waste (he licks our plates clean when we are finished.
    he REUSES old furniture (he now has a spot for movies).
    and he RECYCLES plastic bottles (he makes them into a chew toy).

  • bluebell

    My fish (MR.T) was green. He allways was cleaning his tank!
    But he died three years ago.

  • Barb

    My dog is the greenest pet because she prefers the grass to the snow!

  • Barb

    TheTop 5 reasons my dog is the greenest pet:

    1) She’s a wonderful little furnace while laying on a lap or sleeping in the bed. This enables us to keep the heat turned down in the house.
    2) She picks up what ever tidbits may fall to the floor. She’s a four-on-the-floor vacuum cleaner who is at my constant disposal…or should I say who is “A” constant disposal.
    3) She eats a high quality dog food that is free of all chemicals, artificial flavors and preservatives.
    4) She uses a backyard that is all natural and free from chemicals and pesticides.
    5) Finally, not only is she green, but she lives a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys running up and down the hallway and around the house with a favorite toy in her mouth as frequently as she can.

  • Jacqui Tanner

    My dog, Lady Chablis, is the greenest pet because when she poopies, she guards her poopie and barks until I pick the it up with her biodegradable poopie bags.

  • Daniela

    Although I have 3 dogs, I only need to scoop and dispose of the waste of 2 dogs. How can that be? Well, um, let’s just say that for the past 8 years, one of my dogs has been “picking up” after one of my other dogs in complete privacy so nobody tries to interfere with her mission to be green.

  • Michelle

    My pet is the greenest because he knows how to recycle. :) He takes newspapers and pop bottles to the bins in the kitchen when you tell him “recycle” it. :)

  • Patty

    My pet is the greenest because he uses the outdoors to put his brown and yellow, no litterbox to make me blue.

  • SplashTheLab

    I am green(ish) because when I get Furminated, we put my fur in the tree for the birdies to use in their nests.

    Technically, though, I am YELLOW and hopefully always will be. I guess the bird nests would be yellow then too.

    Splash, the yellow Lab

  • Jacqueline

    Our Cat Brew goes to the bathroom outside in our compost pile. We do not need a litter box or any other products for his waste, it’s fantastic!

  • SummerH

    Our three “boys” help us by making sure not a single shred of fruits or vegetables in the house go unused. We use a juicer and drink fresh juice here at the house, and we mix the dry pulp into the dogs’ meals. (Nothing toxic like grapes of course.)

    They also love nothing more than a pair of recycled socks as a toy. When one gets a hole, we ball it up, stick it into the toe of the other and tie a couple of knots to keep it secure. They toss it around and chase each other with it for hours at a time.

  • Terri

    Our cats are the greenest because we use their kitty litter for landfill. One bucket used kitty litter covered by dirt. Scoopable is like cement, we are leveling off our parking areas.

  • Barb

    My dog is the greenest because she is envious (or shall I say green with envy) of other dogs who get yummy tablescraps.

  • Cathy Bullock

    My pets are the greenest because they eat all-organic dog food, live in a home that is cleaned using all-natural cleaners, and play on a pesticide-free lawn.

  • CosmoHavanese

    I’m the greenest ever because I am 100 percent solar powered. I power-up all day, re-energize at night and I even have enough reserves for cloudy days. I’m ready when you are, because every day is a Cosmo (Green)day!!! Wheee!!

  • Diana

    “My pet is the greenest because he leaves the smallest footprints on our planet”

  • Diana

    “My pet is the greenest because he doesn’t have a carbon footprint”

  • Diana

    “My pet is the greenest because he is the purist”

  • Genaro

    My dogs are the greenest because they killed my lawn and I replaced it with pavers. I now save over 15,000 gallons of water every 2 months!

  • Karen Hanlon

    My pet is the greenest because no matter what….no driving….no using natural resources….no eating….no creating a mess or the earth….no back talk… stress…..she is always there for me and always understands what I am going through.

  • Melody

    My pet is the greenest because it is a White’s tree frog, and he is as green as green flavored airheads, and he’s really easy to take care of. :)

  • Melody

    Oh darn, I’m an associate. Oh well. :)

  • Michael

    My dog, Maddy, is a beagle who chews on the lovely green bermuda grass outside, the nice landscaped mulch, and even the house if she decides to chew on it. Not only that but she even eats green beans to stay healthy and never has to worry about spending green cash on anything because her two special owners buy her everything she could ever want from the occasional green food, green toys, and other items around the house that we like to enjoy and she likes to chew. She walks in the park, does her business on the green grass occasionally to save on paper towels and cleaning solution, and never uses any utilities except water which she cannot resist drinking but hates it when it’s time for a bath. In other words, our little puppy has gone completely green to help make the world a better place full of homemade fertilizer. :)

  • Susan Savino

    If Petco wants to be green, they’d offer the discount of their cat litter refills at all times. The refills are normally $11.99. However, it used to be that when the new container of litter was on sale, the refills were also $2 off – which is still an incentive for me to bring my 3 containers with me. Now, they’ve stopped doing that. I pay $11.99 for new or refilled containers. I guess I should just get new containers on sale and then throw them in the landfills when I’m done. Doesn’t make sense to me for a company supposedly concerned with the environment.

  • Tribeni

    Wish i knew this when this contest started because I would have given a few more points on my green bird!!

  • purrpost

    “My pet is the greenest because…”

    She is the inspiration behind a completely “green” cat post company that seeks to share the ideas of living green with homes everywhere! And unlike other ‘green’ cat posts… these one’s are 100% green! That makes her the greenest kitten around. She’s the model… the spokescat… and driving force behind a truly green purr post™ !

    You can see her green legacy here:

  • Anne

    I had recently begun using a bag of the chicken adult food from Nutro. My cat had only eaten a little of it, thank goodness. She JUST had surgery, so I was really upset to see the recall.

    I took the bag back, and the only option for older cats was the ocean senior. I bought that, and ended up paying an additional $11. I am really annoyed by the whole incident. MY cat could have been seriously injured, I HAD to drive to Petco to give back a heavy, 20 pound bag on my own time, and then to ADD insult to injury, I was charged an additional $11 for my time.

    I think Petco should have give me a 20lb bag of cat food of my choice for free. Now I’m going to find another place to buy my food. I’m disgusted by the whole thing.

  • Anne

    Am I the only one annoyed that due to a recall, I had to drag a 20 pound bag of cat food back to the store, and then pay $11 for an additional bag, because the only comprable cat food to choose from cost more?? I am really irritated with both nutro and petco.

  • Battery Bin

    My pet is the greenest because she eats all her food so there is no waste to go into landfill!

  • Battery Disposal

    My pet is the greenest because he wakes me up in the morninr instead of using energy or electricity from an alarm clock!

  • Battery Recycling Bins

    My pet is the greenest as she keeps me warm at night, so saving on central heating and therefore saving the world!